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wow now im less and 4 instead of 3

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i dunno what if you just want to splide two wires together to lengthen it
because that thing can prob do like whatever the wire can do
screw terminals your current is going to be going thru the terminal mounting plate
like between the screw/crimp locations
where the bolt thing is just like, pressing the wires together, most the current should be going thru the wires and even if the contact sucks between the wires and it goes thru the bolt, thats alot of fucking copper
heh, we have some huge screw terminals in our old bins i wonder how thick the plates are
mxman: HAI

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i figure itd be more like cable hardware than electrician stuff
like, something that clamps onto both wires

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wirenuts ftw
haha what
thats prob a goofy big wirenut
itd be like 12" tall

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`nico: k like the reason i wanted to do audio electronics and speakers...
audiotistic 2000, they had a setup was prob like 20 vega folded horns with like 215 tops
basically in a closed aircraft hangar, maybe 3k people in the room who knows
no they did it every year but attendance was like 100K that year
but yeah, i hung with old man hippy sound guy at the racks
and he tweaks a gain on a speaker manager and i watched the whole crowd get pused back a few inches simultaneously
and then surge forward excited
so i decided it would be neat to create these things and have these powers
but they maybe put us in the dome
big ass geodesic dome, prob like 1/10 the volume of the hangars tho, i dont remember enjoying the sound in there

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yeah no ones prob leaving til past 11
vip is pretty lame. if im gonna get caught, itll be for sneaking in stoner supplies or getting in free
actually its more like 9p
because they dont go all night anymore
Saturday, September 26, 2009 - 5:00pm to 4:00am
it used to be until 6am
which basically just meant until the next day because well be cleaning all day anyway
its a massive
this venue is the shit
aicraft style hangars
get some massive bass
like 5 buildings like this
but yeah, the locals got pissed
so they cut back to 2am
kinda like a normal festival
so 4am should be interesting
fuck the club i hate those bigass bars
its all about little venues with a decent sound system
and the massive

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naw i never been to their mypaces
thats all drum n bass producers/djs
same old dorks, should be decent enough i dont have to wander from the jungle area
i can trip on all the younger junglist
and tell everyone in 5 years everyone will be listening to drum n bass
(i used to tell people this 10 years ago!)
pink button down?
and wtf is boat shoes
hahaha wtf
$60 for gen admission and $100 for vip (no wait entrance and who knows free beer but probably not)
fuck inflation and mainstream acceptance
dude its the orange show
i could just rush the 10ft iron fence
but drama is drama!
and i would like to be at the show not like, working on my 3rd attempt to get in
those sherrif already given me a ticket for jwalking at that venue

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why are you trying to boff dudes when there is an excesss of girls
i mean, not that there is anything wrong with that...
go to the boat rental shop and ask the manager who the owner of the business is
hey should i go to nocturnal
gegeg question mark and dino are MC
question mark is the only mic operator i can stand!

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i should have brought my tripod
and the eee with the samsung manual
i could have had some cool shots of this bunny on the sidewalk where i parked
but i couldnt figure out how to get it to stop compensating for light levels
it kinda sucks at figuring that out in the dark
ha wat
so how many did you boff

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01:05 <@Rab> renesis, what's going on in those pics?
fires on the mountains on the valleys edge

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what that mean
crappy wide shot

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cleaning sucks

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prob doesnt stay that way forever

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alot of our worth is tied up in that shit
mufucker what you mean
do you know how much it costs to put that guy standing there is a nice suit?
in a ferrari? have him eat out at high end $100 resteraunts every night?
theres like thousands of these people hollywood and music industry has to pay for
mostly people are not sure what these people do
they talk to each other on the phone alot and make movies cost $100M dollars and albums cost $5M to make
people time is dollars

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sure it is
its just justified by current human political concepts
but you killed someone else on purpose
you planned that shit out
i mean
if the fucker was going to be killing you, well whatever
you still killed the mofo on purpose
it all makes sense when you consider it in context of our military and our intelligence agencies and our black projects
we are almost scarier poor and desperate than economically above average

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like, im all down with the death penalty too
i dont think our court system should be allowed to imliment it
bunch of fuckups
i think some cases the jury is involved in sentencing
yeah harsh shit, i dont think just the death penalty tho
and i dont think its necessarily binding
like i think maybe that part is just kinda to help the judge out
then they shouldnt be the jury
yeh rly
greymoon: how come canadia isnt like up in the UN like HEY US DID WAR CRIMES WE NEED TO LYNCH THOSE BUSHCHENY FUCKS

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its a big fine
its like $1500
to not report
dude fuck the court system
they are a bunch of fuckups
cant even do paperwork right
cant even keep track of their bills, receipts, criminals, cases
actually people who actually get jury duty, that ive known, usually get crazy robbery cases
involving like shootings and shit
rab: yeah in an ideal system it would be neat
10:37 <@Rab> For once in the history of the goddamn world /you/ get to judge right and wrong, not some judge, cop, politician, or other turkey.
thats how it goes down
every single day, all the fucking time
and when it gets to trial, hope is minimal because the police report or the court docs are likely fucked up

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not yeah so i have to register with the system and itll tell me to go to some courthouse
*not yet
yeah its something retarded like that
yes you can
lunch costs me between $5-10
$14/hr would only make me a little pissed off
still means one or two days of wasted my time
rab: im gone from work one or two days it just might not be there when i get back!
in favor of it?
im already part of it
no rab
not my job
the whole fucking company
greymoon: audio industry sucks right now!

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i remember that\
fucking radiator was huge
like the whole side of the case
im sure
fucking jury duty
i fucking hate the court system here
its like a douchebag making decisions based on the arguments of a couple other douchebags with some douchebag bouncers who have guns
yeah great at $14 a day

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loud fan accomplishes nothing then fails
yeah thats just not smart
were going to mount the fan onto a plate on top of a 100C chip
with the fins on the side
like like, if your thermal transfer setup is actually effective, the fan hub is basically at chip temp

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yeah i havent gone anywhere yet
so i just gotta make it like couple miles
or i guess i could ride my bike
inittab: just the tail is smashed a bit
like, his bumper and my body are fine except for the paint
dude its a camro
itll be fast but itll be creaky
and it wont be very fun to turn
yeah i always thought they were kinda noisy, the frames
the 80s camaros and vettes
fine, the unibody not the frame
yeah the whole thing is squeeky in ones ive been in
40mm and 60mm fans should be illegal

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haha at the reservoir
everyone should wear those hats again
yeah but i screwed it up the second time i might have screwed it up the first time
like i dunno, maybe i suck at enter or maybe small lag
yeah those looking back, i prob should have made inittab keep it
i cant believe this is like 3min later and we are still having arguments
guys my volvo is still exploded all over the parking lot
there are fragments of it left at work
yeah im exagerating
its just the red part and the corner too
like the paint is rubbed with some dark metallic green
but whatever i dont care
i dont even wash the car other than wiper fluid squirts

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you guys are getting your douche all over the place
no thats been his nick for like 100 years
hes was prob trying to help
remember at the end of chinatown and nicholsons friend is like ITS CHINATOWN MAN or whatever
its efnet
btw you guys have all seen chinatown havent you
stfu, have you seen chinatown or not
no the fucking movie

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no idea
shrimpies sounds disgusting
bugs w/ poo included
yeah duh
inittab stole your nick but i didnt know if he was gonna sit on it the whole time or he was trolling or what
so i fucked it up =(
no i should have let him keep it
or made him keep it
but yeah we tried to swap and i hit enter like right after he nick changed
like, prob a sec later
already stole
naw guy was quick
he might have beat me when inittab got it i should have just told him to keep it until you got back
because yeah it took my like a second to finish typing it out and press enter that time
and looks like dude is hammering the nick change

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*pay ^
naw whatever back to volvo crisis
and there no way a junkyard search works
haha, i can like hack a 240 light in maybe!
inittab: because the junkyards i go to couldnt keep track of what cars and what parts are left on it
like so what if it has one there if its a stripped out frame
here theyre usually gone
because the parts shops in the area get first dibs
thats how it is here
fuck i hate getting under those cars
rab: pockets full of hardware!

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i dunno cuz maybe it was his wife or other girl it prob wasnt his kid (holy shit that guy is like, grown up or something)
inittab: no i havent talked to him about it
yeah probably
rab: yeah!
i was going to do that
i dont see them at pick a part
they dont die enough or something
mrtube: i need the shit now im not trying to have a ticket
wtf @ tail light pile
yeah im going to do that today
hehe thats smrt
what rx7?
which rx7
it better not be an fc
haha that shit is a japanese 928
id that for a nice pair

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