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analog waveform editor?
heh i used autocad and copied coords to excel to verify and then into ps pad to format how i needed =\

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k back to the wastes

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its pretty quick for me
and im like abusive
ill do a design, then copy it like 6 times
and change values and run them in parallel for comparison plots
have like 20 opamp, still dont think it even takes 10sec to run

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the switchers are just relays and pc interface, those are the old ones that dont even have the status leds (!)

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hehe, the whole setup, feer
dxx-127 is pretty sweet, pc controlled/monitored dual floating adj dc supply, dmm and ohm meter, parallel data io and like two dsubs worth of gio
sucks hes not selling it seperate they usually go for few hundred $$$ by themselves

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they prob tumble it so even bigger stuff isnt so sharp
blackmoon: haha

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blackmoon: how does the sand injection work?
its just like a big hopper tha dumps sand into the air stream?
you have some control tho
yeah that sounds pretty easy to setup and cheap to buy
the most expensive shit about the ones ive seen looks like the booths
big steel, thick plexi boxes with gloved holes
ha then the air?
wtf @ broken glass
soft bottle glass or window glass or what
shop vac it out of your yard and reuse it
how do you crush it?
oh you buy it?

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i guess the big decision there is do you have them fire at regular intervals
and deal with massive unbalanced state
or run them 180d offset on the crank
and deal with funny irregular firing
haha that thing would still shake around its horizontal axis like mad
sanblasters are messy
this is yet another source of ceramics/glass studio cancer
i didnt know you had a sand blasting setup

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its prob to save the motor and drive assemblies if you crash while power feeding or something
mechanical filter
same reason harleys have belts
this is not a well balanced motor
blackmoon: very early in ferrari's history, they were experimenting with low cylinder count motors
because of the high piston surface area vs cylinder wall friction
basically the same reason F1 engines have been dropping a pair of cylinder every few seasons for the last 10 years
anyway, they raced an i4
they tried an i2 but it broke their engine stands
and i guess they gave up, heh

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i has a pain in my leg
most manual machines have belt pulleys
even if they have speed control alot of times theyll have a low/high range setup with a pulley

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