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blackmoon: ha the food water thing is prety neat!
and sleep
i never did any of those before

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"CAREFUL," but on which the 'C' and 'L' have faded away to display "AREFU."

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im at arefu =\
almost lvl 3!
youre cheating
saw that coming
it was more surprising when it didnt happen the first time
rab is fixing the internet one gif at a time

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eggsalad: this is 4 processors in 1 processor... 4 x 2.4GHz = urmom
eggsalad: this is 4 processors in 1 processor... 4 x 2.4GHz = 22:37 <+Eggsalad> renesis: Explain your controlling urmom.
eggsalad: this is 4 processors in 1 processor... 4 x 2.4GHz = 22:37 <+Eggsalad> renesis: Explain your controlling urmom. 22:38 <+Eggsalad> renesis: Explain your controlling urmom.
eggsalad: no u

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timecop: any linear vreg is adjustable
ha i bet you could offset them both taking feedback from one

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doitle: resistors

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neat i dont have to send the scope back
thats pretty much my at home scope now
software kinda sucks =(
like its usable, but just that
i couldnt download from the dso mem
wtf visa crap
its a community effort.

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theres an arm qfp or something
i wonder what i did under the chips

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thats what i got
you has a ripple
blackmoon: i forgot what it looked like
i think thats maybe the one i didnt like the grounding
i cant believe you were crying about doing that last thing 4 layer
i wont even let myself do 4 layers fucking around i feel like itll ruin me or something
other side

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well its pretty obvious from previous website that hakko is on drugs
rab: the stroboscope im converting to LED has these weird auxillary ports with the output signal i need
some weird inside threaded circular not quit DIN thing
and i cant find it at digikey or mouser
heh, i plugged a 907 iron into it
fits perfect!
so were going to local hakko distributor to see if they have a 907 cable

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omg you read that from my short term memory
man its sad that this is hakkos best website version
rab: they got rid of hakko word and the hakkobot
*hakko world

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and some dude to do setup for me
i mean for referencing parts at the moment
but yeah some HV thing on an isolated headstock would be pretty sweet
spark gap touchoff!
wtf is uhmw

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so it doesnt engine brake
ball bearings
lots of them
then pour potting compound in
or make a bearing/epoxy composite jamming material
prob happens alot
i wish i had auto tool changer
and auto touch off

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the engine is painted on
well no prob a sticker
why are the internals gone
i dont know if you mean worn or stolen =(

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i said that already!
read the last line

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like, just in case you couldnt figure it out line

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2.40 GHZ so in this computer is 4 processors in 1 processor..equals to=9.60 GHZ
hes got a q6600
hahaha @ the pics at the bottom
nice ending
the last line is epic

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aluminum is like a girl metal
i hate gold
what does she do for work
i bet it involves sitting at a desk
all day
oh sister in law
line explaining the youtube or gtfo

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crazy tube amps needing hammer adjustments
roast beef on twinkie bun
with chocolate syrup
heavy duty casters are kinda neat
dunno girls are padded
steel has like edges and stuff

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you could do it on 3 sides
and on the bottom of the shelf angle iron
welding tables
i guess i could fire up the cnc tonight
sculptor: no u, sir. u.

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haha what

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thats it?
inittab: it would wear down the hook and itll fall off
and itd only wear towards one edge

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blackmoon: that sounds neat
how thick are the squares?
well, wide i guess

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blackmoon: haha k so like work peoples having problems with an xover prod sample
pretty sure because film cap prototype and bipolar electrolytic prod sample
so before they had me look at it, they decided to test the caps and the coils AC response
so they put the caps and coils directly across the test amp and swept them from 20 to 20k
no series resistance
=( =( =(
not like caps and coils at the same time
one at a time, across the amp outputs
and coils
they just sent this thing in to get fixed

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at school i think it was 3/4" thick stations
and there was like a 2" welding table out back
you need to saw at the tables resonant frequency so you can like saw half as much

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like it frill out in between the tack welds

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spot weld
and do small section at a time
you basically spot weld at intervals
then go back and spot weld a bit adjacent to you spot welds
like, take turns
kinda like torqueing a cylinder head
the next time you do .-- .-- .--
then .---.---.---.---
like, everything else might warp
but it wont warp by the seam
when i cut thru 1" steel, it warped so much that it looked like it had unzipped
the 1/8" cut at the beginning had flared out to more than 1"
and that 1" steel that was like 12" wide
zeeshan: yeah doesnt always work

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your work/environment/application makes exact guidelines kinda meaningless
damn thats practically foil
i did alot of 14 and 16 gage
and yeah you need to work faster with lower current probably
you should practice just dragging the puddle around
i used to do fusion with with axy-fuel
fun shit
kinda same as spot welding

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haha @ 90A continuous
set knob here for when youre not fucking around
if that doesnt make you giggle i dunno
why does your pc have knobs moon
zeeshan: no i know it can
90A continuous is just silliness
bolt in diodes and shit
zeeshan: is a rough rule of thumb
my welding instructor used that for setting amps
it is
its just like machining, the current/polarity rules are just guidelines

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