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whats controlling the relays tho
yeah they prob not supposed to have 120vac thru them

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itll still work when its like black, almost burnt up
that shit is prob dead yo
180VDC to the metaphorical dome, likely
its driven by digital circuits?
or what
checl the shit driving the relays
im all ready for work im like 3 hours early
so there is timing caps involved possibly?
okay so transformer maybe isnt even rectified

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kill it with trees
smoking transformers is bad
they usually vibrate and make a noise way before that tho
yeah the enamel is pretty hardcore

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no u!
hey neat unit41 is unit41 again

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it has those single pin header ground breakouts
that always get bent, thats the only thing i dont like about it

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my stk500 works on every voltage setting of the cheap radioshit wallwart i have attached to it
stk500 is kinda tankish
shit has had piles of junk piled on top of it, has been on the carpet numerous times
i think one time i got the badwater on it
still works
no this was blackish with stuff floating in it

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this is probably rf pirat stuff
i wouldnt spec it past 15v
without heatsinks and some thinking and math and stuff

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just put a series diode
schottky with enough current
that way if they hook it up backwards, nothing happens, nothing burns
guys i want tdi rabbit
it needs to be fall already

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just stand it up and rate it at like 15 and know that you can put a heatsink on it and take it to 30, if you wanna use a 317 so much
4 diodes, or one ic
i think you know what to do
im pretty sure the input has to be a floating dc supply if your system is grounded
or i guess all return current goes thru your system ground
so says thise connects to a whatever thru a shielded cable
all the return current would go thru that and then into the power supply thru its ground
because the diodes wont conduct
the low side diodes of the bridge

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they have 3v dropout, and dont forget the 2 protection diodes

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i finished my led stroby thing for work
except for a handle
holy fuck cree xr-e with ~15deg optics will fuck up your eyes
so that shit is pretty neat, at 100us pulses i can do clear slow motion on drivers at 1KHz
i dont even think the xenon tube strobe could do that

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the focus distance is like zero
maybe you could mount some lights inside tho
i dunno if the lens is actually right on top of the sheets or just the housing
like im kinda thinking they were mostly just empty boxes with offset optics, you could do it if its like that
and i brought it up so im not sure he did, but if he did im pretty sure itd be at a gov auction
because where the fuck else do you get a microfiche viewer

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he had these cork thing the size of the bubble packs, with holes that fit around the bubbles
this thing and the automatic pill counter spinny thing were prob my fav pharmacy machines
tho that microfiche thing was pretty neat too

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rab: this is just a big heating thing with like flat rubber or cork pads?
i think my dad had one of those in his pharmacy to seal up the bubble packs for split dosing

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