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aluminum maybe

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almost done machining the top

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raw white corn = awesome
tastebud orgy, yo

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haha oh shit at setting my z with clear papers on clear stock
=\ =\ =\

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so like 40% duty, but close to abs max current
i have a darlington driving a linear current sink
i already built it
i think i have like 5V headroom

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the guard
but im going to do it even with the optics
and not do the corner pockets, just through holes
yeah look inside those are star leds
yeh, ty
i didnt do the lenses on the optics =\
so yeah those like corner pockets, kinda like counterbores for the screws
im not going to do those
and im going to cover it with like .125" lexan
or do they have .2?
thats like 5mm no
tekrad: hehe i did the heatsink with like no plan, the end was a half asleep stoned fight with the relations
the leds are spaced 1" from each other
and the heatsink is like 3" on the long axis
oh its done
i have these
it is
its already drilled
its 10W
really only 5W max
because i have them hooked up to a one shot with adjustable pulse time
so it cant be on more than 4ms and its never triggered at more than 100Hz

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i got a slab of 1" acrylic clamped onto parallels on my table

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macegr: just overhearing the cable news drone in the other room, but it sounds like battery boy was a weirdo as suspected
homeless for past year or something
guy who stopped NYC airport

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kevtris: neat

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haha what
everybody ripping you off
omg macegr
they have pics of your big office table
thats yours, thats not cool

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greymoon: okay im pretty sure the self tap screws will work, like .45 deep, slightly oversized drill
because it screws right into the hole i tapped ok
like, the little bit of removed metal was enough
and it holds tight enough im almost stripping the screw and it has torn the threads

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115 piece letter/number/fractional HSS TiN china drills for $45 taxed
yay horror fate
quality seems comparable to enco china drills

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thats still not a bad price
and resharps work fine
oh i should go now before its too late
must stop labeling!
resharps are usually pretty close to .8" from the collar
close enough to throw in the spindle without measuring Z
maybe i sign up
im going to buy some drill sets

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no wai
damn i was just over there now i gotta go back
damn open until 7:30 now i have to go

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holy shit this thing wants 9 AA batteries
i guerss i will go buy some batteries
and some rubbing alcohol

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so did anyone ever figure out what stu wanted to know about speakers?
i bought a $10 casio label maker

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i can get like .25" in
they have schematics too in avr tools help!
manual for atmel devi stuff is in avr studio
avrs without avrstudio = fail
fuck i wish i had a complete drill set

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hmm rly?
for voltage matching
i knew that\
maybe it is just a vref tho
self tapping screw is losing

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heh @ glow sticks
i hope he does it in the dark with unsnapped ones
haha its set to smoothy
i already clicked that

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dude i go 1/4 forward and 1/2 turn back
with small taps
1/2 forward and 1/4 back and the shit would like just get stuck =(
yeah maybe he was just a weirdo
4 or 3
so do you think home depot will have the self tapping screws that i want
they will prob have them in some useless length

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greymoon: self tapping screws into copper
will it blend?
like .3 in, #4-24 screws
i need 6 mcmaster will make me buy 100 =(
hi i broke the tap
it doesnt like copper
i have a tap stuck in the heatsink so its scrap
so maybe i just go buy some and see
i think it was wearing the tap, too
i did one hole like .4 in, but the 2nd one broke like half in
1/2 turn forward, 1/4 turn back to clear the threads?
haha that would snap shit

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no u
out of 60?
dx = unethical

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greymoon: that never works great =(
and toolmakers say dont do it
like, you get mad heat from the shank rubbing against the part
usually does weird things to the finish
wtf @ 512

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notice i still dont know how to do curved surfaces
because when you do shit like that with relative relations to dynamically set dimensions, with no plan, towards the end everything starts conflicting and it bitches about unsolvable states
fuck i dont even have tooling that can go that deep
i want a shotgun that fires those things
joellama: hi!

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but its pulses at like 100Hz max, 100us to 4ms
i puts knob for to adjust the pulse time
oh just tell him that
im ignored on freenode
i should drill the copper heatsink now
dude i could do it with a pic running at 10KHz probably
i actually did it with a one shot made from D flops
cheater: eh?
i think it was a 32khz timing xtal
wtf @ render
i took a screenshot and cropped it
that heatsink was a bitch to model in sw
conflicting relations hell

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fuck that, shes broken
yeah kinda
fuck yeah
so i dunno if i wanna do a big acrylic guard like that
or remove those corner pockets for thebolts
and put like a lexan cover on it
and bolt thru the lexan and acrylic
thats 10W of white

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tooling for a proper mold isnt cheap
theyre usually made from huge pieces of stock, which is $$$ in metal and metal removal time and tooling
also theyre highly polished
which takes alot of time
so yeah, engineering time aside
just the fucking tool itself is a fortune

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isnt aleph-x class-A audiophool shit?

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dont use the fixed crossover tho
i will disown you, at least get an analog active crossover
i hope you got subs
or your two ways are biampable without drama

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and you switch between sets of transistors
in class-H you just have one bank of transistors that handles both supply voltages
08:42 <@inittab> so if you are going for perfect audio you want AB?
yeah basically
class-A with feedback is probably better but that shit would prob be like 15% efficient or something stupid like that
class-a is some shit i did once in school lab at maybe 0.1W with 2n3904/3906 and havent really touched since
yeah theyre not bad amps

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with the grabby?
i never thought about that
timecop: oh anyway, point of all that shit
theyre class-B and class-H
every class-H and class-G amp ive seen is also class-AB
A/AB/B/C have to do with bias of the output devices
H/G have to do with the output devices and the power supply
class-G is two power supply rails, but you use two different sets of output transistors

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need to get a haircut
might try and score a weekend jobby job at once of the hollywood/melrose/sunset clubs
i figured they had most of these jobs filled, but buddy who does mc stuff says they always looking for techs
i hate how they call their techs engineers
yeah rly, same thing
they dont even do that dude
that was an ME
the engineer the contents of your trashcans =\
so in this conntext, to engineer means to dump
got it
ill have to bring that up at work
no he doesnt
alot of them dont even have to get out of the truck

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because, honestly, if youre doing it right, most of the time your system should be running with a *ton* of overhead
yeah thats okay tho timecop
you dont want to be pushing the amps or the speakers at their limits
timecop: keep the limit switch on and run in low to mid capability range and you prob never have to worry
is just a guess but yamaha is prob pretty good about system ratings
timecop: also find out or test them for sensitivity
like, what voltage input they clip/limit at
and figure out what 0db level on your mixer and driving processors are
makes setting shit up less a pain
hes turning his house in to a live recording venue
or something

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class-H is dual power supply output
there is one set of output transistors, and two sets of high voltage rails
and during spikes in the program material, the amp switches from the low voltage supply to the higher voltage supply
switching is done with FETs, and the bridge rectifiers basically shut off the lower rail
but if it doesnt switch fast you get distortion
but when running average signal, youre not dropping as much voltage
more efficient
these are like 1000W-3000W 4 ohm amps
like, power supplies = toroids = moneys
so besides being more green, they save money on magnetics
and they can claim higher output power
even tho the amp wont sustain the power
music spikes have more crest than sine wave signals
peaks are typically 6-12db above average power
this is a big problem with rating and designing things

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03:17 <@timecop> renesis: QSC gx3/5 one is class B one is class H_? ir somethign
class-B is the the bias type
basically its biased so when there is no signal, the transistors are off
so you waste power and dont have DC offset on the speaker
but you have crossover distortion which your feedback loop and outut driving section have to coompensate for
when you fuck up biasing on an AB system, youre likely running the amp class-B
they claim its biased so perfect that they avoid crossover distortion
class-H is an output section topology
*so you dont waste power and dont have DC offset
switch mode power supply with a floating voltage reference

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