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just take a pic and count later
im going to play some fallout i guess

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epoxy will eat you life
*your life
anyway, itll kill you
get a gas/dust face thing
the fumes from epoxy are carcinogenic as fuck
resin art is a new form of sculpting, already most the original artists are dead
ceramics people are afraid of it
and ceramic peoples breathe silicon carbide like whatever thats life
i honestly have no idea what vinyl tile is
lots of shops have that shit
hey dont do that pattern
i dunno just dont do that
ive never seen it in any other pattern
okay neat
well damn
cant he get 3" tiles then

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no u r
get a box
little container to hold your stuff
or leave it on your lawn whatever maybe you dont have machines
get a box or alot of plastic
found them
ConnectorsTerminal Blocks - Wire to Board
looks like .75 for two position
digikey category
sec ill find a specific one
can you paste searches?
that looks like a fail link
like so

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guys what are those screw terminal blocks called
they have tiny dovetails usually to slide together, they come in two and three positions
screw clamp dealy
sure electronics had green ones

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its pretty!

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like so

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rab: fu i live here
i work like 2mi from it
you want me to show you google maps?
no its neat!
its like right there
by chatsworth researvoir
which almost never has water ever
rab: like, in the 50s and 60s almost no one lived in the valley
just farms
so that shit was like 25mi from LA
but now the valley is like 3M people
and theyre like as close as few hundred yards from that shit
very pretty up there

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to take readings at the chatsworth parks and by santa susana rd
also de soto, because who knows what they do up there

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i hate hot it goes grey white black
that makes no sense
*how how how
dude it wraps
it should go white grey black
after 9 comes 0
then you round the next significant color up yo
ha we have a panel marked infiniti to 11
they didnt do negative infiniti =\

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yeah i clicked this is especially bad
step 1. buy shit
step 2. throw it all at the cieling by the window
oh what
curtain rod
step 1. buy clamp on floodlights
step 2. attach to curtain rod
hey thats neat

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work went home, track lighting always looks bad

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`nico: you dont have a pcb at home

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also stu seems to still be going on about mobile audio gainclone

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08:57 <@Rab> I'll bet 90% of all lordpil.com adwords revenue is driven by stu.
so work paid me to go home and do pcb

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