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timecop is getting soft

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greymoon: wtf i cant unload weather
it says some shit about items being missing when i dont load the mod =(
i guess there is a way to adjust the radioactivity

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okay i has fellout in my data dir
hehe my fo3 is all riced out

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oh i maybe did fellout
it was eay i just found a manual on some medic armor
i read about it =\
but its in old olney
by vault 98
i was up there for the violin quest
the place with all the fucking deathclaws
theres a sewer under there
the mod is included in fook tho

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i havent updated notblog in like 10 years
i should take pictures of the doom boxes ive hack for work
*hacked up
you need a UI in inventory
like with the rain mod
you you can click an item it pops up a dialog, you can set rain parameters and test rain and snow
*yeah you
omg getting tired
it disables heheh
damn not enough down key typo
okay i shall fallout myself to sleep
but yeah it disables funky
i did the mod where you can get power armor training an alternate way

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hey what mod did you say to get that works with the rain and snow mod?

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greymoon: okay all the mods seem to be working okay together
olik, radioactive rain seems to fuck shit up
when i disable it
like it seems like im going to die
but my rad meter just spins
and dont die
the fook cross repair almost makes shit too easy
mad scrap metal too
also i think it stole my minigun

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macegr: http://darkertechnologies.com/files/shiftbrite_example_20090726.zip
i think its time for some fallouts

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damn you are all in a hurry
here this one is like wordier and stuff

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possibly the stk500
sucks it can read the dev signature and fuses fine
maybe its using simulator2
k trying with avrsimulator(not2)
okay programming not failed
hey it works
wtf avrsimulator2 is the same as avrsimulator except it doesnt work

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stupid big avr takeing forever to program
omg programming fail twice in a row
stupid stk 500

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the pins are easy to change tho
just do it in the sb_config.inc file
and i think the way its done now it needs the registers defined as temp thru temp6
which is a bit lame, because i push/pop the data in them anyway

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337 lines, but lots of spaces and comments
k the only shit i know about that was my machine/cnc instructor would not do any tapping shit
becaue he didnt want to reverse the spindle
he thought it might break the machine
macegr: let me change the pins and add some more comment shit and ill zip and send
because yeah fuck that jtag fuse bullshit
because it doesn work with a new 164p unless you disable jtag
that shit pissed me off

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hmm this pastebin was like fu
config file
frontend file, somewhat wtf
hey look a syntax typo in the comment \o/

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i was commenting code and avrstudio crashed
and you need to include a definition for one of the avr
becaause it uses port/pin/ddr stuff
oh you mean for docs for everything
ok i am pasting all what i got sec

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kevtris: haha
joellama: there is carnival stuff at reseda park this weekend!
so i thought of you
oh hi
i are done with the sample assemble
i need to write more junk in the top of the file
so i look all smart and organized and whatever
see look easy
yeah im going to zip up everything
of course it gets much uglier

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greymoon: if you have the rigidity to keep feed up and tool is big enough and you have cooling and you care about speed more than tool life, you can do crazy high speed shit
these are big cnc, they like rumble around on their ways
they do things that defy physics, we have all seen the vids
i want a ceramic endmill
but they only come in single flute for 3/8" shank
that i can find
clear joints ftw
cellulose film papers
from brazil
water clear, neat stuff
comparable to rice paper

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hand drill yo
you mean off or over 9000 probably
my mill only goes down to 1000 =(
mine goes to 10k!

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commenting code made my avrstudio crash

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we dont have one of those

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i dunno
he came back one but i wasnt here

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dunno, it doesnt have lens angles or anything

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then just use gradients
whatever youre using to detect line from non line

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dx^: have two cams that point out and down
one front one back
you shouldnt need three
then in the controller, you test each line of pixels for min/max along the horizontal and min/max for tape color
or not even every line of pixels maybe just a few lines from the middle to the bottom

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just use an led and a cam?
to follow a line can you justpoint a little cam at the ground and like, try and keep the black within limits?

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greymoon: neat @ mill progress

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