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that doesnt mean hes president

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i almost want to get visio now
just to see how bad it is
i should figure out how to use this powerpoint bullshit too
just in case someone puts a gun to my head at some point and goes DO THIS POWERPOINT THING
he is still president?
timecop sent something to japan to have sent to me
thats pretty intense

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timecop that could never happen
no, not rly
hmm shitty i forgot to take pic of led strobe for rab

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allo mr nico
so a person just has to pick up on one password and your whole world is fucked?
everything to steal conveniently located in one polace!
i dunno if someone can be browsing text files on your pc they can prob be catching your keystrokes or just watching your hands

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cutting diamarter = .120
which is way small for #10
also notice the grooves arent offset
like, its not a spiral groove with flutes for cutting
its like ribs
so like you go down into your holes, cut into the size, and helix up at thread pitch
id have to do the leadscrew nut maintenance and setup my backlash in the controller config
to really feel confident about it
but if i could be consistent with it, and i could get like 100 taps in Al out of it at least, id be happy

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theyre $60, i think?
greymoon: taig size, i think like 12x4
i got two
i think he does the taps with a thread mill
theyre tapped blind, not thru, but to the bottom of the hole, maybe 1/2"
yeah but i dont think this was done manually
the finish work looks like hes got some big machines
yeah it wouldnt be worth the money to him, its made in USA
i saw #4-40 ones at lakeshore carbide
like $50
im tempted
theyre for helical cutting threads

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it would be to you

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dx^: !
cat is lying on my matrix plates
no, cat > *

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