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its cheaper here right now
tweeker drug
okay fallout bye!

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but it looks like i has tuning stuff on the bottom
wtf @ unlabeled knobs
i want rabbit TDI
why did disel crash with the economy
wait the graph has confused me
thought it was gas vs disel but is 07/08 vs 08/09
if diesel goes up gas goes up too tho

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i need to buy a variac for at home
i need 10 pin preamp tube sockets
did you ever put it to 130%!?
those are 8 ohm drivers?
our line voltage at work is 125V =\
no i mean the 50/60v

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i think now is the time for more fallout
blackmoon: holy shit i almost never use stimpacks now
also i got the fast learner or whatever for first 3 perks
the +10% per rank experience bonus
this is like reminding me of the parts in waynes world where he says something about doing homework on friday

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like ive had a pair of subwoofer amps bouncing off the limiter with pink noise for the last two days
i guess one like 150w and one like 300w average
i get to work and it sounds like a mini earthquake/jet engine and that means everything is ok

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thats pretty good
clipped might be 1% thd rating
i have kinda a fun job

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yeah i dunno that could mean anything in real power
but yeah youre prob doing like 10-20w towards clipping
so theyre getting kinda hot
with 6db crest on the music its 30w
so like 7.5w with 12db crest, kinda more normal =\

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its dual 12?
ported boxes?
i guess everyone does ported boxes because its more spl/less excursion
so yeah i want to build some tuned sealed stuff
shallower rolloff ++
so you know what sucks
speakers get hot an all their parameters change
detuning themselves
wtf why does everything suck so much

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i had that shit clipping off its 100W amp it was like whatever
er, *to dent their metal tweeter cones
omg you were probably damaging rear seat passengers
what is 112db, you need to do like sweeps and have graphs and stuff
music is horrible for benchmark testing =(
you have a high sample rate true rms db meter thing?
yeah who knows what that means
anyway db drag is for girls

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long story short, ren blows up ground jumper on amp from $2500 monitor speakers
heheh @ price
it was a test mule tho
im pretty sure i did that during the destroy the beryllium tweeter w/ skinny puppy test sessions
i dunno what these producer people are doing to their metal tweeter cones with their voice coils

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thats some pretty good probes!
yeah i dont even know if mine does that
i always short them and check and subtract, i use alot of diff probes/oleads =
and it was a fluke, but higher end
so i dunno if it zeros
your probably love tubemarty
errors from forgetting to rezero with diff leads or diff temps
you know what i hare
that shit beeps continuity at under 10R
thats really useless when doing work with speakers =(
so i thought it was 4R or 2R
anyway, i test an amp output wire, black wire, for continuity with ground
and it beeps
so im like GROUND YAY
hook up my probe leads

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the pic he has there is actually analog mode with vector div labels
mine is 100MHz
mine is basically the one danielson posted but with a slightly diff digital interface
theres 22 series that have dmm and/or counters instead of the digital stuff along the top
i was watching this BUILDING OF THE NAZI STEALTH documentary
and some boeing engineers were building a mockup of a nazi flying wing with early stealth tech
so they want to test the composite paint
theres 2230 type scopes on ebay as parts/repair buys as much as working units
theyre 30 year old digital things
that one looks really clean tho
oh anyway
the engineer he wants to test the paint
so he takes his fluke DMM and does like few inches across the paint
and im pretty sure he was measuring his probes
shit was like .08R or something

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ap stopped supporting them this year because they stopped production in 2002
rab: its a male dsub and corner pin is like smashed
yeah he might have been using it gpib
oh neat
that has save ref keys on the buttom edge of the screen
instead of with the setup keys
danielson: mine is intermittent, misbehaves, i still love it
theres something up with my video controller for the vector stuff
alot of audio stuff its nice to have DSO
but yeah this is both

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yeah maybe
but its not in the pics
so i dunno if the pics are old or he put them on or what
almost yes
because i sniped for more than i wanted
biggy tax writeoff
and yes personals
and i had tax money saved up for the rest of the year
and then some
and im hired now so theyre gonna be witholding
he waited days to ship it tho
it has a bad BNC shield
and theres a bent pin on the APIB interface (db25)
yeah, covered
well he says 3 day money back return policy
so i msg'ed him
so see how he replies, if nothing by tomorrow i dispute it
pin is bent
and i dont want to open it up

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and it has a bent BNC shield
like it has a bent/smashed pin in the apib interface
so yeah it didnt even get to the self test procedure it failed right out the box
yeah it had scratches and it has rack ears
which look like they been screwed in bunch of time, no paint around the holes
scratches, slightly bumped in fan grill (theres a thick filter so fan is fine)
but whatever if it passed the self test limits, i would have been proud of all the cosmetic shit
couldnt see it in the pic
like basically, i woke up one morning, noticed it with a few hours left
it also has non factory hand written WARRANTY VOID IS REMOVED stickers on the back seams

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i dont
i want a 2 or 4
and what do you mean special plugins, its the same stuff they had dozens of at the labs at school
rab: did i tell you i bought an audio precision system one on the ebay?
well, yeah because theyre plugins for the mainframes
yeah the apib interface is fucked up

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dude i havent touched mine in a couple years
except to try youscope on it
way finer trace than my 2230
but i might try cleaning the contacts on the switchs see if it works
rab: tm504 is the 4 slot version
and guy had a box of maybe 30 plugins for those at the trw swap meet

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because i dont want a scopped one?
btw i have a 5 series tube scope =)
and its not all tube
it has a few bigass transistors
everything is wired point to point with silver solder on slotted ceramic blocks, very sexy
mines X/Y differential input
4 inputs, 1 channel, fere.
dunno mine works fine except for fuckey switches
the roraty selectors
my fucking nick is renesis and i cant spell rotary =(
i type just as intermittently all day before i get stoney
rab: have you tried cleaning the contacts?

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tek 2230
they have a dso plugin?
okay then a 2230 or a goofy plugin system
heh other hacker at work says i need a mainframe and signal gen/distortion analyzer plugins
is 7xxx tall?
there you go
i want like a 504 mainframe and some plugins tho

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hahaha what
hash and kief is like $20-30/g
and i have sour disel right now, i got 3.5g for like $45 or $55
shops were more $$$ on average because of they way they price spread diff strains
but i guess because of competition its same as street prices were couple years ago

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edibles either fuck you up hardcore or make you feel ripped off

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i dont think that works for any couch ive ever owned
maybe maybe 30 of herb, usually 4 or 5 types of kief, pressed hash and full melt hash, bunch of edible candy and baked stuff
i never buy the foods

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thats what i thought it would be =(
like ice cubes
but maybe that changes cooking times to much
so the company did not want to give the common people this level of powerful technology
wtf @ torture contraption pan
rab: lets market ice cube tray brownie sheets
self cleaning
we integrate mosfet pizza cooker
and use it to burn off the remaining food
no not really dx
becayse you need the air to be able to move around the cells
yes it will have 3 modes
dx^: wat

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cornbreak usually sucks
and like, im a bread junkie
croutons are seductive to me
dx^: sounds like menudo
i dont eat menudo
fuck tripe.
who cares about hard
im down with chewy bread if its tasty
crunchy bread #1
yeah thats def the best part
so like a tortilla
a grid would have been more edge

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least you dont put a ton of mayo in it
whats that

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i dunno what those are
look like grape leaves
they have collard greens in africa?
heh @ calling black people african
we have all that shit here except collard greens
sometimes sure
i dont like potato salad much
dunno they dont look so bad
whats in the southern version
sounds awful

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towards the end of high school i was actually in a program for severely underachieving students
but i got the head counselor to let me out of it because i didnt really give a shit and felt the spot could benefit a student who cared more than me
my counselor was pissed, him and the head counselor were yelling at each other over it, heh
head counselor later became vice principal of attendance at another high school i went to
i used to ditch class and hang out in her office
ha, and then a principal at another school i went too...
i got my unfinished tattoo from her husband
this pretty much sums up special treatment in high school for me

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138 i think
i had them as a kid for a gifted academics program
i didnt even know what i was taking
then recently at the psych eval which ended my SSI disability
amusingly that score matches up with scores i get on web IQ tests
wtf is a peak geek
i refused to be put into gifted programs

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according to my last IQ test, apperently im in

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the system one i bought is fucked
dude i could prob join mensa, who cares
"Because different tests are scaled differently, it is not meaningful to compare raw scores between tests, only percentiles. For example, the minimum accepted score on the Stanford-Binet is 132,

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its got like 60 teeth
and i guess a missing tooth for tdc, but i dunno if thats what his encoder is like or thats what megasquirt wants or what
w34s3l: homebrew EFI
`nico: megasquirt is the ignition system

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heh youll see the same thing
it just wont move as fast
someone at work took my tek dso and did something with it
and then just left it in the warehouse
all by itself
>[ >[ >[
crank encoder, i dont remember if he decided on open drain hall sensor ic or the VR dealie

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