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you broke the power company

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theyre weening you off the old interface

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i wonder when my foam mattress gets here
this you $20k scope for $900?
its all your fault timecop
as the official prepresentative of microsoft in this channel

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$1 says you think those cars are ugly too
link to a car you think looks good
this is like talking to you about music
yeab but tesla is obviously useless for A to B
dude you listen to happy hardcore
or hopefully you were just trolling
but i think you were serious
yeah see
dude happy hardcore is almost house which might as well be disco

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#cars pontiac gtp owner
his has a supercharger so he wants to race everything
i dunno what this has to do with tesla but
this car and

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inittab: no hes serious
and hell be like YOU DRIVE A VOLVO
like, wtf im not trying to race shit with my volvo and call it a sports car

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k too deep
i fucked up i never did the GNR quests
because i got to rivet city for the replicated man and the survival guide first
no i dont think so
its locked i dont have the key
and the steel guys never showed up
i killed all the mutants and the behemoth by myself =(
i think there is maybe one sewer in?
dunno tho
my science is low and it just says need key
not like game console like, game console
o neat
haha @ hacking word game
with () bonus
oh shit my laundry
thats so sad!

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it was maybe triggering on the noise before
or just ignoring it

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rc filter is pretty hard to fuckup
i could prob do it tho

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if youre doing shit at home you dont need better than like .00025
with backlash youll have trouble getting within a few mil
on a manual machine most things you can eliminate it by feeding on direction on cuts that matter

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its low end servo drivers
high end step drivers
they prob work decent tho
the rc filter?
should work fine
10nF, 0.01uF, 10000pF
yeah its like a biggy taig
can get little ones like $40
do you need a work table or an inspection surface?
you can get little ones, down to $40

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manufacturing solely based on the $$$ is retarded
american cars are shitty
yeh =(
i think he meant zeeshan`

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they got better
because were bigheaded
and we have no education
and we sold out manufacturing
dude theres no work
theres skilled people out of work
the people who have skills are prob working at mcdonalds zeeshan`
tekrad: when *everything* is about money you will fail
were chinas bitch
in politics, in manufacturing
hahah @ 2x
try like 20x or 200x
tekrad: we dont use them
tekrad: no one expects anything else from them
so its not in their interest to try to do better
yeah america doesnt ask for better
we dont want the next gen of products to be better
we want it to be cheaper

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i doubt it loses that much rigidity
i miss the school bridgeports =(
and yeah i think the older ones were like twice as much metal in the pivoting parts
nothing =(
some metal

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greymoon: if its got a nice finish you can prob use a terry rag
maybe get the greasy stuff out easier than a wire brush
mxman: hi
and on the X you can do another setup and get more length
theres prob nothing in the way
yeah cant get the middle
maybe more depends on the distance to the column
but since alot of times thats how they derive the X axis, it ends up being the same
greymoon: yeah probably
er derive the Y axis
which is why the taig is a pain
hard to live in a 5.5" Y envelope
because its one huge casting
its why theyre awesome

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way lube
greymoon: rag might be better than wire brush
theyre ball screws?
or acme or what
just hold the wheels!
bridgeport users is a huge group of people bound to be strange ones

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why would you doubt that hes joined like twice since crying himself away the first time
no i ended up playing some more and taking a nap
i regged on the site tho so i can download them
too long
where are you from, freenode?
no it wouldnt
because efnet doesnt have services
thats why its efnet
it has chanfix, but this isnt a servicve as much as an experiment
and yeah what moon said

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no fool its blackmoon
if it was grey hed already be banned
wtf @ how come tekrad like how often have we explained this
he invited most the first people
well ok
you defend him tekrad, be on greyczs side
well then why are you asking why
well yeah lets forget so when he comes back we can kiss his ass and he can try and fuck people over and cause drama again
dude if i see him hes banned
if you have a prob with that ban me
pretty my stance on greycz
if you wanna forget, shrug

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i had to load it twice too

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itll prob be like 5x normal cost for under a few units
or something stupid like that

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you could just use a small transformer for the heater
whatever same deal
not as common but they probably exist
toroid transformers arent super old
like mass production audio stuff you dont see them in older stuff
prob because of manufacturing vs EI core stuff

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are you buying 100?
dunno maybe some makes them with the extra windings you need

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youre sending this stuff to another pc =(
i have those in scroll

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omg i have to log in
for more than 2MB
ill get them later i guess
Repair lists were totaly reworked, a lot more cross repair options and the ability to repair your gear with various clutter
aw yeah
okay so i make an acct

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hey i never used frag mines on stuff before
thats kinda fun
i use grenades alot
its cool i use everything now
well, not junk so much
but food and water and all the weapons
k back
whats guimod
you cant link

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someone needs to buy you a fucking camera
hi what
diff ammo?
is there overlap?
i finished moira quests
im not sure thats compatible with your decreased ammo stuff
hey what is the scripting like in the geck?
diff color mutants would be neat
its hard to keep track
like which one you were beating on

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oxy-jet cutters will cut thru 1" steel like whatever
for a sec i couldnt remember wtf youre talking about
then the rolled, dried bacon fuel came back to me

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