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u hi

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greymoon: everyone is like that

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greymoon: if you say class0g performance youd be like fuck why dont they use this on everything so it gets really good

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i guess i am opposed to the vol knob adjustable psu because like, input sensitivity and volume knob can be unrelated if youre driving with a preamp with gain control
like, you could have the knob low but drive it high anyway
and like, if the rails are there, it sucks not to use them
maybe something that tracked the full scale output of the media, like it knows dac output and gain levels
and then automatically adjust voltage rails for the max scale of your media
well that would be fucking magical
but i guess class-g beats that too =\
heh, boost rail
now i want to scope my speakers and open my amp see how much of it im using

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but efficiency at low levels doesnt matter so much
its when your pushing peak capabilities
and cranking it would still be like 1/8 power, most music
or youre clipping
naw but it would be sad
you would clip constantly
like, to listen to music like 10W average power, you want like a 100-200W amp
or youre prob going to clip at some point
also its really dependent on music
like, we did a bunch of random songs
anyway, primus made the rest of the music look lame, in terms of average power
we were monitoring temps and averaging mic input to get an idea
then we put the drum n bass in
and that shit made the rock music look sprarse, in terms of average power

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pro audio
like installs for clubs, concert halls, theaters, djs, sports centers, etc
no thats mobile audio
thats kinda weird
because volume knob vs input isnt fixed
usually you have some sort of preamp gain stage
i dont remember
its weierd because they burn as much power at like 1/8 power as like half power
i dont remember the exact numbers but its basically same power dissipation for a large range of output
naw its not so bad below 1/8 power
because then the current is low even the voltage drop is high
and its not smps
youre talking efficiency?
in a real system its ridiculous
because you have alot of idle current
and your load is almost drawing nothing

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and yeah, most everyone is doing it, smps into class-d lows and AB chipamp highs, shit getting lighter is the big deal in pro audio right now
alot of rack amps are doing smps into AB output with class-G/H efficiency tricks
its neat its like a power supply amp for your amp
they put a follower on the follower so you can drive while you drive
its actually pretty neat
like you scope the voltage rail and the amp output
and when the amp output gets to the rail, the rail like followers the output
other hacker made it happen in LTspice then we ripped open one of our big class-g amps and saw it happen like irl
this isnt hifi
this is pro
higher efficiency
so less power supply neccessary for same peak capabilities
and most really good system will make your media sound crappy anyway =(

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anyway, class-d and smps are known for going nuts and destroying themselves during development, if you like the amp dont fuck with it
it kinda is now, you can get turnkey shit from semicorps
haha, tho [censored] sent us a dev board was supposed to be turnkey, i had to rework the motherboard to handle the new daughterboard fets
and i had to rework their crackhead rework instruction
haha and it ended up cooking the output coil inductor with idle switch current
like, it worked tho, heh

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danielson: ok get it?
you know youre gonna have to help me learn all that fancy math shit, right
then dont fuck with it
you wont do better
they probably failed several spins before getting it right
oh but hey i since its audio maybe transmission times are only the stuff RF is made of (as opposed to microwaves)
no idea ive never spent money on a car amp
yeah if i can hear them or test them i dunno what that means either

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and in most cases you will begin to oscillate, depends on the signal but repetitive signal, you oscillate
like external
it might fuck with the fet turn on/off times
tekrad: yeah but what matters is the ratio of latency to period
yeah i already corrected myself like 10 lines ago
really what
mxman: it prob isnt a good idea, i wouldnt do it, but it can be done
transision times are aproaching microwave stuff, so like pipping in the gate drive signal would become a transmission line mess
you could also like move the drivers off with the fets, prob have better luck driving the fets then it becomes about keeping signal to your drivers clean
anyway, if i even did this it would be fucking around to see if the failthing could actually fail to fail

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learn how to do the non ideal math
actually i have to read about it again
but it makes the error at high gain and the weird shit towards unity bandwidth make sense
dude i dont even know wtf youre talking about
same deal
i dunno wtf youre talking about with all this math
it takes time for signal to propegate thru the opamps stages
this time shifts phase in the feedback loop relative to frequency
obviously as freq increases, the latency becomes more significant
until your negative feedback is positive
not vs frequency
well, it is but the ratio isnt
haha ok
if the latency is half your cycle period, you have 180 phase shift
and your negative feedback is positive

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and then you process the few hundred ball pixels?
zoom what
like i said, few hundred px
tho i guess that ends up being like 1/10000 or something
math sucks
yeah but youre not decoding the image off the golf ball
guys thats not even the hard part

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macegr: wat
my friend got a job with kids on the weekend
haha she says they dont see her like as an adult
and then
naw you point it down
for the mirror on your shoe

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