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but yeah i know of people having no clue who get hired to do cnc tech stuff
so any training/experience helps
so what
thats prob how a lot of shop managers are
yeah making money is annoying usually
yes but shops usually do, or they die
yeah but where do you think shop dicks come from
hahaha what
All CSU listed fees should be regarded as estimates that are subject to change upon approval by The Board of Trustees.
terminator fucking everything up

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hmm fuck i guess i am maybe paying off student loans this semester
hey i should take CNC project class
for credit, i didn't need it for the as degree
im done, AS electronics, AS cnc programming, AA lib arts gen ed stuff
so i want to do bsee but like, time/money/job/etc
why would you need to cheat
can you read a gcode file with half a clue?
youre dumb theres a decent amount of cnc tech/programmer jobs

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fuck you its early

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i have a toshiba usbhdd, i think i formatted it ntfs

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greymoon: yeah i have usb hard drives i use them with bunch of systems besides mine
oh nm this drive came with fat32 i guess

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rab: haha @ kiloamps

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