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timecop: pomona mdp
those are the good ones
for standard .75" pitch banana stuff
like your fucking DMM
and theyre like 30A rated or something ridiculous
for when you feel like doing something real
i dunno why some are like $2.67 and other are more than $4
man you cant read can you
07:45 <@renesis> for standard .75" pitch banana stuff
illegal in europe because the dorks use the same spacing on their mains connectors

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so can my sisters
sometimes she is a fatty
they need to splice that into every girl
and somehow make it sticky for life

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but financing fell through and their stocks were halted, heh
dunno, he kinda has right to be
swede cops bust their servers, based on laws they dont have there
under US pressure
and there was like protesters flying jolly rogers at their capital or wherever
and they still kept that shit going
for what years?
yeah but it was inevitable
they will always be pretty epic for surviving the first raid
and for the emails

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use the firefox
chrome is somewhat crashy and with the ghost processes
that sucks, you got problems
bad ram or bad driver
i guess that counts as driver
all i see is 0 seeds 0 leeches
i know
heh some company wanmted to buy it and turn it into a for pay copyright backed ratio site

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wtf how long have you been here
youre such an asshole dx^
haha ok not rly, ty

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im not seeing it
it just has abs max voltage for the pins
.5V headroom, so silicone diode
haha maybe they dont spec it because if you use the diodes you exceeded abs max ratings
which is funney because they use the diodes actively in a zero cross detector circuit
in an app note
just use external schottkys
are you making 1000 or what?

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high performance freezer controllers

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prob depends on trace impedance and output impedance of the driver?
im looking at mega325/3250/645/6450
its 20-100k
maybe because theyre crowded on the die, shrug
wtf kind of bus
is this like 40MHz shit or 400MHz shit or what
no danielson

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20K to 100K
no nominal value
ttmustang: prob not if you tie the resets
i would prob add them
if the $.002 is a bom fuck you can leave them off the board
danielson: relays ftw!
ok good luck without coils and resistors and maybe even caps
those shits are old yo
cuz really 20-100K is kinda wtf

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and im not sure what you mean
2nd part
its prob horrible grounding
10k is fine
anything you have between like 2K and 47K will work
under 2K youre being a dick to the AVR
this is for HiZ states
like such as the reset condition
and yes it does i think theyre like 20K nominal or something

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he never redrew that eth shit
fuck that
thats perfect for stuamp
fuck i was paying attention
shouldnt hurt

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if they have chip enables and you use them it should be fine
use pulldowns on them so if you program with ISP and the chip io is hiZ, your eth and sd stuff doesnt go nuts
would suck to overwrite the SD while trying to
program the chip

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wtf foxit crashed

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okay not so cheap
i guess not horrible tho

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yeah but that template for joke is called the yo dawg!
hey so i might bust out a class-d board, me and other hacker at work think these ir dev things at work are pretty neat
and they gotta be cheap else we wouldnt be evaluating them

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what do you mean by boot
you can use a bootloader to check an SD for new program code and then overwrite the program code thats there with it
i dont think you can use flash as program rom
then you have to boot from the avr, and use flash write opcodes to program the flash
i would make some sort of check to make sure the code youre trying to write is new code
that was you dont burn up your flash
blackmoon: neat
yeah chuck is huge
you did it wrong because you have to go like, 'yo dawg, i heard...'

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