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hey the way the end fingers can pivot to be like adjacent fingers or opposable thumbs is pretty smart
haha, yes!

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haha how do you not know you have wifi?
maybe its generic firmware, shrug

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i has 4 but xp is like 3.stuff

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me eee has 4gn
oh they make rams too i guess
i thought you meant an ssd im like wtf do you do with 2gb ssd
hopefully you mean ram

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not as badass as harold
fucker is biting alot lately =\
do them sideways!

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19:03 <@danielson> Personally, I'm tired of hearing about them, it's a porn msg board
b is random, so duh its people posting so theres going to be a good deal of pron
and the other categories are actually kinda on topic sometimes be like whole threads no pr0n
like, s is cars, they will actually post images of cars
and i thought you mean they saved another cat
that thing with that kid punching his cat was prob like 6mo ago or more
dont be fuckin up and gettin caught be anonymous
you dont be posting yourself commiting horrible acts to a cat on the interweb and not expect assassination
cats ascend past god on the net
lots of people talk shit about god on the net
hella ill be like fuck god fuck god fuck god all day
irl too but not always out loud
and im not exceptional in this respect
but cats, maybe like 3 people on the internet dont like cats

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i figured they did that multiple times every caturday

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you didnt read in fuckjapan.jpg?
he obviously moved to score earlier viewing of new dragonball z eps
old! i like that one tho

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18:38 <@timecop> http://pbx.mine.nu/artwork/fuckjapan.jpg
sry, lag into double middle click fail
not me, tc
context says yes
but i dont know for sure
old, 404
i hope you didnt reload
so you can save image and upload so we know wtf youre talking about
the 4ch link is fuckjp.jpg?
or was
so timecop is either posting to or wasting time on the 4ch, falling down from his better than 4ch pedastool
or what

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`nico: prob to escape the cold monotonous hell that is alaska?
i like how did did 'hate' like a 10% bigger font but didnt caps it
note the last 5 lines arent prose; its free verse poetry
18:38 <@timecop> http://pbx.mine.nu/artwork/fuckjapan.jpg

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