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like, i knew it was going to break so it was already planned for BUT MFKR GLUED IT ALL TOGETHER
this is why we cant have anything nice

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just look like it because it doesnt have a ring and im not even sure what im looking at
there wasnt white before
its connect the dots for wannabe grownups
sounds like winning to me
hey so did i tell you guys some guy already broke the led strobe?
theyve only had it for two weeks
so thats why i buy extra leds, right
but he decided he could fix it, so he like, loctite ultra glued them together
and they kinda work, the lenses he broke off the leds arent totally aligned and it looks like the loctite fumes fogged up the optics
so now we have to break the optics off to get to the screws to remove the leds
theyre snap on
the optics are $3 each but theyre like forever lead time from hong kong
so hopefully it lasts 3 or 4 weeks or whatever for shit to get here so i can replace the leds

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see if there is a layer where they all link up
or where there is a snaky trace or octopus trace connected to them
my guess is its star grounded at a huge ground plane
its maybe a setting or layer enable for drill symbol layers or dimension outline layer?
anyway that shit is most likely pretty ninja
i doubt they would do thru the trouble on that layer to not link those up sanely
haha thats silly
whats the drill on that?
eck0|wrk: try staring at that shit for like 10 hour stints, heh
figure out how they are connected
hurry i gotta go to work
i dont think its smaller

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how many controllers have you touched?
alright then
yeah barely
im laughing when common windows bullshit fucks up a CNC
whatever im taking advantage of it to bitch
loser troll backs off
hey so thats an inverted plot?
yeah thats just got isolated grounds
they prob all link up on another layer
well, i thought qat first it wasnt
but look by the thermal on the right
the red is the isolation
also about 1/5 from the right, there is that fat power trace coming in from the bottom
the dots are isolation for thru vias
i think i see several smaller dots
most likely drils
so try and find a layer where all those drills (vias) arent isolated
@ 4 px of isolation

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theyre pretty much the same level of boring and eccentric
i think
yeah it has some major graphical artifact shit going on
whatever you sucked at linux
mine had hundreds
fonts was some bullshit, tho
well then i dunno
why would you use abiword when you can use excel or oo
whatever ttf works, i dont care if theyre stolen
in fact since theyre good, i prefer that theyre stolen
you prob use linux more than me
popcorn hour
youre seriously going to tell me that tv and media isnt serious, timecop
anyway youre supposed to say YOU HAVE A LINUX CNC SO U
against which i have absolutely no defence
windows controllers are the lamest

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the gerbers arent in the odf wtf
to much work
timecop: convert to png and upload?
*peedee eff
sure i do
but like, i have to download, and load app, and clicky export shit
bunch of times for each layer
i thought i was gonna clicky on the cypress link and itd be there
also im doing important shit
like putting on my socks
haha he did it
no typo
that prob is some openoffice format shit tho
so i did an invoice at work in default font
and opened it at home
in openoffice and its like, some gothic script font
im like WAT
so i open it up in excel
naw its ok for most shit
i use it for school shit just to prove i dont gotta buy steal office shit to do school
i open in excel, that shit is normal calibri font
naw does everything fine, and ive used its version of excel alot
little things about the interface i cant remember are neat
in any case
office apps are always lame

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some people just suck at pcb

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nuh uh

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unit41: no

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theyre not accepting applications for spring 2010 because of california budget crisis
none of them, except bakersfield
some look like they may have very specific exceptions, but not csun or calpoly pomona
oh i didnt get what you meant before
csumentor is the online system for csu colleges

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now they got alerts on their front page
Most CSU campuses and programs will not be accepting applications for admission to the Spring 2010 term. Any exceptions to this policy would be noted on the campus filing status listing.
fucking terminator
a few years ago the right were talking about ammending the constitution so the fucking terminator could have a chance at president
`nico: so it looks like i take a day off and storm calpoly pomona and beg engineering to let me apply
unless i want to go to csu bakersfield

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CSU mentor isnt accepting applications for spring
i haveto go to my CC and ask if i can skip pre-calc and just take calc
csu northridge (i could walk, this is my backyard all my life)
or calpoly pomona (want)
i can maybe move someplace between here and pomona
and then itd be like ~20mi to work, ~20mi to school
anyway, i deal with this money vs performance tradeoff on the daily
but whatever its freeways and life is life
you just have to know when not to be on them
and how to get around them
freeways at 3am = amazing
100mi like whatever

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yeah but what if you care about $ more than performance
like, personally id get the IC and be done with it because minimalism is conceptually sexy
but yeah youre like, why
like, wtf why, for money
well, not you, timecop
no fuck no
timecop should be as integrated as fucking possible
if i see him doing shit with one humongoid chip and connectors, id be pretty satisfied
less work for us =D
see look hes almost at that point
`nico: stuff is okay
im fucking up i need to contact the schools and be like WHAT NOW GUYS

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an ldo is like, fet, diff amp for feedback, some passives, over current can be done with the other side of the dual amp, some passive glue
the dualopamp is prob the most expensive parts and in qty its prob like .25
discrete can be kinda ghetto but it works the same and you calculate the quantity cost or chinacost and makes $1 look ridiculous

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heh they have some pretty random chips
cost and availability
you know inside those IC, there are actualy discrete parts
like, besides the smoke

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`nico: hi
timecop: also
also hi
hey you get your pick and place for me?
i can have you do my assembly, and make my own damn stencil
whats eta?
o, kk
fucking awesome
so you little oven works pretty good?

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kevtris: haha neat

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