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inittab: wat city of ember?
inittab: watch a boy and his dog
this is obviously heavily influence to fallout
its like a single mission from the middle of a fallout game
assuming theyre firing on the same part of the crank
and maybe just yes because theres more kick in the Z axis with 60 vs 90
i wonder if cinemageddon has it
watch a boy and his dog
it will seem incredible short
its almost like a random encounter on the way to a part of a fallout mission
but its good shit

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the angle matters, also they might not share the same part of the crank
dunno those parts have a name, but yeah the firing intervals could be anything

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it doesnt have that weird pulse to it
theres something about the way v8 firings group up
it really is like 4 harley motors strapped together

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sounds neat
yeah doesnt work with fwd cars
an i5 is kinda surprising
i believe it
more power strokes per rev, even firiing
the i2 in the 280z i had like, hummed
it sounded like a vacuum cleaner
suckin in air all steady
er i6
theres a weird pulse to it tho
the intake and the exhaust\
especially v8 because the weird firing intervals
i6 is really smooth
meh, fuck a v6
i6 is totally diff
yeah but v8 still has this weird rumble
i guess
i didnt grow up with a motor hanging from a tree on a chain in my front yard

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guys i want a rabbit
why not
fuck problem computers
because you broke it =(
yes some people are like this
rabbit has 2.5 i5
because its less than 8 or what
i want to drive it to see how it feels
ha what
dude i4 is kinda retarded
yeah but it has major balance issues
thats why they rarely get over 2.0
so i want to see if an i5 feels more like an i6
yeah prob soon
all the other cheap cars are fucking ugly

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yeah exactly
2 quarters so far
and a full quarter was spent ignoring it for the saike of school performance
i got an A and a B \o/
also some weeks i fuck with amps like 40+ hours
mrtube: did you ever get those preamp pcb done?

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this is true but, i already know it works, i didnt have time during school, and project time last couple weeks was spent on work thinger
oh and sorting weirdness with the CNC
if you want them tested so bad you could just send me yours

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no but i was going to do some hardware today

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want mine it has bluetooth

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tubes are for preamps

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