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i dunno i didnt look at them i just played =\
k sleeps nite

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are your weapons scaled too?
you jump normal height?
or scaled
k back to mod

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i dont
blackmoon: radiation does
food gives you radiation
i was only over 400 for a little bit
k so i dunno why
fucking make an acct timecop
i dont have one
you want stuff from there
this makes you the bigger fallout lamer
i think indisputably
blackmoon: ohdamn i missed 2nd readme
timecop: how do i make dcc msges pop up in current window too
i know you know
shit i has to write a tiny program and give macegr my shiftbrite asm
i commented the fuck out of it

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it was giving me radiation too
i have the perk were radiation was healing limbs
so i think either the gouls, the rads in the electric plant, or the food
was regenerating my limbs
blackmoon: i dunno if it was because of my perk seems kinda like normal gameplay
just sucks i wasted ton of food and stuff =(
only to find out one grenade does the trick
for game trailers of course
are you fkin blind?
dont you have a vmware just for flash stuff
yeah but the radiation
from the food
and i been sleeping more
when well rested i have 40% experience bonus
i got swift learner first 3 perks
like how i always wish i had like 7 or 8 levels in

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it installs some weird ms games for windows - LIVE stats tracker or some shit
i guess since 1.5 update or i dunno, maybe downloadable content
so far it hasnt done shit
no i dont think so
because its at the end of my start menu
and ive sorted by name many many many times since installing fallout
but not since doing updates and expansions
hmm possibly
i hope you fed to spellcheck
ok so the quest where you have to fuck up a limb for moira
that shit was hard
i was trying to get the gouls to fuck me up
i tossed a grenade and just walked up to it
like 4 ft away does the trick
anyway originally i was having these gouls fuck me up
and then id heal
the healing was regenerating my limbs
but i think the radiation from the gouls or nearby stuff was =( =( =(

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the end sucks
should have kept wasting in the wastes
did you try it a few ways?
its just cut and paste movies depending on quests
was really obvious/dissapointing, i prob would have been happier with 2 or 4 nice endings instead of backend builds you a personal ending movie bullshit
ya rly
and stfu asshole
i gave money to bethesda once

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please to google opamp clipper
nm then

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table pics.

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macegr: http://www.powersupplydepot.com/productview.asp?product=14605+PS
possibly you have experience with this?
ha no but i noticed
i thought you were going to buy a dual supply from there at some point so i asked
but maybe just linking for someone else or something
i wouldnt assume quality is the same, this is prob china shit

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