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blackmoon: holy shit my butler purifies water
its neat how food and water matter now
its not just junk to sell
haha my whole dill pickles says 1 serving is half a pickle
prob because if it was a whole pickle itd be 30% daily sodium

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wtf @ 40vac
`nico: i wonder what happens if you load it down
like if it stays 40vac
you got some chinapower
k i called the kinda guy like WTF NO PDF STUFF U
then i shot him in the face thru the phone and played my guitar
okay not really

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k im going to check out a $130 kindle
i need to pick out some datasheets

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because it goes low on rising edge
and was alreay triggered
and its waiting for falling edge to go high
does the software know about your missing tooth or what
needs more engineering

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why does your output signal have a huge low freq component
oh what which is input which is output and oh yeah btw wtf does your computer thing expect anyway
mxman: explain tek images
is the sinusoidal one the input or the output
so looks like its working
other than for some reason you have a huge AC component on your digital signal

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nice whose tek?
yeah theyre not so bad
get a ton of features for under $2k

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like, you can prob find a brick bit bigger than your hand that will bolt to your frame
that comes with a heatsink chasses
and all the connections setup
for just 50wrms 1ch you prob wont even pay $80
maybe around half that
but yeah dont bye pyramid or pyle
i dont think so but they might
yeah prob be hard to find =\
yeah you can get a 2ch bridged, same thing but maybe bigger package
im sure someone makes an amp like exactly for stuff like you want to do

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like 90% sometimes
it saves on magnetics too
if youre using transformers
i believe it
they need output filters?
no external switches tho?
heh neat
oh right
its pyramid tho
itll work, maybe not forever tho
maybe not for a year
im pretty sure theyre like original china audio importers
them and pyle
try and find a little 1ch amp
its not really an audio project its a power supply project
class d is basically a signal referenced smps

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yes, pretty good
some people dont like the service and generic parts quality
its china stuff
they have good stuff tho, really good prices
you need the heatsink
youre going to be burning 50W at the chip, max
if youre output is 50W youre wasting 50W at the chip
yeah that might not be enough
`nico: the biggest issue in commercial class-d is compliance and marketted efficiency
you can switch higher and get good resolution if you dont care
and youre not brain dead on the matter so you could prob deal with it if it was an issue
i guess it pisses the audio business people off because shielding is expensive
yeah EMI regulation compliance

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high speed, noisey, i think they have opposite torque curves than electric motors
and i dont know i imagine efficiency has mostly to do with how youre pressurizing the air
i think so
assuming you can maintain the pressure
its just a bridge and decoupling caps
you need an 18+18V or 25+25V transformer, like 180-250VA
the avel units at parts express are popular
cheap too
theyre good amps
maybe pro audio and studio monitors active speakers use them
from bunch of companies
its not just a diyaudio thing
because thats what it takes to keep ripple at an acceptable level

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keep their noise to themselves
and i think the design lends itself to 2u cases better
they can scale them like wider flatter better than ei cores i guess

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the parts will be rated for 50V most likely, so you can use them with a bipolar 35V supply, for 8 ohms
yeah sure
its pretty basic tho
its minimalist fetish stuff =)

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a book + ltspice or similar would be pretty gppd
good boards i have some
he doesnt sell the toroid

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ne5532 for bjt input (low noise), tl072 for jfet input (less input bias current error), opa2134 when you wanna be a pimp and spend the extra $60 or whatever
and for filter calc, ti.com search for filterpro
elliot sound (sound.westhost.com) has some pretty neat filter calcs too
for linkwitz riley alignment and multiple feedback bandpass
theyre quite popular in pro audio
in school labs

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high frequencies are overrated

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no probably add a mixing and low pass to it
prob should add a high pass to

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yeah so you have an excuse to go with switching
make sure the frame doesnt get too hot during use
yeah its just an opamp
you just use capacitor coupling and bias resistors
or you do a floating ground

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no itll do 60 into 4R @ 27V bipolar (55V)
dunno need numbers and id prob want to to calc it
winisd you said?
if it does sealed box max thats pretty neat
i made a calc but i think i forgot tot save it or soemthing
i dont do much speaker design
thats someone elses job, i do acoustic testing and alot of work on the amps
the software we have is pretty industry standard stuff, tho
really neat
and you dont
you can do sigle supply
if its easier to get the psu
but yeah if you can work the program, just check it out with both drivers
the 6" might have a better looking curve, but itll prob be less spl
i dunno about cheap
they exist tho
because yeah the amp isnt your problem at all
but the power supply is
kostix: hahahaha hardcore

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in a small enclosure it might bottom at certain freq
dunno tho
'its kinda neat at work we have gear to automatically get all a speaker parameters
and track its temp via voice coil DC resistance change
ha no
we have that but the thing is in the warehouse
it has a laser and it does noise checks
so you basically see the test signal data vs noise data, its easy to see when shit is wrong
also itll do large signal analysis
like, basically tracking magnetic force and suspension stiffness vs excursion
do it
not really
but very close

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and the speaker is distorting
and you have slipped into the realm of an audiophool in db drag
then you want headroom if you want it to sound good
if you just dont want to destroy it, get an 18v BTL chipamp, run it at 12v, and then whatever
crank it up, itll clip but its base
like its a motorcycle and the enclosure is gonna be small
so youre bass is gonna be peaky
you might not need a ton of power, because it might just rattle the speaker apart
that would be awesome
subwoofer sidecar
sealed, bottom firing
tho rocks i guess

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i dunno its marketting
but the peaks are bigger than that
is my point
its like quarter power or eight power with most music, and not even all the time
we test with pink noise with 6db and 12db crests
but when i test shit with music on a scope, the peaks are huge compared to the average music signal
match the amp and the speaker
the power ratings are usually thermal ratings
like, when your coils hits 250C or whatever and unravels
what you want is headroom
in both cases
yeah but it can be a constant note
in some signal, sometimes for a few seconds, in some electronic shit pretty much sustained
thats when the thermal ratings for the speaker and amp come into play
but if youre pushing the thermal limits of the amp and speaker, chances are the amp is clipping or limiting

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all peaky, so you only get maybe quarter, prob like 1/8 power in most music signals
there is no music power standard
music is random signal you can just average its power
its really dynamic
so like itll do 12w rms for a half second
but then do 1-3w for like 4 seconds
like you can have a 100w capable amp
but the only time itll be doing 100w average is when youre clipping the fuck out of the peaks in the music signal
if you look at music on a scope, most of it is usually pretty much the same levels
but theres spikes, drums and bass hits and loud single tone notes

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er 25w
from a rail to rail bridge amp off 12v
so you need a power supply more than you need amps
some of those integrated thing have tiny pins, theyre a bitch to route sane
yeah i love chipamps
tho next amp im prob going to do discrete
chipamps too easy
because you have to consider music signals

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your graphs are in db, or dbr, db relative, they reference the flat region of the response
yeah -3db is like 120 Hz
with your tiny box with the big Qtc
the 60L enclosure is flat (prob qtc still above .7 but i dunno)
-3db is 60hz
at 12v tho?
prob need a boost supply
tho look into BTL output stuff
i dont think you can get more than...

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oh those prob wont do much below 65hz
oh hmm maybe im doing the maths backwards
i dunno i havent done sealed box maths in a couple months
i wouldnt suggest portng heh
on a motorcycle
turn your speaker inside out or something, riding towards the wind
okay so its 0db referenced
so just kinda fake it with the 1w/1m spl rating
prob like 80-95db Spl
db is a way of expression logarythmic units
like db by itself means nothing without a reference, and spl is what kostix said
so the graph on top you get a 6db gain in spl
which i think is 4x audible power
i think it scales like power, 3db = double
db is a relative unit, db spl is absolute

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ambient is prob like 10-20C more than normal
smaller enclosures will heat up faster
even if the driver is good at radiating heat it doesnt have anyplace to go
except theu the driver surround and cone, and the box walls
shouldnt be
prob better for it
than like sideways
never seen it?
my volvo doesnt even have a stereo
i should really put that back
i cant believe they riveted the speakers in and used a pussy little external amp
music is nice on drives
get an spl meter
and stick it by your butt
theres wind noise too

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hmm what software is that
can you really fit a 10"?
whats the box going to be made of
are you trying to get girls off
those will all sound horribly unless youre using really thick plates
but its a motorcycle so, shrug
can stuff the fuck out of it too
you prob arent generating enough power to thermal fuck it
then again

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i bought the serta thing and two foamy pillows

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`nico: heh wat
heh pearl jam
yeah he kinda killed it with that
i want a macbook air so i can break it my bare hands
i dont even remember who he is

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15x25x5" !
two of them!

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damn pillows are expensive
dude its brand vs no brand
not brand vs brand
its chinese people with cookie cutters or whatever
vs sertas chinese people
prob same material but the densities might be diff
The pillows however were very tiny...
from comment, fuck that

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ahahaha what
wtf is service are they gonna clean my matress
haha @ knife damage
Guardsman, who services our furniture and mattress plans, may provide a cleaning kit or advice on how to remove the stain.
Guardsman may dispatch an authorized technician to remove the stain or repair the damaged area.
If the authorized technician cannot remove the stain or repair the damaged area, you will be given a refund of the original purchase price of the Protection Plan and the Protection Plan terminates.
man all this drama
fuck that
matress techs hahaha
yeh =\
not a serta
but yeah mem pillows
shit im ordering the matress now ill order the rest and call to combine shipping
theyll run out =(

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check that out
its a serta
wtf is 10 yr matress service plan
Any stain or damage must be reported within five business days of the date the stain or damage occurred. File a Service Request by calling Guardsman at (800) 253-3957.

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omg you skipping classes!?
as long as the vagina didnt do it to you
is she dumb
are they great ass and thighs
well then i dunno man
but stupid girls are stupid

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haha @ lysol
i bet that stings
dude air kills aids
everything kills aids except people goo

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