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greymoon: ha neat that guy has a taig
hey wtf @ my tooling plate
i havent gotten them or heard anything from the guy
i want mititoyo height micrometers

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yeah like the box
i remember you had like two or three before
oh i meant the solidworks model
not the prototype thing
i got some ball endmills to try and do some curved surface stuff with my cnc
i left them at work tho =(

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ha i left work at like 2:30 and had all three done by like 5:45
but the two peoples i was doing it for already went home
dx^: did you do more chassis stuff for net2chef yet?

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ha i bet
CNC made money this week!
i did three proto pcb for work and theyre paying $50 for each one

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like, by switching supplies they dont mean pwm
like, they just mean switching to a higher voltage supply until some circuit decides its waited for over threshold input long enough and drops the system down to a lower supply
we have both in stuff at work but i really only work on the class-H stuff
k bye!

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not D, G amnd H!
QSC has so much tech data its a bitch to find what you want
checking pdf...
page 7 and 8
rest of the paper is pretty basic, some interesting stuff about amplifier mechanical assembly
and yeah i got it backwards, class-H is single transistor banks, class-G is high and low voltage transistor banks

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well, half voltage ones
because its for a class-G system
i think i always get H amd G mixed up, its for a dual bipolar psu amp
class-g is AB, but with one set of output transistors and two voltage rails
so itll switch supplys on the output transistors
class-H is two sets of output transistors, two supplys, and itll switch between sets of transistors
its mostly so you can get away with using lower5 power/lighter toroids and still support peak output for transient
oh, ha yeah
all our transformers are for amps!
its pretty insteresting stuff
hmm yeah sec
and its not like D, its just AB with power supply tricks

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eco from who?
anyway, they meant floating supplies but the guy who did the rework instruction was a tard
eco means engineering change order to me
the ECOs?
no this shit is new
and i guess they dont have a daughterboard for it
er motherboard
but we want to demo the higher power chip and switches
anyway why would we write ECOs for IRs shit
other hacker kept saying to just call them but i dont think i could have talked to them without talking shit
anyway i got that shit working
i just made up my own rework
but now i need a +-55VAC 1000VA transformer, but we only have 75VAC, and i was all in the middle of hookinh it up to the variac and testing outputs when i had to go home =(

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fuck drinking
smoke weed everyday
except when it makes you the opposite
and wtf like alc dont make you lazy
so im bummed out because i had to leave a project half done at work =(
we have this IR audio dev thing, and they said the shit is turn key you just have to hook it up
has like 3 pages of rework instructions to get the motherboard to work with the higher power daughterboard (has the class-d IC and the output fets)
and the rework says to connect ground to -75V
they also say connect ground to ground and connect ground to the input of the 7912

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