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wow lame
i cant get pics off my phones memory thru usb just the sd

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stars with extra heatsinks, i dont think thermal expension will be an issue
has the cree xre lenses are like hard on the outside and squishy on the inside
k work

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thats like asking how many times can you use a resistor before it fails
manufacturer ratings are like 100k hours or something
so maybe decades
Lumen maintenance of greater than 70% after
50,000 hours
thats like a 100 lumen LED
its current limited, it shouldnt
theyre meant to be pwm dimmed

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that works
heh like ant marching along the wave
i meant the first one, the second one might get way blurry
average amplitude for pulse width and decent slow motion would be pretty neat

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btw almost all those speaker datasheet plots use time gated FFT, so the bottom end response is almost totally bullshit
curves splned from like two or three points below 100Hz
483 pages, nice

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maybe i should stop trying to understand it somuch i should just do it like all the other satisfied monkeys
if they will buy not so bright they will buy super bright for more
its got usb
maybe bootload it from the sdio whatever, can use usb permanent storage
the algorithms never seem super complicated i just have zero clue why doing that shit make the values pop out in freq domain
and somehow intuitively i totally understand why its low end and high end limited, and what data results are kinda trashy, but no way i could explain it
which is lame means i dont get it

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its actually pretty neat
itll take trigger freq, subtract your slow motion freq (user adjustable)
and then divide the result by whatever it needs to to get under 100Hz, its very precisise about it too, fraction of a Hz resolution
could have it amplitude based
like average signal and base pwn duty on it
so the harder you drive the speaker, the brighter it glows
do you know how many woofers we can blow up like this?
why arent you saying hi to rab
you mean timecop?
they have red green and blue XR-E i think
maybe not green
and yeah i have to learn FFT shit

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you have to count between zero crossings and like add your slow motion time to it
maybe flash twice while doing it again
doitle: no you take trigger frequency and subtract your slow motion frequency
or you count trigger time and add your slow motion time, same diff
but with a variable freq signal it would be a challenge to make something that syncs consistent
you would count zero crossings from the bass stuff
and youd keep adjusting your frequency a little slower
when changes are fast itll fuzz up a bit
i should just try it with the controller we have
the whole thing is 80s digital

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i think i will use for lm3886 biamp as a mid
haha if i think of the mrtube biamp as a 2009 project, im totally ahead of schedule
sounds like a plan
the biggest time fuck will be making slow motion work
because signal will be low passed at maybe 200hz max
so like, it shouldnt be hard wed be lame to not do it
because its weird to hear something like around 100Hz but see the cone moving at 2Hz or whatever
doitle: they slow motion strobe?
neon is a bitch
hell youd be able to hear it inthe sub
i almost gaurantee it

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heh i pumped way to much power at 1KHz into this poor mid
and slow motion it was like bugs were crawling around under the cone
heh @ simultaneous radial and concentric distortion
also those HiVi speakers i want to use for a couple peoples 5.1 are pretty neat

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400 ml = 24.4094976 in^3
thats like $75 for clear 3m stuff at digikey
8 boards per sq in i guess, thats 200 boards
like $.33 per boards thats not so bad
i should take a pic of the setup
they been using it like a week just holding it onto the heatsink
omfg those crees with 15deg optics are dangerous @ 50% duty
that shit worked perfect at 1KHz

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i was thinking about that
heh and a hex key
they sell like 100 qty at enco for really cheap
its like .10 or .20 each or something
oh you said pot, i read throw
like just put them in with the thing when i shipped
and prob not because that limits mounting options
i want to do a flexible mold with the same shape as the pcb
and have a vent hole in the pcb and something in the mold on the edges to hold the pcb a uniform height
so the slots go all the way down
oh also those are .125 slots
and 4-40 islike .110 or something
so i get .015 extra mounting play too

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you cant put standoffs on the bottom im pretty sure
.250 standoff wont fit
you cant mount uninsulated unless i pot them
its prob the sod80 diode
actually its prob the thru hole pins from the headers and dips
pcb looks like under $1
ill prob get 200 or 300
its pretty stupid not to with .20 unit cost and $80 tooling/shipping
hmm im not sure it matters
i wonder if you can short the inputs and get ambient temp out
i really want to pot it tho, to keep temps between the connectors and the IC closer
and that totally solves mounting issues
tho it would be neat if you could mount it upside down on standoffs
i didnt try rotating the switches

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shouldnt he have the glass eye before
neat unit price is .20 for the little boards
rab: did you see how close button head cap screw fit was?
so $1 per board for 100
i should get red mask and yellow silk

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should ask which is cheaper
i wonder if i added the tolerances when i did the dip switch silk

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haha so i have it an extra .0035 on the radius
and it overlaps a .0050 trace halfway
is that fucking exact or what
thats the same pattern as LED stars
its pretty neat you just neat to get it close
.75" center to center
also, manufacturing considerations, they have to route it anyway
big drills sometimes add to tooling/unit costs
i dunno if .125" counts as a big drill, tho
they have to route anyway
unless you ordering whole panels exactly and everything is square

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i wonder if they can print the silk this fine
.213 head diam for button head screws
lets call it .220

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ok printing silks
and double checking #4 button screw fit to prevent future <rab> haha
hey this thing is kinda neat, printed out
"<rab> haha"
lik rab laughing at me
this is why we keep him around, he pretty good at catching shit

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i think he broke his hdd

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haha what
i think hes putting music thru the voice coil
i gotta try that
haha surround sound
this guy taped the heads to the platter
and like the platter is vibrating

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ha maybe thats why they started making them super quiet
hahaha @ spoolup
imagine a data center full of those powering up
its got like a stepper on a rack/pinion setup

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i still have a baracuda from like 2002
heh i dont even do anything with it it has old partitions, so it just spins and i grab shit off it maybe once a month
heh, uhoh
no screws?

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boot from cdrom and see if you can do shit with the drive
do like an ubuntu livecd or something
it could be either
why does your mom have a raptor
you give her your leftovers
wtf you put raptors in your moms computer?
wtf for $2800 you better have
hey read that sentence again
i has a 22" benq
im pretty happy with it even if rockshox made fun of me

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hey i should watch conan its been like 10 years
that guy rawks

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put on ice cube, DMM says around couple mV, put in boiling water, dmm says 1V within a few mV
so yeah, thing worked awesome i was amazed
also when i used it for vaporizer, the temps i got best results at were indeed the advertised proper vaping temps
whole point of the board it to turn any DMM into a thermocouple reader
should even work with total shit dmm/adc with the output filter (latency is a bitch, shrug)
ok i ask china how much ching for 10 and 100

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washers prob wont work
no but the chip is close
and i really want to pot them so thermal continuity should be even less an issue
make like little flexible molds for them
but i dunno maybe thats kinda expensive
if you mount it to something not at ambient, with electrical insulation, so the soic is touching the mounting surface
then yeah itll fuckup
i think it has to do with local temp sensing
also the chip has normal pins
like, if the chip and your connector are the same temp youre good
even those pimp connectors i think its an issue
kevtris uses those on work stuff, i think ttmustang might be using them
i dont even use proper thermocouples
i just twist thermocouple extensions

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oh shit i need to get pcb quotes china is awake
rab: did you see my ad597 breakout thing?
im trying to figure out how to label the switches im like out of space and that thng is 1x1" so everything is already pretty small
yes exactly
two plastic connectors and two diodes
i made little ad597 breakouts like 1/4 that size before
but wiring it up and trying to solder the thermocouple wire was pretty fail
one switch is to ground the thermocouple if it isnt
the other switches a ton of caps onto the output filter
rab: naw even button head #4 fits
socket head should be no prob

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this is a perfect job for slackware
does it have a modem or something?
yeah i used both for awhile
i used gentoo for years or something
si i spent alot of time on a livecd terminal while my distro built itself
heh, irssi + links2 from install cd ftmfw
im hungry

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that shit is just dos with pumped up win 311 gui
it doesnt have a floppy?
it doesnt have a little proprietary bay for floppy or cdrom?
i would try to grub it from cygwin or something and point boot to a lunix image
tomsrtbt is good for poking around old useless systems
if you have a lunix powers
how the fuck do you get data onto that thing
it doesnt have eth port?
i fucking hate that acronym
wtf was loadlin
wasnt that something dos related

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im pretty sure xp does, i remember it coming up alot when i was ramming it into a 2gb partition on the eee
yeah i have no idea
my first operating system was win me
=( =( =(
most of the work i did on 9x involved moving files and wiping out for 2k installs
ty capn obvious
until like sp2, the only thing i liked better about xp was picture previewer
this is truly an excellent piece of integrated software
heh, ctrl-alt-delete prob doesnt pop up a simple status dialog in 9x, does it
yeah i maybe have it backwards
and i was calculating xp size by subtracting page file from total size

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my first computer was a celeron 700 and 256mb ram
i always found it amusing how i could stick a modern drive in a computer that the bios or windows had no idea what to do with
but lunix would address the whole thing like whatever
doitle: check for pagefile size?
i think it maybe subtracts it from total space

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chips for what
why do you need more than 10 or less than $250

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also the long cone tip i put in last week is already corroded and useless
its a number 8 and i wasnt careful about turning it off and leaving it tinned
but seriously, that shit never happens to any of my hakko tips, even when i leave that shit on for days at 900F
i think my eeepc is bigger than your laptop

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10:19 <@Rab> renesis, I am fascinated to hear any failure mode of the WTCPT.
10:19 <@Rab> Did you try replacing the tip?
rab: ive replaced the tip and the tube assembly, with the sprung contact, that the tips slide into
on several of the irons
but maybe not this one
i guess over time they oxidize or something inside
and the contact doesnt slide right
anyway this is primitive caveman shit with crap tips
maybe WCTCP was awesome in the 80s before 936
when it was like, wctcp vs unregulated 45W bullshit
but seriously, magnetized tips and sliding contacts is fail
compared to thermal feedback and adjustable regulation
rab: before i found the replacement parts, prob 75% our irons were like this

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