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i went over like $2
so it auto transfered the $1 i had in my savings account
wasnt enough so i overdrafted
then it charged me for transfering the money
and overdrafted me again
haha nice

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so your solution to the high cost of uC is to put indians in space stations
with slide rules?
converter his weather channel box to decode launch codes
`nico: bye
fuck it became late
`nico: okay maybe i will tell you about my led stoby thing tomorrow!
urmom is banks
obama fixed all of racism today
which his homeboy biden

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yeah but to do like average 10W you need a system that can do like 100W
so what you have money
its mixers, crossovers, eqs, and limiters
haha what
dude ive hooked those things up to audio test systems
theyre like practically perfect
theyre prob better than analog shit with 1% resistors
5% caps
and i doubt an audio shit youre gonna buy, they sprung for 1% caps and perfectly matched pots for active xovers
if youre not doing active xovers, i dunno youre a tard

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dx^: you put an amp on one side and speaker on the other
and it tells you ohms with a dmm
speakers should be flat
they never are, so it becomes person
everyone likes a different type of fucked up
'voicing', 'sound'
anyway you line up a bunch of speakers and switch them with no gap and you can tell pretty easy which ones were designed by idiots
or ruined by bean counters, etc

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if you have all this money, get an xta speaker manager
i found one at work
i wanted to buy it, but then we found out what it was an how much its worth =(
its british
brits make neat audio stuff
what depends on the level of what
no this is loudspeaker manager
but i meant audio electronics in general
dude we have japanese cerwin-vega preamp from who knows, prob 80s
theyre broken because a pin slid out of a selector switch assembly
rotary switch
`nico: the jap shit fails because they didnt put a dab of glue or make it so it didnt slide out
so yeah, that some failure at details

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yeah mostly
what did you buy?
whats all this shit for
wtf do you need all that shit for
and fuck eqs/compressors, just get a loudspeaker manager
dsp xover ftmfw
wtf suggested
do it
yeah thats fine
just dont get the behringer
they have lots
get at least a 2 into 6
i maybe use that
we have like 3 at work
prob happy hardcore
i bet mostly movies
`nico: originally it had 1000uF caps on the dmm output
but response time was ridiculous slow

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`nico: ^
omg why are you still awake
actually there is two led at like 15mA on that too
so the LM317 has more load than the 2K resistor
timecop: measuring resistance of a speaker while putting 4000W into it
we make pretty 100 hour graphs of it
timecop: china amps
btw this is built and tested

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almost done with schema

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haha okay maybe not so quick i changed a bunch of shit
naw its easy you just put the amp on it and see if it blows up
its just cool having data about the speaker when its blowing up

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its 20V on 2K in series with the speaker
dmm senses DC across the speaker
theres a bunch of RC stuff for filtering the amp output from the DMM and the vreg
with coupling caps to isolate the DC from the amp
okay thats my last attempt
here i will draw it quick in eagle
i want to for work anyway and its half done here
will msg if youre all gone when im done, hopefully quick

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anyway fuck that noise bullshit
thats easy
i tested the china amps (no one put together a 4kw load before this)and the load and the doombox with 30Hz sine
because thats where we bandwidth limit everything
the dcr tester boxes
okay so its a ton of ac coupling caps, a 19.5V - 21V LM317 reg, output tied to the speaker side of the coupling caps
thru two 1K 15W resistors in series
and like big cap to 'ground', in between them, but ground is really one side of a bridged amp
i dont think i explained that well

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6db crest = 2x voltage, 4x power
so the pink noise averages say like 1V, and the peaks are at 2V
all volts are expresses in volts volts, like, volts peak
pink noise plots flat on an FFT as flat
er, white noise
pink noise drops 3db per octave
im pretty sure its clipped by the box that generates it tho

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and clip it
if they dont high pass that shit at like 30Hz i will kick their ass
yeah i dont think theyll find one will do that kind of average power
but whatever!
china amp can put it out, so doombox can take it
its done
built, tested
no i fixed prob im like happy about it now
i was pissed off kinda my shit only worked to like 1000W =(
so its $40 in ac coupling caps
10x 2200uF 160V, parallel and - to -
what is it normally?

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but thats what they said and a built a 4kw load to test it so they got it
i dont even know what you mean
so we dont have current probes
can i hook up a 4000W amp to that?
no its 4KW rms with sine
thats what i tested with
theyll prob do like 2000W average pink noise with 6db crest

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and like too much power and the voltage would ramp to 150mV
its upposed to be 10mV per ohm, im measureing 8 ohms
so that sucks, it was clipping and thats the average of it
yeah id have to explain a ton more for it to make sense i did this backwards
okay so we need to test DCR of a speaker
while putting power thru it, to calc resistance increase to know temp rise of the voice coil
we have this elaborate german box that senses current and does 4 wire voltage but it doesnt like doing over 400W
kelvin sense what
we dont have current probes
do we look rich?!
`nico: with power running thru it?
i dont mean test dcr of a speaker sitting there
i mean a speaker with like 4000W on it
really i dont think theyll find a speaker that can deal with that

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i guess because current limiting
at 1A
anyway issue was with the voltage limiting diodes on the DMM output
oh i dunno if i told you about dcr meter doombox
dmm output circuit is just 3 pole RC, 25K 5W and two 1K 1W, and 100uF caps
so i had a schottky and silicon diode like inverse parallel after the first pole to limit the dmm output to like .6V

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solidworks = yay

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no idea
tire diamater x rubber width/height x wheel size
`nico: haha i put 1000uF on my LM317 output
that shit when fucking nuts, drops out the 100mA transformer totally
like, 24VAC transformer prob down to half that
anyway, we put that cap someplace else
also, dcr tester doomboxes are fully functional
tested with like 3800W of clipping china amp

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i do a little bit
because i took the c++ class
and i fucked around a bit
yeah long long time ago
same semester i learned asm
but it was just one semester and c++ is basically intro in that program
if i was a comp sci person i would have taken c next, supposedly its a bitch the teacher hardly passes anyone
also i helped twingy do a bunch of code on the sam7 dev boards
i have to go buy kitty litter
dx^: why do you wish i know c?

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has big goofy wheels, like those little 70s trail bikes
so yeah, honda = awesome, because they made me like a scooter
dx^: what about something that like clamps onto the wheels
like wheelchair brakes
or a strap
could be as simple as a solenoid tensioning a strap or something
naw thatll break, jam
oh i got my lenses i have to go thank montess

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itll be a consumable item, your zshit will req. maintanence
what like encoder says youre going 5mph or something?
you know those cane bumpers?
they come in tons of sizes and shapes
brakes might tip you over all the way
just use bike wheels
they come with breakes
also sprockets
those little wheels are pretty neat
hey do you know about honda ruckus?

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fully functional
dx^: read where i said i think that inner part is prob mechanically coupled to the wheel
maybe you can couple to that somehow
timecop: yeah i kept telling him that
anyway it had a 3 day money back refund
so i sent it back aftert two days, before getting a response from him
hes kinda like blah blah ill receive the item if its not broken
im like ... its broken thats why im sending it back
not really too small
hes like blah blha gotta run some tests
im like wtf tests, the self tests takes 5 minutes if you have an interface
if you dont have an interface, how can you run the interface and know its in fully functional excellent condition?
hes like, errors that you talk about they dont mean the item is not functional
im like, wtf if i have toi fix it to connect it to a pc, its not excellent or functional
why rubber
drawings pls
oh so shit dont slip
silicone rubber is pretty good for that
i thought you mean sheet metal brake to make something for it
rubber will wear out

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'yeah i read that few days ago
my paypal claim moves to next step on saturday
the guy hasnt responded to them
and he is spamming my ebay mail with like, WILL YOU ACCEPT HALF REFUND IF I FIX IT? HOW MUCH WILL YOU OFFER FOR IT
yeah i bought this audio test box
kinda impulse buy
like im always pissed because i lose snipe bids because i dont bid enough
like, im always like FUCK WHATS AN EXTRA $100 WTF
so i bid $500 more than i wanted, but its like high end of reasonable for one of these things if they work
is like industry standarsd shit, a plot with an AP logo on it is as close to proof as it gets in audio
but they stopped supporting this model this year
so if you buy one, gotta make sure it aint fucked because ap will just laugh at you you ask for service
anyway, had smashed in pin on the male db25 for the APIB interface
to connect to pc
this thing is basically a paperweight without a pc attached to it
also it had a bent bnc shield on the monitor output
so he said excellent condition

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if the 2 piece hub is bolted together, you replace the bolts with longer ones, use male-female threaded standoffs to mount a sprocket
also the hub looks like its mounted to the outside of the bearing
and has a shaft that extended towards the wheel to mount another bearing
i think the center part is coupled to the wheel
hey whats up with your mancorp bot
and did you find the .jp manufacturer?
oh so youre going with them?
k good lucks

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i think its on bearings
the hub
Complete pneumatic assembly with ball bearings.
so ebay fucker responded to my fu about the half refund for a repaired system one
and i dont think i would give him more than $200 for it
and if he accepts that, he can maybe give me the complete refund so fuckit
i forgot to go to the bank
deposit fail

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