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alot of those have non tracking cursors, some have auto measurements
the 24xx stuff
ccfl_man: what

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didnt come back
yeah theres a little covered box
and a jumper connector on a short wire
that plugs into the cover so it doesnt corrode
cover also has pegs that fit into the 6 holes for the jumper, so they dont corrode
above the jumper holes there is a pushbutton and a red led
its cute
no shoving paperclips into connectors
im going to tell the freenode swedes
so get it
this is a true analog scope with a pretty versatile DSO section
its sold?
it was me!
k not rly but i wish it was

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mine been on for more than a week!
you didnt say i get to like play with a tiny terminal board and talk to volvo with buttan and led
i did that

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rab: yay check engine light went away \o/
daniels2n: it was but i cleared the code and drove around the block and it didnt come back
so i dont give a fuck
i pressed the buttan for 5 sec
then it lights the led
and i press the buttan for 5 sec while the led is on
then i let go and led turns off
then i check again and its like 1 1 1 instead of 2 1 2 and thats means volvo is happy

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dilute it

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rab: oh i didnt think of that
i didnt want to erase them but i guess if its bad itll just put the coees back
hehe the little jumper box is cute
my instructions have a drawing, i thought it was gonna be big like a master cylinder or something

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rab: volo says 2-1-2!
(led flashes means bad o2 sensor or connection)

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hey sometimes the squeezy hole is nice
it kinda sucks when you dont want it and it just lands on you tho
yeah youre all lying there getting into squishee hole, then squeezy hole happens, sometimes it sucks
inittab: old

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vw has a really small market share, lots of people say reliability sucks
also the i5 doesnt get awesome gas mileage
but i want to drive it, see if it feels smoother than an i4
like no one makes 3 door cars anymore =(
yeah other hacker at work has a friend same car had issues
only civic coupes, no more hatchback
fit = civic hatchback
3 door hatchback = dead

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drive you alien robot face to work and shit
damn there was a button in the corner to go to the real car builder
no the honda rear end is more conservative, less tacky
anyway the only one i really like style wise is the rabbit
fit looks as good or better than mazda 3
=( =( =(
looks like a proper small mamel
instead of some small alien monster
urface is a blog
heh @ mamel

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hey i can pick background music for building my car
you need a wider terminal
the mazda 3 car builder is like a sequencer
background is drums, color is meaningless synth
aw shit
hmm they dont have drum n bass
but the beat with the brick wall and graffiti background is definitely the least bad
they have a ripoff of when the levee breaks
the bonham intro
wtf does this have to do with buying a car
i can pick a graphic
but its not like car graphics
its graphics to highlight your fake car pick
mazda is on drugs
omfg mazda 3 rear end is butt ugly

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so you kick it in bathrooms listening to women pee?
the bass is best in bathrooms
i dunno if thats really metrosexual
thats people more likely to beat up metrosexuals, i think
is vice metrosexual?
i have yet to open one of those up

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its the new civic
the xB is a neat, affordable car tho
hardcore thing, pack alot of stuff in it
the new one sucks
its anti-styled!
xB is awesome
i kinda think it looks all modular and built up from pieces
if you mean the new xB, its a jelly beaned piece of shit
anyway that thing is thick on the inside
no nico because if theyre all wide it squeezes the urinary tract

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cheap as a fit
without the extra doors
i dont really wany a short minivan
honda makes tons of cool stuff besides cars
why dont you like the fit
you think the same of xB?

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thats some sexy C pillar and quarter panel glass
they have tiptronic dual clutch automatic
6 speeds
but i prob get the 5 speed stick
when the TDI comes out i want to drive both transmissions and both engines
i dunno anything about it
and im kinda worried when gass goes back up im going to get caught up in gas companies vs the truckers
but yeah, TDI pwnt le mans
so TDI rabbit is win
dont make me justify that logic
heheh @ 5krpm race cars
okay but if that shit gets like almost 70 mpg its maybe worth it

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hey guys what car under $20k should i get
since im asking everyone else in the world
new car
work and road trips
so far its vw rabbit vs mazda 3
i dont like the new hondas
tho honda fit was the original car
i dunno
vw hasnt dropped them yet
and im not sure whats up with cali anyway
was the original choice
but i kinda think theyre ugly
and they supposedly handle horrible
and i really would rather have a 3 door than a 5 door
mazda 3 gets high status due to reputation for excellent handling
rabbit in grey = sexy
also i5
its mid 90s egg civic reborn

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yeh you just fast travel to arefu, sleep
then fast travel to where you need to be
blackmoon: dcc new mod?
what adapter?
how is latency?
dualshock2 = snes + handles + extra triggers + analog mushroom buttons + wtf @ digital buttons being analog too
= best controller ever
why would you play fallout on a console
i use a trackball =(
i kinda miss the lunix

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it improves the wastes
water and food was basically useless before
clean water was rare and expensive
and all food is irradiated
so i just avoided it
so yeah its trippy to actually have to drink water
hey that timescale corrector thing
is that mod or normal or what?
i thought it was like gluxometer
and i could use it whenever
but i used it and lost it and now the game is faster =(
`nico: main story is weak
yeah i think tho
like 150 caps
man you cant screw around in the wastes nico
youll die
hey which stuff is your mod
sleep in the west house
in arefu
hahaha @ stu

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haha last ad has to be fake

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macegr: where the fuck is LA techshop
seriously do you have any idea how cheap commercial space is here now?
for lease signs *everywhere*, prob way cheaper than bay area
i want a big cnc already

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yo how do i unsplit a screen in screen(1)
^a X ftw

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