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phone cam
it doesnt do closeup or low light very well
and since it weighs nothing getting a completely stiff shot is close to impossible

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haha wat
so i returned that system one
and dude is all latent getting back to me until i go bad feedback and paypal dispute
described excellent condition, fully functional
he says hes doing tests on the unit
like wtf tests i got it and like critical connectors were smashed, thats broken

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some of these speaker plots are retarded =(
they gated the sampling all early
so theres hardly any data for low frequencies points
its fft based
their low end curves are meaningless, i can shoot a driver with setting like that and get diff rolloff every time
have to try unlocking GNR to see if i can still get threedogs quests
i hope they dont try and kill me
i wonder if GNR radio goes away when you kill threedog

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damn they went up

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yeah i want to try that mod this weekend
`nico: im helping someone build a 5.1 system soonish
loosely based on these
those midbass drivers are sexy flat to 1KHz according to the factory plot
so i get one and test see if factory is bullshit

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what does it do

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goofy pic

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