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find out what maintenance schedule is
like, if you have to spend 2 hours getting it ready everyday it might not be what you want

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ha prob like .01W
heh, 1/32 watt

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theyre .01 by .005, duh

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fuck 0402
0603 is pretty neat tho, can still work with it
k foods

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yeah thats the problem tho
wear itself out
heh like if it blows the others around or something

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dunno $25K new is prob low end?
so yeah ask them what the warranty is about
and how much service costs
and if theres consumable parts that need replacing
theyre prob not selling anything
or i dunno maybe the military is into pick and place machines
why the prices are low + free shit
email or call aor whatever about the warranty and maintenance supplies and consumables
and service costs after warranty

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dunno go somplace and listen to a bunch
yeah like an aluminum plate
and then its bolted onto the side of a wood box
well, plastic sometimes now
no its an amp for a speaker box
where is it?
is that shit american or something?
wtf like, the state?
dude call them
yeah its prob ok
id still call them and ask them whats up with support, like how much it costs you if some shit breaks

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its like $400 or something
we have this engineering sample from xta
very sexy, i wanted to buy it before we figured out what it was and how much its worth
its unbranded, just black
so we ap'd it and the shit is amazing
they dont have much bottom
theyre made to be right in front of aimed at your face
theyre okay with subs
i have a ghetto sub with some mobile subwoofer and home theater plate amp samples
so like, its turned super low
because it sounds like shit, and its enough to make the rockit5 i use fill the whole lab
home subwoofer amp
well, active PA stuff too
but its like an amp built onto a plate

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but i listened to QSC, mackie, and JBL portable active speakers yesterday
QSC sound neat
we recovered a bryston active crossover from the warehouse tho
i dont think anyones really tested it tho
yeh, neat box
yes, sometimes
all krk does is monitor stuff
small near field powered stuff
and vega is live/home shit
theyre usually ugly inside
they have a dsp xover

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for 2min then i realized and fixed it
i dunno why dont you asked who +v'ed you
you think im the boss of the chan or something
shit im not even here all day
for like the last year
electronics/acoustic tech stuff
sometimes i get to break them simulteanously
i havent heard them or taken them apart so i dunno

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hopefully hes going to use it for short run production
timecop can be our really sort leadtime fab/assembly house
timecop: how old is that company, whats up with warranties and support?
you probably already bought it, huh
guys my lm317 output resistor hack is fail
also, putting an led instead of a pot for the LM317 adj resistor doesnt work
but the led will light up
because i put the fastons right next to each other
no because i fucked everything up

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well, machine tools
they wear out, but like itll always be able to do what it was made to do
not like one day putting solder paste on a pcb and placing smd parts will be useless
well, unless the world ends
tho pcb prototyping capabilities after the end of the world would practically make you a god
dude thru hole pick and place machines are still useful
wave soldering is still very much used
chips under mask technology
he saying theyll be obsolete

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0.6s per squirt
this is no doubt in ideal as fuck conditions
yeah i dunno why he is buying this thing either
but im not going to talk him out of it
like $30K
he cant get it without the glue/paste squirter
wtf why would you want to live with a hooker
machines that expensive are like cars, you prob want options and shit
macegr: k u do it take many vids
resale danielson!
but then the boards will have aids =(
QC for aids pcb would suck
machines dont go obsolete

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no-recipe meatloaf is win
haha wat
im guessing its not rs274
0201 nozzle options.
omg it spits 0201 out of a nozzle?
Convenient In-Out Loader for PCBs Up To 390 mm x 310 mm
(15.35" x 12.2")
Optional Dispensing Head for 6,000 Dots/Hr Solder Paste
or Adhesive Application
also neat
yeah i think you just aim and squirt and place on top
its just under 1 per sec
6000 dots per her

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zeeshan`: like how fast you need to step depends on your leadscrew pitch and stepper resolution
steppers are weird
yeah like the computer can limit you stepping options and max feed rate
like, my cnc thing has like maybe 18us max latency, but i did a pretty lazy 20min check
so i set the base thread time to like 33us
but like, 33us at 30ipm, i cant 1/8 step
i can only 1/4 step
it could be either
open loop you have to make the machine work reliably
make it
but kits for the servo couplers, and make the servo drivers
make the plans

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you connect them to the controller
not the motor drivers
you need a lower latency computer for step driving
which prob isnt expensive but it can be drama
speed doesnt matter as much as response time
you can shut down certain things in the bios
and remove some hardware and kill alot of processes
and this can improve latency but some computers, even fast ones, just suck
this is linux rtos

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its a heavy machine you might need a beefy nut
with a bigass spring
geckos arent very hardcore for servos
geckos step drivers are like high end
steppers w/ rotary encoders to detect skips or lockups would be pretty cheap, not as suicidal as open loop step

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sometimes i wish i had a manual mill
its different when you can feel the loading on the machine
like, programming you have to be pretty conservative
i dont usually break carbide tools
wear them down eventually
well, the pcb etching shit
but those are .005 tips
those are going to break
it cant even hold a 1/2" with this setup
er16 goes up to 3/8"
like .5 to 10 mm
dunno it would totally depend how much you use the machine and how much you care
like i do it maybe once every 6mo
and i use my machine anywhere from like everyday for weeks to not for a couple months
not really

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theres good info
you just have to read alot to figure out whats what
i dunno i dont have time for forums
talk to people in #emc on freenode
most of those people have machines
trip out i havent smoked in like a week or two or something
tekrad: like, ive been vaporizing the herbs
so i dont have a smoking habit
like im not trying to replace one with another
so its like absolutely no problem
its weird
i dont even miss it
it depends on what youre doing

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too loose and backlash sucks and itll eat the nut
to tight and it doesnt like higher ipm rapids
or the very ends of the screw
the Y sucks
its competitive tho, i guess
because really the X is really good
but it means the Y seem shitty in comparison
yeah its tiny
fairy mill
30ipm usable rapid speed
i used to do 45ipm, pretty reliably
but at 30ipm it just doesnt have problems
well, rapid is thru air
ive done 20ipm thru aluminum
i usually do pcb at 20ipm
i use lower speeds on plastics so feed rate is alot less, like 5-10
it would have to be a hardcore anti backlash nut
zeeshan`: my machine can be a pain tho

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heh, itll look hella cool too
i was thinking about it
mine are american
oh neat
but theyre octagon housing
yeah they have dual D shafts
pacific scientific i guess
anyway, i was having issues
but it turned out to be that version of emc
but i tuned the motor timing and base thread timing
the big one with an ER spindle
its uses 1/2"-20
and i have 200 step motors
and a brass nut
the X is really good
sometimes its around .001, or right under
like right after tightening the nut itll be sub mil
the Y, not as great
.002-.004 usually
sometimes better, but normally around there
you have to get used to how much backlash nut tension

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i cant decide if i want that
or just the plate without all the cam things
i want two
hang them off the front
so i can do multiple setups easy
ive done some aluminum fixtures and tooling bits
i think so
zeeshan`: yes
haha yeah
the deer?
yeah i was like wtf is he making
i was sure it was a girl at the end
this morning i was jogging the machine while like leaning back and forth on the blacks mounted to the table
steppers didnt care
i dont think itll have a prob with the aluminum plates hanging the 10" off the front

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heh, gotta be doing some crazy shit to get backlash on the z
heh @ z bounce
unloading when it stops

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really high end systems have linear encoders
so they have two encoeders
tekrad: yeah but you dont know backlash
i need to setup some limit switches
zeeshan`: linear ones track distance along the axis
rotary ones track the rotation of the servo
but the servo controller needs encoder feedback from the motor, so its always there

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youre saying boss controllers could do G2/G3?
oh i thought they were rs232/floppy
fucking how old are these things?
the first cnc i used was an 80s bridgeport, did rs232 and g2/g3
dont remember what version controller tho
you can
you dont mean setting coords
zeeshan`: the controller needs motor feedback
you cant use the feedback from a linear encoder to control the motors because you get alot of overshoot and correction issues
so you would need to run parallel encoders and more complicated software
and you can run a closed loop stepper system
get the tools before the china factories do

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can prob do better than .025
not in a large work area
i want gecko 4ch and new nema23 steppers
emc2 ftw
win xp realtime = total joke
whats useless about it

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bridgeport backlash is huge
most likely
looks well used
in fact that can make backlash compensation fail
because like, going slow with light load it wont shift all at once
my taig is weird like that, on the X backlash will be like .0005 to maybe .002
like it wont go to the other side of the nut, it kicks it in the middle unless its loaded or going fast
you can use antibacklash nuts with acme rods
the spring loaded ones prob work better

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ballscrews are the more expensive option
tho alot of homebrew CNC use normal threaded screws and anti-backlash nuts of some sort
either spring loaded or screw tensioned
no that doesnt work
because the servos only know how much the rod turns
they dont know backlash
you need linear encoders
but i guess linear encoders dont work well on their own
like, the servos will constantly oscillate while the controller tries to correct errors
but yeah servo encoders have zero awareness of backlash
on a bridgeport, i dunno 1/4 to 1/2 rotation of the wheel sometimes
i dont remember what a full rotation was
yeah its kinda diff machine to machine
manual machining it doesnt matter
tekrad: i think so, or .1
yeah linear feedback on a manual machine is pretty sweet
but yeah, for measured cuts with the dials, you cut in one direction
same with cnc programming
you can program in such a way that backlash error is not an issue
no like 0.05-0.2"

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19:12 <@Tekrad> it would need ball screws
why would it need ball screws
just program in your backlash
its prob close, measure it before you do your work in the area youre working in
dead zone
like you turn the screws the other way and nothing happens until it engages the other side of the thread
yeah kinda
manual machines usually have acme screws and horrible backlash
`nico: its basically from looseness between the lead screw and the drive nut
acme screws are bad about it
my little cnc uses standard threads, and a brass nut you can put tension on

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sculptor: HAHA WTF
inittab: did you pay that many?

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