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time for fallout when i should go to sleep
guys my desk is a mess
and somewhere under it all there is an stk500 alternating these two shiftbrights purple and green
for like a month
who knows

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did everyone get married to everyone else yet?

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okay sugar dishes if ail
im pretty sure
youre only chance is machine pressed powdered sugar
like so
wth the powder bags
like they didnt even bother making the candy
'here, this is raw materials. go'
i could ban you for even caring enough to ban someone over naruto
isnt this just like, new dragonball

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no but i wish i had got those
maybe i will get more pillows
free shipping practically, i have to get something
shes cute kinda
i want those pillows
Contour pillows offer Serta brand-name quality
hahaha, riiiiiggghhh
tekrad: btw these are serta rebranded sleep innovations mattresses
sleep innovations files bankruptcy last winter
3d laser sculpted candy
tekrad: fire laser at thin layer of syrup consistency stuff, opaque
then raise a level
i bet it would work heh

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HR lady makes my punch clock now
haha i totally forget like 1/4 the time
yes they didnt want to hire me on salary, the florida peoples
because im not a bsee
which is funny, for reasons, but anyway
so they pay me by the hour
for more than they were going to pay me in salary
and i get overtime now
like, they cant even do the math right to screw over their employees

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dunno cant find it
i got two for like $20 or $25 i think
yeah i got that mail too
mine was just foam
no covers
hey what chipsets arent shit right now
i wish i had a key for work
there is a subwoofer running i want to see if it asploded

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hmm get that
dude serious
like, you gotta find one you want
i wonder if it sags more tho
because of the seperate thin layers, like if they bow
looks neat!
but yeah mine is pretty good
if the posturepedics are stiffer i prob wouldnt like them as much
theyre not great
theyre not bad tho

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i guess just white
i want clear
clear is the new black
actually clear on black is pretty neat
fuck you
you think?
i really like white on black
it would be neat to do a pair of boards like, inverted
one white on black, one black on white
green is prob 5000% more available
sec i check...
magenta i think
it doesnt say what processor
thats like a foam sample pack?
cut to size?

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i hardly ever even slept on my old bed
i slept on the couch like half the time because it was just as comfortable
and usually not covered in stuff
fuck yourself up in themorning
itll happen eventually
hey whats white soldermask?
is it clear or white?

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The 2-inch premium layer of 3-pound memory foam disperses your weight evenly
6-inch base layer of 2-pound foam provides the perfect support foundation
im guessing sq ft
dude its $350
no way its the best
no its pretty firm
i dont like sink into it or anything
i kinda wish i did more
they have them sec
yeah i got two cheap pillows
so mine is squishier than that

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you are eating someones ice cream
yo we dont have that
we have a fridge with a freezer that someone blew a sobe up in
and he didnt clean it up very well
and now there is teeny tiny bits of glass in it
hey fu we used to be a real company
hey they are getting rid of a marketing douchebag!
not at all
in fact
i left the air off on a hot day
and i fell into it
and it was like way more awesome than normal
and its not like its super squishy

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but serious that shit is old, its been on normal cable for like 15 years
like, they show shit like seven and usual suspects and pulp fiction on those channels
they made two or three sequels
and it was on cable a ton
so it seems newer
this was basically post-belushi original SNL case
you need a news server with like 20 year retentions
no theyre all funny
if you like the first youll like them all
theyre not great
does it have the mole?
i dont remember if he was in all of them or what
not since the other time i mentioned
i saw him join and say my nick in scrollback
yeah i dunno
there is a recent gcam update
Latest Version: 2009.05.31 - Next Planned Release on or around Aug 2nd, 2009 (UPDATED)
i guess he is late

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i have a ged!
yes only one of those
caddyshack is not your classic
you prob werent born when it came out

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rab: yes
rab: is the adjustable one shot + current sink led driver
heh @ I can haz GED!

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kevtris: yeah, exactly
or it snaps them parallel or concentric or perpendicular, etc
i think theres a way to use variables too
so you can like change a bunch of stuff based on one dimension
also, you can type maths into the text boxes
and it does the math, it doesnt freak out
i really like the sw UI
kevtris: also assemblys are neat
like, you connect part your design with relations
so you can say, i want these two faces to be on the same plane
and they will snap into position
and you can still move them around, but those faces will always be parallel

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i spent like 30min trying to connect two lines without errors for that
i have no idea why it decided there where no errors when it did
because i was doing relations based of of caliper measurements
oh huh
ok i have to figure that out
yeah thats kinda what i wanted to do
well that kinda is what i do
but i end up deleting like 2/3 of the relations
kevtris: no its really easy try it
its not like standard cad
the way you control dimensions is totally opposite
you draw first then add relationships and dimensions
you can still do it cad style tho
i do most 2d cad with like measured lines
like basically things are dimension by how i draw them
the dimension labels i add are all driven, as opposed to driving
*dimensioned by how

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know no really its cerwin-vega!
heheh, i work for a company with ! in the name
its supposed to be red
and yeah thats basically been a cv thing for as long as i can remember
the foam on some woofers oxidizes tho, turns pink
also cv red isnt really a standard red
like itll be same within a series of products, but from product to product, the red surround isnt the same shade
wtf @ thousands, heh
i guess maybe its like coding, you can kill tons of errors in a few steps?
ok so one error ends up being like 10k
killing those errors is fun
that shit happens with me and solidworks
bhecause i do some complex 2d sketch with no plan
so at the end i get mad conflicts
from the relations
the heatsink model i did

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they sent me home at 2:30 and i emailed them at like 5:30 like, YOUR SHITS IS DONE ARE YOU THERE?
but the speaker guys already went home
yeah theyre going to give me $50 a board
i could have asked for more but money is tight for them right now
i did 3 boards
i was off clock, tho, but i got paid like 3x what id normally get paid
and i got to kick it at home and recreate and whatnot between file editing while it machined
it was my own PCB designs too
heheh, thats kinda neat some of CV's home shit will have ren pcbs inside

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no cover to protect the optics
theyre snap on
theyre like $7 or $9, i think
depending on bin
its competitive
cheap actually
for the light output
ledsupply.com, they dont take weeks like dealextreme
these cree are either best lumen per watt, or theyre close
oh for another application
but not like lab gear style
this thing is basically built to be dropped and kicked and shit
consumer thing would be installed in a box most likely
theyd prob give me a few hundred $ for it
theyre already all excited they can get overnight PCB for me
we do crossovers so single sided is useful

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oh, one shot drives a darlington switching 3x cree XR-E thru a 1A current sink
so yeah, still need to machine the lexan cover plate and do a handle
oh, also: http://darkertechnologies.com/image/dcr_meter1.jpg
thru dcr_meter3.jpg
this is the doombox for testing speaker DCR while driving it with 4KW
it vented and the heatsink is like 5x what an overkill heartsink would be

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so i have the knob go to 4ms max pulse, for super bright sub 60Hz signal strobing
tekrad: yeh rab thought of same thing
i have to plug music into the bruel and kjaer to see if its method looks decent
monte from #cars sent me those optics
theyre like maybe 10 degrees
or 20deg i guess, if youre not counting from the center

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triggered slow motion strobe
the box on top replaces the original xenon strobe lamp
because bruel and kjaer want $1200 for the strobe tube
and were like what
and the controller will overdrive the xenon tubes we tried
the radioshack one that i dont mind using will heat up enough that the arc threshhold will drop below the 300V bias
so it just arcs orange, continuously until you turn the controller off and let it cool
this really freaks the acoustic guys out
the box is an adjustable one shot triggered from an auxilary output on the B&K controller
because like, they wanted this thing to go to 1KHz
so i have it go down to 100us pulses, no-blur slow motion with 1KHz signals
the controller actually takes the trigger freq, subtracts slow motion freq, then divides it down until its under 100Hz

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rab: hi

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