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vap bros says officially:
turn knob to max until its red hot glowy
then turn to middle wait 5min
so like, its not really a temp set
its like user is PID controller
rab: one unit in stock
thats so badass heh

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yeah kinda like that
actually that one lookes better than mine =\
heh, art glass knob
gauranteed to 11

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you should find some stoner and pay with weed
we dont do that horizontal plank shit
yeah actually
no really
so do it
dunno looks like 18
like the earthquake is gonna carwe what your engineers say
earthwuake will fuck it up anyway
heh, im typing with stuff in my hands its not working

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looks like magnet wire
tho yeah if you can find the end that the spool starts is a giant fucking inductor
1000V light up your 20mA led like next year
nice floor
what do you mean that is nice
my floor is carpet =(

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rab: hmm what
vaporizing: blow out big puff of white smoke, look at the herbs it came from, stuff is still green
sometimes living in the future is ok
what is console and its a speed controller? (because speed controller = neat)
hey so i read the labels on my X/Y steppers and realized ive been running 1/2 current thru them
and also i upgraded emc because it turned out weird low speed oscillation was software

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its pretty neat actually
whats a collaminator
its not better if you dont need it
because it makes the patent more specific
like a honeycomb

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hey i has a patent idea
no but maybe my company does
but mostly i mean how do i find out if someone has already patented it
yeah this seems fairly obvious but i think i would have heard about it
im planning a dead bug wiring catastrophy in eagle

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like it wants him to host other peoples random shit and upload it

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sucks, free download is like >100kb/s
< < <
fook yeh, fook almost done
just like 3 files left
dude wtf i have a 2MB/s connection, its like im downloading 100mb game demos on 56k
no cable
and bytes, not bits
you are now a random node for distirbuted storage

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i tried over the weekend
i had my adj one-shot constant-current led driver doing 1A @ 50% duty thru like 12x 1N4004
with a little white 20mA led led in parallel (power led simulator)
failbox failed to fail
i got to work and building was still there

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needs to read like 20-200mV floating on 250Vpk of random
neat less i guess with the bridged output
so i guess im really only worried about the insulation in the 2.4VA transformer taking a shit because the extreme secondary voltages

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still no response to my initial dispute msg
heh, DCX-127 is actually what im hooking my less than sane DCR tester to
we were using the built-in supply before for a ghetto rigged dcr tester prototype
but that was for single ended amp output
we dont feel comfortable riding the floating supplys on 250Vpk of pink noise, heh
hopefully the DMM has good common mode rejection

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yeah thats why ive waited so long
before i even started the paypal dispute i went back and forth a couple times on ebay before he stopped responding
rab: one with DSP went for like $2700 today
the DSP/Dual Domain ones usually go for like $2k-4k
its 1u
he had the male and female
he also had the DCX-127
which is dual 10v psu, a DMM, and some general io and parallel digital io stuff
and yeah i think that one was like $4k, and dont think it sold
other hacker at work follows this shit like its sports
greymoon: ty, and i hope so too

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basically since friday, no response on the dispute
and he was shady about it before
but yeah i gave him mad time
i think he sold it for someone else and just doesnt have the money anymore
but his last words on the matter were basically:
okay yeah we need to run more tests to corroborate your issues
and i basically responded with pics of the broken connectors, and said the self test takes 5 min to run
and if you dont have access to hardware to run a self test, how could you know it was fully functional and excellent condition in the first place
he had had the returned unit for a few days at this point
i have not heard from him since
yeah basically
friday and today and nothing, so either tonight or im nice i give him until tomorrow

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the big expensive power test thing we have only does 500W
heh, i had to read the datasheet for it and tell them why it wasnt reading right with like 800W going thru it, heh
the 'engineers' at work are hard on test gear
the one i sent back?
or the DMM im going to hook this thing too
the ap test systems have ranges for the analyzers
so they get ridiculous resolution, prob nano volts on the low range
fuck if i know
the one i self tested right before that passed, thing is prob 20 years old
limit for the THD test is like .005% or something
that kind of resolution
its in paypal resolutions
im giving him till tonight before escalating to claim

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so im building this speaker DCR tester for work
like, it AC couples the amp and speaker, and then puts current into a sdeaker to measure the dc resistance
like, while power testing it
so like, our amps cant do the power they want to test at single ended
so this thing has to work bridged
heh, so ive got a little transformer and LM317 using the inverted output of a bridged amp as a ground reference
so yeah i guess the only think im worried about is the insulation of the transformer to breakdown because of like 350V between it and the secondary
because we need DCR while the speaker is power testing
thats how you calc the temp rise on the voice coil

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with a blown up high res photo of jupiter as the banner background
was all thrown on top of cabinets in my lab, i took it out the box and unrolled it just kinda like wtf old people
no man is true
jupiter and old people
i guess marketing was on drugs when that happened, i dunno

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heh we have like a 10ft tall poster in the warehouse with a pic of one of our woofers like
is all hidden behind the power test chamber, its too big to fit into volvo =(
also we have this big long poster
and its got like, old southern people in the 60s
like, bookending the logo and the company name

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