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oh haha cool
cam screws = ground button head cap screws

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valley is 10F hotter than LA
almost always

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its hot
.wz 91335
wtf its hotter inside

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oh huh
for work, heatsinks and speakers
at home, vaporizer
i want to try and see if they sell for like $20, too

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the stuff ive seen is usually side by side
yeah close enough you could call it twin lead, but not so close like its twisted
heat sensing is usually doesnt need to be super fast
so they can live with the latency from lots of filtering
yes, averaged somewhere
hey thats pretty neat

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is AD597 breakout
for reading k type thermocouples with DMM
one is to ground the thermocouple, if its not grounded at the sensor
the other is for an output filter
yeah sometimes they pickup mad noise
and the sensors and extensions are pretty random
so who knows what kind of antenna they twist themselves into
the extensions cable i seen never is tho
and some bigger probes are like 12" rods basically

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neat? y/n/m

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i think i am done

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anyway the contact for the magnetic tips in one of the weller irons at work is sticky
so im like slamming the iron against the bench every two min to get it to turn on again
i watched that guy for like 30 seconds
imn like oh hey nice special effects, douchebag

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rab: fuck wctcp, work is getting me a hakko \o/
the awesome one, of course
i dunno this thing is like $100 of awesome
anything more awesome is prob like $150 and thus not as awesome because so what it has leds
yeah but i have to buy local because work doesnt have an ebay acct
theyre like $100 retail
im going to go to a local solder supply place
heheh we like the cranky lady who works there
i wanted a 907 cable, for the connector for my led strobe
because the bruel and kjaer stroboscope has the same auxilary connector as the hakko irons
and the lady is like, 'you know you can just buy it from hakko online'
what is chris angel

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like the amount of analog shit i saw was pretty impressive
it wasnt just like, an opamp and a couple switches
`nico: 8 sounds about right for what i saw
i think a couple were comparators, and the rest configureable
they sound neat for prototype and brainstorm shit
like, little uC pocketknife

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i think failvo needs a tire
im gonna go cry in #cars about it\
if i remember right it looks like a few uncommited amps with enough passives to do maybe 4 to 8 poles of active filtering
yeah what you said
its prob noisy too
tiny caps, big resistors
to work with caps that small they are prob using resistance of 100K+
so yeah, noise
as much as huge caps?
but yeah i dunno really
other than theyd have to compromise something to fit it all into a chip that little

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like, non pin specific
if they dont, and if the analog shit is more limited than i want it to be, i dont see the benefit
its not like analog generation from a vanilla uC is hard or takes alot of parts anyway
good enough for rough control shit
and dac you can r2r parallel gio or rc a pwm out
so yeah the most interesting thing about psoc is the blocks with routable pins

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timecop is doing PIC?
i wonder what psoc market share is
or if youre going to use like even 5% of its pimpin capabilities
so it was like xmas from the shipping gods today
it might be a uC with FPGA built in
its like uC with unconfigured analog and digital blocks
so you can do counters/adc/dac shit
seems to be similar capabilities as AVR/PIC except more analog stuff and i think blocks have routable physical interface

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