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for his home venue
but yeah these things are class-b and class-h
i should test the one we have at work
hopefully its not burnt or something
timecop: pls to return your amps and buy proper qsc w/ a loudspeaker manager
at least 2 into 6

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haha that shit is class B
omg thats the one with the integrated 100Hz crossovers?
i dunno its goofy
it can get annoying tho
wow and theyre rated in peak power
so they match bullshit speaker ratings
qsc, its good amps
industry standard
but he bought the cheapest ones i think

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timecop: portable speakers
we have one of those
we never use it

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rugby all the players seem pretty similar, doing similar shit, but i dont really know
that shit hardly stops tho thats insane

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rugby is awesome, tho
its tactical, tho
american football is like, strategic
you cant throw forward past the line of scrimmage in football
just backwards laterals
im not sure if you can punt whenever
i guess so yeah
haha i guess if you were pushed backed to like your 1 yard line on 2nd down, and had zero confidence, you could just punt whenever
hmm i dunno if you can punt downfield tho
ha, you would get hit so, so, so hard, all upright with your leg out

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by football i dont mean soccer
i mean real football
its different

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or i guess you could
robots could be pit
has to be a person driving
its like football
bunch of diff people doing diff shit, kinda centered around one person to make shit happen, tho
except some of these people are engineers

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that shit was flying it was like maybe 6ft one frame to the next
whatever hes ok
i hate watching shit like that
stock cars are totally diff, they dont usuallt hit barriers head on and the cars dont just like, shatter
hey that ferrari did pretty okay in the crash
pulled it out still intact up to its nose
wtf spring
seen it
i was hoping it would be without his head in it =\
dude wtf spring
like, plexi cockpits
jet, drag boat style
aside from that, cant do shit
cant tether everything on the car

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im going to get a barichello hat
deftones bassist
that link was awesome
is not funny hes like, stuck =(
he got in a car accident in november
fucking old man in a slow car
i hope barichello pwns him
or punts him
im cool with either
montoya was all about trying to pass micheal and punting himself too
his first season, i loved that
i hope so
i didnt set my dvr to get it on fox
so i just had qual
i didnt want to watch really, after watching qual
two frames of spring

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20:57 <+renesis> fuck
20:57 <+renesis> schumacher is back
20:57 <+renesis> i hate that fucker

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id worry about reliability, and if it stays in as well as a normal connector with the tab broke
we only have one at work tho, i think were done taking it apart and were not allowed to break it
we might as well return it =(
even the silk on the amp plate is neat
with the little signal routing errors

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serious wtf does he want to know
tell him they all suck
and tuning is pointless because they change state during use
and flatness cant be achieved because you move a speaker a few inches and the response changes
tell him to buy qsc k12
blue locking iec
welcome to the future.
they sound awesome, side by side against jbl eon and mackie srm or whatever theyre called
k good lucks
theres a tab with a hook on the cable
its compatible with normal iec inputs
yeah i dont think theres any sort of standard

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and i have no idea how id respond, but smart money is on me telling him to fuck off
i am laughing audibly in my local area
and wtf does he want to know about speaker
tell him to get speaker cookbook by that douchebag
fuck i cant find it
20:37 <@Rab> <timecop> i will talk to renesis in exchange for a Lope ban
i dont have him on ignore
i dont do that

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rab: http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=297-441%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20&FTR=m6n&CFID=10392154&CFTOKEN=60488200
those arrive at work on monday
check out the response
i want to see if thats real
and yeah i have to get the datasheet for the tangbangs in the clear speakers
i was going to do a sealed enclosure for the woofer out of an oatmeal tube
but i think ill just buy acrylic tube its not ridiculous expensive
maybe i can find some cheap
rab: heheh i wanted to like fiberglass reinforce it or something similar
he hasnt msgd

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i want to get a BSEE
so i can be a college grad and a high school dropout
hmm, applications for csu spring semester open in aughust
how surprising
so i think i kick it at home until i know my enrollment status
increase moneyball
and then maybe move to pasadena or eagle rock something
like someplace in between here and pomona
and commute like a mfkr

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foamy bed gets to work on monday
i lost ten lbs then stalled
and now i hover between 224-229
yeah i got that serta one
8", dual density, or something
like $350
but yeah they sent it to me
but i forgot to have it sent to work
so i missed it and they sent it back
so i call overstock, and theyre like well process your refund immediately
im like, wait no send it back ill pay!
so they went, o
and then sent me a replacement order free of charge
they didnt even wait for the first mattress to get back
dx^: how big was yours packages
will it fit in my volvo easy?

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some meat is prob ideal
but you prob dont even need that shit daily
you were prob a ultrapimp caveman if you ate meat every day
meat doesnt digest very well
i should start taking my supplements again
i havent in almost a year, since i started this job

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ATV stuff is prob too complicated
hubs are meant to work with suspension pickup points
but the bearings are prob good for your app
you could do a subframe at least
and just use some thick rubber to isolate
heh then dont skimp on bearings
youll prob be ok
i bought some veggie burgers
i got both kinds, texmex and cali style
i know!
they dont taste exactly like meat but they taste really good anyway
i dunno, from trader joes
i dont pay attention to brands there
yeah im going to try and do that

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dunno depends how wide the bearing and how rigid your axel

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