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i want to redo my cnc pc its too big
maybe ill get an SSD for it
i wonder if that will help latency
realtime system latency not like, disc read latency
how big for what money are they now?
shit i bet its kinda getting reasonable...
no shit?
hey so by now there should be like people with ssd rma bloggin it up on the interwebs, no?
are they fucking up or something?
hahaha @ ocz
thats like buying your car from nerf
i has pics
i dont know how to aproach hes not that bad a guy
like hes done carpentry work for us cheap
kinda at cost
and like i went to buy the shit with him so like it was really at cost

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4gb for like $22
you always pay 3x for the ultrabest stuff
we paid $22
it was ddr2 800 tho
i asked for the faster stuff but the chinese girl was like OH SRY WE DONT CARRY NOBODY WANT!
its called i dont wanna reinstall
and yeah for a couple years now
haha win7 on old pcs
k thank god i got the 64b one

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blackmoon: are you keeping it or what
else gtfo his nick so i can sit on it

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i think that was aenima
i should try windows 7
so its totally stable and apps work?
ubuntu is pretty good shit
have you used any cad type software?
eagle 5 or 4
youve used it, its fine?
i avoided vista aside from a few computers i repaired
dude that shit was so annoying
i have 4gb and vid card might be 1gb

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rab: heh you power that like an old sewing machine?
heh =\
i used to play games in linux
doom3 and q3 both ran better in native lunix
windows cant push my cnc machine right
cupsd ftw
ubuntu is setup really nice
dunno that complete garbage worked with my printers fine
doubt it
rab isnt a retarded hipster
you did it to yourself

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wtf @ 100MB/s
thats not buffer reads?
wtf @ buying moms raptors
anyway brb

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blackmoon: k ready
mrtube: hihi!
are you going to keep it
is inittab even here or is that automatic

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jury summons ohshi

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no i dont think so but i dunno

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so hey maybe next week i get to machine active speaker backplates on the school haas
minimill w/ toolchanger ftmfw
also i have to talk head of math people to let me into calc
wtf is precalc fuck that
he will prob be cool with it because when i asked to skip into trig hes like WTF TRIG, YOU WUSS TAKE CALC!
man i so bit my inner lip so hard
there is like, two holes like i surface pierced it

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`nico: theyre grounded collector class-h
heh, center tap of the power transformer is ground THRU the speaker
and the tops of the secondaries are couples to the speaker with caps
there was a few days i was staring at QSC schematics like WTF IS GOIN ON ?!?!!?

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old marketting guy just called the racks amps class-a on a vid at guitar center

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fuck tv that shit is expensive

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i should buy another 22 series DSO
dude that is the sexiest fucking display
fuck that TDS/DPO png shit

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digital vap and syk500 synth thing i guess
most everything else was quick/dirty
the ADSR synth is pretty neat
heh @ flowchart

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dunno sounds like typical #projects halfproject
heh neat

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danielson: hi wat

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unless spaceballs falls outside the set of real numbers

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i always fuckup at reversing the inequality when dividing or whatever it is
i think so
spaceballs > star wars && nothing > star wars
you cant take nothing literaly tho
naw im pretty sure the inequalities would before the &&
cuz it does boolean last, no?
ha if i was coding there would be two sets of () so i wouldnt even have to worry
but yeah if you take nothing literally
it means [int,inf] <= star wars
so spaceballs > star wars doesnt work

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macegr: watched half, hit the x
star trek is for lames
star wars > star trek
and star wars is primarily about incest
so that says how bad star trek is
spaceballs > star wars
of course it doesnt
it can be > < or =
just both have to be > star wars and star trek
i hate fucking inequalities

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