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`nico: 1000bpm

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why do you need better than 200 steps?
i depends on your leadscrew
i have 1/2"-20 threads, i get 4000 steps/in
hard stepped, before micropstepping
then you need to figure out what leadscrew pitch you need
wtf mostly, completely
(aside from backlash)

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urmom is 10^3

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heh volvopics

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not because theyre not in focus or motion smudged

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fuck i broke the samsung pic reviewer
okay so monopod is totally win
im throwing away pics because i like other similar pics better

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my debit card is cracking

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even with computer machines? or what

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why not
its 3d space shit?
hi, em shit is basically the core of electronics
also im working with acoustics
k fine

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so maybe when i transfer i can be doing mostly upper div coursework
or i hate it completely, they have some BS tech degree
and most my shit transfer into it
BS from a cal poly > triple associates from a LACCD
isnt calc 4 like linear equations or something

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i have to try and break into calc
i have CNC project class on TUE and THU nights
hehe is pretty neat im done with the degree but it let me take the class anyway
i want to
but its going to try and make me take pre-calculus im like wtf is that bullshit
like, when i talked my way into bypassing the trig entrance reqs, the math head actually offered to skip me into calc
so i dont think itll be a prob
i just have to go in and ask and tell him i passed trig and it took so long because im working
i cant go to CSU in spring
theyre not accepting any application
$500M budget cuts and they over enrolled
for spring 2009
er 2010
so i want to take calc this semester
and next semester take physics and chem and calc 2

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mattresses count
quick guys any reason i should get a dreamhost acct
er shouldnt
i rabbed

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so they need administaff to get big company benefits they get for their other offices
haha i put CHATSWORTH, CA on the silkscreen and mask labels for those crossover PCB i did at work
and eng manager cried over it because i guess they dont want anyone knowing about this building
im like wtf people dont have google
thats how i check our address when i get shit shipped to us, i google for our company name and the city the building is in
also they had me put our CA address on the schematic titleblocks
im like, you guys suck at secret engineering department, yo
shes pretty ok!
make her stop wearing so much eye makeup
haha whatever!
drama can be fun
ok but like, reasonpible me is like TELL DX TO RUN AWAY
but yeah fuck that every girl has a boyfiend\
dide he puke on anything of value?

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so basically its united health care, whatever the fuck that is,
and kaiser, a fail i am familiar with
Administaff dental coverage is
provided by UnitedHealthcare Dental.
so these pacificare/unitedhealth people already got dibs on my teeths and eyes
which job?
oh no shit?
so i want that
you were like fapping over that health care plan
eck0: yeah i guess because our department is so small and across the country

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wtf how am i supposed to pick
i dont have information just checkboxes on a company application form
so youre fucked until you arent
united health care choice plus 1500 hdhp
united health care choice plus 3000 hdhp
pacificare HMO (deductible unknown, 100% coinsurance)
kaiser permanente HMO (deductible unknown, 100% coinsurance)
united health care choice plus 1500
i guess there us a non hdhp
but its 80% coinsurance, the hdhp one is 100%
same deductible, wtf
pacificare = united health care company

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isnt that hmo
i can get that it says hmo
i was blue cross anthem before
Varying deductible / 100% co-insurance
Applicable calendar-year deductible(s) may vary
from carrier to carrier.
sounds like a trick
oh wtf
Blue Shield of California HMO (Northern California residents only)
i can get pacificare or kaiser permanente
btw apperently they had a month to give this shit to me they give it to me now likw HEY DO THIS BY NEXT WEEK OR YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR LIKE 4 MONTHS
fucking bitches
whats HDHP

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im supposed to make some sort of intelligent decision on what health care package from work i want
yeh kaiser fortress sucks
i dont think i can get a PPO
because im not in the right state

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no furious hipster
close but not exactly the same

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heh at the pc show we went to, someone was demoing this system that had remote ink tanks
like you snapped in these ink cart shaped things that linked up into a ribbon tube
that went out to the main ink reservoirs
and they were printing like tons and tons of images on this thing
got like a shredder input on the back
log tray empty
you prob like this
heh, my CNC makes sounds like that sometimes
its like bagpipes

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guys what do i do with my old camera
2mp kodak easyshare
3x optical
can use big SD cards
256mb or 512mb max
yeah i guess
ha on the built in mem so someone has to find a special kodak 2003 usb cable
prob photo printers
all the non techy people want them now

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isnt pci like tworows of contacts like AGP?
*two rows
pci-e is still one row?

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monopod ftw!

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greymoon: want vid of when it landed =\
w/ audio

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it used to be spinning cables going to your dashboard

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thats cheaper than i thought

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wait that spins the spedo cable!
haha that sounds like a fun project
so what you use output from a transmission encoder or what
holy fuck $320
mxman: its a microcontroller and a little servo, and whatever to deal with the sensor input

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you want to make cruise control
you know they have that already, right?

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