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`nico: auto transmissions are insane like that
like, all valve bodies and fluid routing made into the casting
why did they remove 1984?
oh what nico said

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wtf @ upsidwe down, heh
i have like 500mi before that happens
greymoon: neat
haha nice

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macegr: hi
ccfl_man: whats that

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timecop: sort the scope fuzz? (yes/no/suicide)
i still think copper wallpaper is the answer

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gyros and accelerometers
or alot of accelerometers
and strife

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they sell them
5.2 would be pretty sweet

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timecop: hahah wat
haha they took the 2.1 systems and made them into 5.1 systems
center channel logo all sideways
wonder what they do with all the extra subs

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ac-130u: im helping rhett make a 5.1 system
just the speakers tho
but if they sound decent, im probably going to do another set for a friend
also rhett is a pretty good carpenter
so maybe you can work something out and he can make you nice cabinets
dunno you can just hold a normal chicks knee up by her bewb
and its pretty much the same thing

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unless you want an electronics project

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should write him a note like HAS NO NUTRITIONAL VALUE
greymoon: if you buy cigs from indians in WA you dont pay taxes
its like $2 cheaper
also you can smoke in resteraunts
we did it once just to do it
because were from LA, since we were 4ft tall you cant smoke anywhere indoors and public
it just felt so wrong
like, were at a table smoking cigs, there are people 10ft away from us in the non smoking section
im like, wow this sucks to be them
i hate bars
this is a place where you can smoke and you can get intoxicated
but you cant smoke herb
this is like rubbing it in ones face
ac-130u: hi what
dont buy it
i am intimate with it, the sub amp

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`nico: trying to quit cigs
but like like, i smoke 2x as much herb usually when i try
which kinda sucks for many reasons
so yeah, vaporizing seems to be working
like im not constantly trying to smoke something
cheap oz
but yeah same ballpark
i did $5
but yeah i smoke american spirits
so right, like $200 =\
ive never smoked a pack a day tho
im pretty regular about a pack every other day when im bad
naw like this for years
ha like 10 years i guess

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so was tekrad
also the majority of people in LA probably
i havent smoked anything for like 4 days
vaporizer ftw

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LA sucks because of people not from LA who come to LA
luckily, they usually leave
macegr: omg graph has no units
is marketting trash!
oh my bad it says 9

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ham n cheese croissant ftmfw
wtf @ twice cooked croissant =(
also thai tea shake \o/
i have to go to work and clean up a project done mess =( =( =(
because the world is a wonderful place?

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