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maybe for a TCS
i thought you guys were the same person
meh, work bye

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fucking alt tab isnt working in failout
tekrad: no i can switch out it wont let me switch back
i think it might be a gpu thing, happens with a few games this setup
yeah its not that just one monitor
ha you could do all sorts of stupid shit with dual monitors

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haha fuck that
least the old hummer you were basically getting military tech

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mmm, i wouldnt mind me some wobbly fitness box
i kinda want new wobbly fitness box tho

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timecop: i laughed when i saw that
timecop: apperently alot is faked
im about to go get foods
timecop: i dunno enough is real that its pretty awesome
i got a fujitsu 500gb drive
usb powered external 2.5 thing
i saved like $15 vs the seagate, i prob wouldnt have gotten it if i had known =(

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fail is fail
eggsalad: fail is fail
eggsalad: urmom is urmom
ha, nice
bonus mars bar
eggsalad: eggsalad is eggsalad
ccfl_man: eggsalad is eggsalad

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datasheet errors piss me off
we need to make datasheet editor robots
with cattle prods
semicorps will buy this, i think

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you like it
hey how is your back and shoulder and stuff

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yes is neat
sometimes people be bitchin tho
like they are pussies or vampires or something

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that would prob be ok

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dunno sounds sane if you didnt destroy proportions

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haha what did you do!
dude there is this place to eat with bakery theme by work
i guess its a bakery but we go there like 100 times now we maybe seen one person actually just buy bread and leave
anyway they have black bean soup
i get in sourdough bread bowl
it tasted like chili
it has like, chilis and lemons and paprika and garlic in it
we used to eat there on like mon/wed/thu because then were werent eating there everyday
but still 3 times!
but yeah black bean soup day is tue/thu
er i mean mon/wed/fri before
so yeah we have like, a dilema

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`nico: dx^: hi
so rab has made me all paranoid
and i think i might do a prototype pcb before asking china for like 200
BOMs are boring

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