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ha, no auto-rejoin
thats pro irc, yo

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you could just say after midnight
on for the midnight hour
then it makes perfect sense
like, we dont count backwards until noon

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i want to go back to sleep =(
wtf is 7am

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maybe i got it from mouser
big ones?
cnc lathe is pretty sweet
dude thats a huge cnc lathe

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inittab: heh
is he going to give up or what
omg he doesnt win
wtf innitab

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i told you, dumb girls are dumb
they not faking it
they just dont know
kinda small for you
is she doing it now

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dude alot of fat people eat nasty junkfood
wait other girl is your boss?

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our best bot comes from ccfl_man
he has a job
slot machine ninja.
oh fuck i forgot i was looking for hall sensors
dx distracted me with his net2chef realization
yo how come i cant login from digikey mainpage

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Digital current sinking output
its open collector/drain output
Operate/release points can be customized
maybe with resistors or something
rab: i deadbugged something like this in sot23 to a cr2032 and an led, the shit just worked
it was a lower voltage device, but yeah it was fucked up simple
sec i check digikey orders
(this could take awhile, heh)
haha nice

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if you drill, then you jbweld will like sourround it
and also stick to the sides of the metal instead of just under the magnet
the one at the bottom?
or top
the one at the bottom has spokes just do IR optical thru them and do like a shroud
then you know if belt failed too

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thats the controller =\
guys i still want a rabbit
get button magnets, drill holes, fill with adhesive of choice, push in magnet buttan
that shit will fly off yo

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i would get a digital one
and use one or two magnets
k tape on a belt sounds like fail
paint sounds like less fail in the short term, but eventual fail
maybe on a bigass pulley
that works
doesnt matter itll still be magnetic
and is more an argument for digital output hall devices
nice they thought of your face
they gave it a helmet

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you always do
usually some super obvious thing that was so obvious you thought about it at the beginning
'and then never thought about it again
like the transformer or the power switch or something
i bought some sot-23 dealie with internal amps and open collector output
but i dunno if you mean all that
temporary end of the world
what is this for
i hope you are not megasquirting your volvo
i hear that thing clobbers its own interrupts
oh i was going to ask mxman about that
i think his 60 teeth per rev
this is whats fucking up his megasquirt
and why it kinda works idle

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yeah they do
heh @ robot shifting gears
rab: he just needs to gear an electrical motor down to run the bot at like 3mph
but yeah, like some sprockets on a hollow shafts, with bearings coupling them to a pair of stainless steel rods, keep the thing narrow so you can use small diamater rods
and bike chains
have the motor run up to like 2krpm, prob sound awesome

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rab: yeah or like one of those is supposed to be dotted
i think the C5:R5 node
yeah thats the one i mean
because its weird to draw R5 into the pin 7 node like that with two branches so its probe in series with the diodes

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rab: cr3, cr4, r5, c5
wtf dead circuit
in the feedback for the first opamp from the input
its shorted out
or they didnt dot those nodes
but they dotted all the other nodes even where they didnt have to

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that doesnt look super high reliability, heh
were putting the work backwards, rab

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you can do it with a transistor and a cap

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and then?
wtf is amigobot
sure you can
but you need some transistors and a transformer too
oh no wait
then you dont need the bridge
so i failed
well he double failed
guys i think i need a DC amp
i dont think my LM317 based DCR tester is going to work over 1000W
=( =( =(

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