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$687 at online metals
and i think they cut it for free
cheaper than $1029
the local metal place by work doesnt even carry 6061
no 2' x 2' x 2"
its $300 at mcmaster
but you have to buy it rubber backed =\
else its like $700
no idea

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why are you asking us
haha with the goofy clicker
well, like a cheap import kind of pimp
i prob have it too heh
oh yours is an spi?
check it out my spi calipers are pieces of shit
but they still work
and i clamp on a .250 pin and it says .250
and drills are dead on
cmon its me
wtf are you talking about buttons

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tho honestly im amazed open loop step is as reliable as it is for my setup
in its envelope, they work really well
servos have feedback
and dont use so much idle current
yeah its not just a motor
fuck digital
they are so messy with the flux

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you cant without feedback
even with feedback, if its stalled and youre already at max coil current (pretty typical for step motors), you cant do anything
you just know its fucked up, so you can stop the machine
and they dont just slip, theyll bounce forward, lock up totally, do weird oscilations
if its overloaded or having resonance issues

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and leave that one off

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i think its basalt
neat we have tons
granite and sandstone
thats pretty groundbreaking
if you are inside a microwave thats turned off
and its inside a microwave turned on
are you cool?
im pretty sure
like, the shielding should work both ways
so its okay if you put a cat in a microwave
as long as you put it into another microwave first

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most those fluids have this sweet smell
its like, awesome and disgusting at the same time
like, burning synthetic fats or something
zeeshan: its faced with a flycutter
or a fat endmill hauling ass
yeah, chipped
actually i have no idea how big that is
but that shit its lying on
im pretty sure thats the plastic stuff with metal shavings in it
that shit is $$$, they used it for some stuff at the CNC woodshop job
rab: it looks translucent to me
nuh uh

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rab: how much is it?
blackmoon: i already pasted that
thats actually a pretty neat indicator when manual machining
you get that single fine wisp of smoke from your cutting tips, you know youre doing ok
hehe when the smoke trails off your chips

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yeah im sure they do pockets in 1" acrylic with lasers
For cooling acrylic, plain water is even better, however our desktop machine cannot handle liquid coolants.
im not running a compressor in my bedroom during machine cycles
also i need to rework the whole enclosure to do fluid recover to do a flood system
the smart thing would be to pay $$$ for non corroding water based coolant
and alot of machining fluids prob arent gear for plastic

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i use dishwater to machine acrylic
so afterwards im always going nuts cleaning the machine and relubing stuff
you need cooling more
oil doesnt cool as well
load the fuck outta the machine
omfg the metalic mud getting into the ways and scews
like a fish tank on your machine table
i think maybe the oil just doesnt cool fast enough
the soapy water works awesome, tool barely get warm when im flying thru stuff
hmm need foods
reduces friction

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so now like the speaker is all twice as big as a typical 4" speaker
so itd be almost as big and sound shitty because 4" instead of 6"
the ones it came with
just rubber sheet aprons
work pretty ok
do you have chip brushes?
get a package of them from home depot paint center
or whatever
no like manual ones
like cheapo painters brush
cant really use air because youll end up pushing chips under the machine ways
also youll prob spray it down with water in the air supply at some point
nothing like rubbing water into ground steel =\

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yeah because i dont think i can make that many
maybe little 4" systems
but i have to put like a battery and smps/amp/preamp and controller
so it cant be like super small
yeah but if the speaker is too small itll make a big diff with the enclosure
like if i use 6" drivers, the box could be pretty normal sized
but smaller and the hardware starts to get bigger compared to the volume i need for the speaker

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itd be like a speaker, with steppers for tank treads, and a mic
and like they drive around playing music
trying to find other socialrobotspeakertank things, they would move around and listen
and i guess eq out the shit they are playing
oh and then they find each other and take turns playing music at each other
then i guess they decide who wins based on some creative set of parameters
then like winner plays its music in data format to the loser
and they both drive off playing the same music
this is obviously the best idea ive ever had
hey where did dx^ go anyway

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and it sucked, but instructor said anything modern would be simpler, easy compared to it
and it was i had an avr setup in like a week
yeah basically
as long as its fine with the oil and chems
heh, ghetto
it wont last!
hey i should get one of those psoc things
heh they sound good for socialrobotspeakertank project
haha im pretty sure that one doesnt end in profit

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haha @ 10 years ago
anyway PIC docs suck
its like, mad effort to learn about an architecture i dont really like as much
and i get no gain
like, zero
we can do the pic vs avr argument to infiniti, theyre competitive, basically the same
for the sam7 we had to do that for some init stuff
like if i did a set of pic projects its just be to know how because theyre around
but i mean it seams like lateral progress than actually learning a new skill
like, i learned at opcode level on an 8085 set up like an 8051, after taking a semester of discrete digital stuff

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dx^: joystick is neat
my rev had those big tactile buttons
hey i need to do a C on avr project and then go thru hell of arm7 dev environment setup
fuck that
avr is my bitch in asm

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oh found pics, neat
haha, awesome rework
that shit prob would have been so much easier to route without the homebrew design limits
from 1.JPG
like, i couldnt do vias under the chips, i had to hit connectors from the bottom
like without thru hole plating is bullshit
*life without

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wtf at they this isnt my project =\
because i did the pcb doesnt mean i did anything else
i AM NOT responsible for the schematic
at all
fuck that faildoc
stupid stubnets =(
like i routed about 90% of that thing before i totally realized what was going on

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its not my design
my pcb
design and fab
jezus fuck getting consistent .008 space/trace
and doing pcb for double sided threaded via milled pcb is basically working without DRC
yes but i think he had it fabbed
like reworked the vias and some routing and had a pcb made
but im not sure
get better

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dx^: where di you get solar panels?
omg are you robbing hippies

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dx^: NO?!?!

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what are you cutting?
a tool or something?

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blackmoon: its just circle pockets!
and thats not as crazy as the captive object shit
where theres like a part inside of a part, like basically impossible to assemble stuff
like, you have to figure out some what of holding the shit while you cut the things apart
yeah its just because its circles with square endmills
so you get those right angle box features
i should buy a flycutter
lowest my spindle goes is 1000rpm tho =\
haha, whenever is cool
oh you havent machines with carbide yet?

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rab: i think the rule is everything .75" spaced need to ship with some sort of jack cover
ive seen it on binding posts, TRS jacks, RCA jacks
thats why alot of banana stuff isnt .75" spaced anymore =(

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