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thats less than $1k

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also clothes are more comfortable when you wash them in hot water
because theyre like, slowly disintegrating and shit
but yeah i was a black tshirt maybe 2 or 3 years before it starts getting noticable faded
we have side loading washers and i put the extra quarter in
its pretty awesome how clean and wrung out the clothese come out
k gotta go start that =(

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wtf is darks
i have black tshirts i was them in hot water for years
theyre obviously not disintegrating or fading at an alarming rate, i have 20 or 30 of them

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i dont want one of those things roaming around my place picking up clothes
fall on someone and kill them
take out the cat or something
dirty ones are are unsorted or just on the floor by the hamper thing
so i need something to make diff piles
then like carry that shit downstairs
and change that shit all quick before someone puts the clothes in a pile on top
i dont really have whites
and i wash everything in hot water

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i need a robot that hunts dirty clothes and works the laundry machines
should also be able to sort change
i wonder how many china factories already make these
this is a good point

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timecop isnt jp hes in jp
timecop is alaskan, heheheh
palin, polar bears, timecop
also mooose
wats mukluk

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and have you watched any lemons races videos?
that shit is pretty madman
heheh that was in the alfa romeo GTA
track is in canadia
^ race
to watch yeah, its old slowcars

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greymoon: get your nick back =(
greymoon: k so your food/water/sleep thing is working out pretty well
also the limited ammo
i still have tons
but its not ridiculous
no, thats what mcm does
tho i think hes spent more than 2k on that z
and skipped a couple lemons races

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k starting fook part 2

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neat i got the quest

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neat there are still brotherhood peeps in the building

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k ima play while this slow shit downloads
see if i can still get the gnr missions

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yeah i guess they are having mirror issues
omg how many fooks are there =(
wow 100sec rapidshare wait
yeah but i need the DLC ones too i guess
also is this texture thing compatible with mine?
or its the same thing basically or what

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k download links are stuck
its personal

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that works way better

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08:39 <@Greymoon> renesis: you get fook and/or MMM yet?
yeah i want to get those
im working on a ghetto p2p layout right now tho
speaker DCR tester, is like $50 in snapin caps, heh
08:55 DCC no file offered by greymoon

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haha what
greymoon: mod updates?

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