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urmom is organized.
ok im downloading harold and kumar
everyone says wtf why havent i seen this

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greymoon: hehe thats exactly why CNC exists

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like you learn what loading its cool with and you can feel when youre pushing to hard and back off
also youre using bigger tools probably
my max is 3/8 endmills
yeah then it stops cutting the metal and it starts just ripping at it
next cutter will come and save it as long as you dont stall it =\
yeah its easy to feel
i kinda miss manual machine tools
but yeah i dont mind being behind a plexi shield, either

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i wake up in the morning i have like oil based metallic paint
but its a big mess
i would have to rework the enclosure to do recovery
this is my bedroom tho =\
machine is above carpet
oh it wouldnt be enough without chip clearing
flood cooling clears chips too
yeah itd prob be useful
like .75" deep taking .010" deep cuts or whatever
this was twingies soda can stock
and yeah thats what i usually do on my taig
yeah when he was like smelting aluminum in his back yard
but yeah i go in small layer and feed fast
its easy on the machine and the tool runs cool
the IH isnt 80 lbs
and its not open loop step
manual mills you can do some pretty crazy shit because you get a feel for the machine

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its a heat issue
you kinda have to loiter for slots
unless theyre way long
yeah but thats kinda a heat issue too
recutting makes tons of friction
it gives you material to melt too
but when finish isnt much an issue
you can flood cool
and carbide will just tear up the chips
wears the tool, but i mean i gotta sleep
so dump a bunch of mineral oil in the pocket, fall asleep to stepper drone while cutter swims thru the metallic oil
i mean thats why ive run the machine like that
because i couldnt like stand there for 8 hours clearing chips and relubing
so i just make a pond of oil and eventually fell asleep

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i dont have a grinder
i should try and set something up
with the toolmakers vice and a grinding stone in the spindle
because they chip
and i think youd have to like grind them down a bit to get a decent edge on them
i think that maybe ruins them for center cutting tho

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i always use 4 flute
you can feed faster
im not trying to do aluminum slow
i dont do deep stuff
and you just dont loiter
and you use coolant

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TiCN has a lower temperature limit for service temperature.
so it prob wears out faster with meaningful loads
i fucking bought a 500gb fujitsu drve at the computer show
and i get home and find out the seagate is $5 more
tho i guess i predicted worse so i should be happy about it

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