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timecop: put the FFT onto your supply rail by the caps, you can maybe catch the noise frequency/pattern

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dx^: no i mean you think ccflman changed in the time you were gone

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dx^: what in the two months you were gone wtf?
cheater: hi

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so nothing was invented because im kinda bummed out if thats the case
close prob works

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dude because its midnight
lunch time was like 12 hours ago
why are you calling at 3am
maybe earlier
what is this poop transistor
shit my scroll doesnt go that far back

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you cant change the ratios
also no i mean for your spindle
not your axis drives
its like an aluminum block, with a bearing at both ends
and a spindle shaft mounted and sticking out the top
with an ER16 tool holder on the bottom
maybe i remembering wrong and it wasnt as cheap
something about driving an led directly off mains turning into him repeatedly calling me a tj keller
anyway ask him
he prob remembers better than me

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you could get a taig headstock for like $20 before
cant find it in the parts list, but i changed the spindle on mine
anyway you get er16 spring collets, pair of good bearings, and a big aluminum block with a bovetail for mounting to whatever
anyway you just get whatever motor and whatever pulleys and drive that
you could direct couple buts its less flexible

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alot of homebrew cnc people use those little air spindles

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so you want to take the guard off and mount it somehow?
go to home depot or wherever and like grab the spindle
and wiggle it around and if it has free play, i wouldnt bother
i think CSUN ceramics bought a ryobi tile saw
yeah wtf is 'that much' dx
if you can feel play in the bearings, new, dont use it
itll get worse
yeah i dunno the ryobi might be good
he means for spindle
and same deal, depends on the bearings
and how stable you can mount the assembly
so i guess the plastic housing matters too =\
what like a die grinder?
i dont think he means like a commercial machine tool air spindle

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metal machining is alot more side loading than wood
tho like its prob better than trying to mill stuff with a drill press
least a router is made for it
also spindle runout issues but i dunno what thats like with routers
theyre used in alot of finish work so maybe its not horrible
wtf will it work
of course
will it work how you impliment it?
will it work well, for extended periods of time, i really dont think so
if youre doing metal
but sounds awesome for a wood cnc
okay with a ryobi link chance of fail increase 5000%
this is like one rung above Skil in tooling food chain

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they are pretty shitty
like stalling or freezing?
and i am no help in either case but im curious
no build quality is shit
the little spindle lock seems to strip or something
and the screw for the disc holders will cross thread
isnt it supposed to have a regulator to kick it on and off?
so that doesnt happen
i think thats what that gear shifting noise is
what do you mean by CNC
and maybe
the bearings are probably lower tolerance and reliability
itll maybe do aluminum if you get your speeds right and have some sort of cooling setup (messy)

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its prob fused plastic
they can thermal fuse the seams somehow
its not snap together or glue
gotta wonder how much good metal is wasted because of shit like that
ignoring all the usable parts, just thge metal we throw away

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wtf @ expensive as shit
a dewault is maybe 25% more
weve only broken one at work
and we break everything, yo
use urmom
put her head in between the seams and twist

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those tourists got jacked

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does anyone in here cook?
#cars people do they where to get recipes from a reputable source
yeah see i was trying to avoid that
ive seen some crackheaded shit, recipes from the internets
truthiness matters

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i need like 10A
yeah because the steppers will do like 3A
this isnt happening soon anyway, want to buy more fixture and tooling shit first anyway
hey thats not bad
i wonder how well it regulates
thats what it says =\
thats pretty neat tho

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i want a higher voltage thing soon
for my cnc steppers
at least but probably more
i think the gecko i want goes to 40v
up to 50V
yeah wtf is that
this is someones leftovers =(

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i thought they were better than that
they use some reference
audio stuff does that alot
switchers = little transformers
unless you just see it as a black box
with the volts plug
heh @ bigwarts
have to like hang them in the outlet just right

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i think thats from english russia
macegr: maybe its a psu thing?
the drift
yeah i dunno never seen a datasheet

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our court system is so jacked up i would be surprised is 50% are falsely imprisoned due to typos by court clerks
because it would have to last years to be truly meaningful
i think he means the computer
im not positive tho

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this guy stores alot of information on his profile

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^ for all the bitches who say racing is just going around in circles like a gerbil
i know one of you in here has said it at some point!

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