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just use 3 states with enables
with diff voltages
and some way to clamp input voltages
hey wow that took me like 10s to dram up should i try again?
do the outputs with feedback pwm
thru an R filter
with diff supplies
oh haha with enables
i mean like with a single pin hiz for everything
dip switches ftw

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because it makes your stomach hurt
also maybe because it makes you all of a sudden give a shit about all sorts of things about yourself you could normally give a flying fuck about
hey you know those PNP and P channel fets and shit?
yeah, thats what theyre for
dx^: i hate when they like wear out
because it sounded cool in a sentence
before i realized oh your problem isnt even that hard

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i wonder if the fires got mt wilson
i wonder if i can still see if from the hills on the far side
i has monopod
i can take better night time fire pics!
just find some bidirectional voltage converter dealy

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anyway fuck alcohol, im over it like 10 years ago
this is not a good thing for me to like, haha
because youre staying still
and your idle balance cant like stabilize
like your not moving but you feel like your drifting sideways
yeah it totally is
i used to get mad drunk and stoned and close my eyes and ride the spins
like a roaler coaster
god that must have looked funny
i used to cough alot, i think because camels and marlboros
but id take a hit too big and id cough for like 5min and sometimes puke =(
like, cigs are bad
but reds and camel filters are fucking evil

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fuck i dont even remember
well it doesnt matter when everythings cool
like really you can be a retard drunk but if shit aint chaotic your prob fine
shit gets confusing or violent or just too quick youre way drunk, youre fucked
yeah when people know youre not serious it usually helps!
i think the last maybe 5 times i got wasted drunk
it always ended me in the shower lying in the bathtub going the the sickness hell or taking a nap or blacking out for couple hours and then realizing everythings ok im a normal person again
i maybe did that in vegas, i know i did that in NYC, i think i did it montreal
of course
but you dont understand i like it
i ride the spins

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except in the real world it means alot of things
like if you score her before they break up, you know she is willing to fuck around on you if she aint thrilled with you
k but what is your plan
hmm, k
dude fuck stupid hos
stupid girls are stupid
like youll be hanging out with them and they will say some stupid shit
and you have to act stupid to be all having a convo with them
except when its all they got
like everyone does stupid shit
sometimes people are stuck that way
well drunk everyone is drunk and poisoned
so its some traumatic shit to be all relating over

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whatever that shit went up like like 500% in 10 years
it hasnt crashed 500%
so that means its not done being fake yet
dx isnt white hes like,clear
i dont think we stopped in GA
windows up a/c on, drove the fuck thru
hahaha and like we opened the windows i guess in georgia, before FL
windows closed for states
and i felt the air roll in
and go across my arms, and roll down my legs, and pool around my feet
and im like WAAAAAT
and i thought i was tripping
cuz pot cookies, you know
but i lifted my arms
and i felt them break out of the warm wet air into the cool dry air
and i got the feer
pic is old
she had bf =(

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well im pissed
because hr lady had a month to give me this paperwork
so if i dont decide prob by like tomorrow i dont get it until next annual health plane change period or whatever
danielson: old
its in sicko and a bunch of conspiracy vids
didnt everyones 401k eat it?
fuck the stock market
and i hope the housing market crashes more
and more and more
at this rate i can maybe move into a house in a couple years

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if this doesnt make you smile, than i wouldnt expect you to understand
yes i think then
dude youre like upper middle class
you drive a BMW
21:58 <@renesis> not as much
21:58 <@renesis> not like here
2i stand by it
any arguments you make are silly
whats that and why
oh those can be neat
dx^: should i get the PPO is almost the most expensive and its $1500 deductible!
hey but i really want to go to a dr and be like DO TESTS MFKR
they are owned by the company you had
fuck the kaiser fortress
if i was down with dying i could pay half as much
rab: green = run

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not as much
not like here
its not all benefit, some of it is harsh, but harsh can be beneficial
understanding, art, cheap education, food, music
this where youre arguments are silly
we are
more what we prob have everyone from everywhere
same with the geography
also being the capital of music and movies can be fun
also if youre into cars, its neat to be here for obvious reasons
half of it is
and thats my point
billionairs and gutter punks
living prob half a mile away from each other

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ive been exposed to more things than anyone in almost any other environment could have been
id argue NYC is almost as crazy but not nearly as dynamic
so im better for that
and its not something i have to explane or justify, thats just the way it is
you dont get as good an education about the whole world living in the middle of fucking nowhere
where its always pretty and the rent is cheap and there aint shit to do except your job and your wife
10M people
every culture
so im done with the convo because you cant do it seriously
your arguments dont have arguments yet
youre saying that LA being dynamic in culture and industry has no merit?

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rab: did you see pics!?
i think mount wilson is somewhere on the right
its weird because the road isnt facing the right direction at the top
if the air was totally still, it would just roll into hollywood anyway
it nows in the valley!
like every 40 years
last time was 1986 =\
i dont really know what it is
like, i had never been in falling snow
it was just there when we got there
haha when i was in .ca we got some snow and i freaked out
i thought it was gnats i was swatting all the snow away and spitting it out
okay look seriously, about LA

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same as sleeves
dont do either
broken drills bits
or unclamped work i guess
i do that all the time tho
just take your pig aids infected ass to the hospital, youll be fine

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just an estop mushroom
you use the buttons to turn it on an off
and use the estop to do whatever is appropriate for estop
in your case prob cut off mains
its common
on alot of machine estop will do more than shut off a motor
dont use the mushroom for off
mushroom is for like, machine ate your friend
some do
thats not funny
hey dont be drilling with long sleeves
never because i constantly worried
and it wasnt enough even then
i always had them tied back and usually in a hat
depends for what
but yeah almost everythings, gloves is bad
duh are you new or what
they get caught in the machine
same as long sleeves

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i have pics
join the club
yeah you prob dont want to see the pics
i feel like when efnet girls compliment my penis they are really lying about it because they are being nice because they just want to use me for sex
rab: i lerndt to swim when i was like 2!
haha you know how youre not supposed to swim alone as a kid without adults?
HAHAHA what fuck that i had my own fucking pool i swim when i want
dont say we
because its like you are indluding me and saying something about my feelings that are not true
or it means you are not including me
and thats mean i been here a long time! =[

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so am i alone in finding lasers pretty boring
thats what im talking about
i was thinking of a computer controlled laser imaging system
like they use at festivals to project stuff onto buildings and roofs and shit
thats kinda neat
how do you use them for atronomy?
like to point stuff out or what?
21:28 <@danielson> I didn't see any kind of response to the whole #projects challenge idea
dude all of us are too busy not completely prob an average of like 10 projects to be fucking around with some contest
then what are we gonna do with the stuff that normally goes in the topic
that shit is important yo
it defines us on the efnets
with an s

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its nice tho, this is the only other places in america i would want to live
pacific rim of fire ftmfw
i dont like OR a ton tho it seems kinda redneck
like, OR is the west coasts mid west
OR is aetheist?
yeah i would figure WA to prob be the most aetheist
cali got everything
which means religious people of every level of fanatisism
WA honestly seems to chill to be super religious

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but its because of the mexicans who came up the 5 for work and cheaper rent
im glad about it too, my friends family moved up there, lived in a nice area for what they paid to live in the projects here
and within a couple years they had enough for a house in pyallup
or however its spelled
seattle is ok
i spent like almost week there when exgf was looking at school there
amyway if your shit aint redwoods its some tall pine
and seriously the biggest diff between N cali and WA is the weirdo ferns you guys have
like, there is southern cali, then its central cost to your left and central valley to your right, then once youre past sacramento its basically the same landscape from the middle of northern california to WA
where the snow starts changes

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N cali and WA is the same fool
we have redwoods and thorny bush too
no but its a multi tiered canpied forest that depends on rain and runoff to survive
btw i love WA and been there like half a dozens times for weeks each stint
you guys have seasons its a trip
anyway, N california is the same shit
except we dont have the sound
like, youre prob closer to N california than i AM
! am
I am
its not the same
i need citything
i really like tacoma
its alot like home
sure why not
where are you from youre like all of a suddent big headed about other WA cities
sounds like a party to me
yeah thats because of all the mexicans moved up the 5 for more work
my friend is one of them!
no fool the people that gaurantee your standard of living
its because of the poor people
and MS13 is everywhere =)

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theyre not made of sandstone jutting hundreds of feet out the ground at odd angles
with coast live oaks growing straight out the sides
danielson: same thing here
certain parts of the santa monica mountains are basically multi tiered rain forests
dork our lakes are reservoirs
theyre almost all conrete
and castaic is the worst in the regards
the whole fucking beach is basically a concrete boat landing
you can dig in the sand and get to the concrete
we we keep our lakes in N cali, shrug
oh, anyway
rab: i live in the middle of that, the fires are like on the backs of those mountains like 10mi away
thats why in the night pics it looks like there is fire floating in the middle of the sky over the city

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and know that the fuckers who come, bitch about everything and everyone, then leave bitching, dont define us
traffic is avoided by avoiding it
dont be where it is
weekends are unpredictable
smog is intermittent
and high cost of living sucks but you make less money most other places, shrug
anyway LA is everything
quite literally, if youre into it we likely have 1000 people into the same thing
if youre into music, theres almost no place better to be
we have some awesome beaches
(not the tourist ones obviously)
awesome hiking, we have about as many different climates as you can pack in one place
naw leo carillo is awesome
so you know its awesome
or youre just wrong
also the santa monica mountains is prob one of the most beutiful landscapes on earth
you try and say that shit exists everywhere i will laugh
i hate those beaches =(
WA is okay
thats just northern northern northern california

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better pic done in a couple sec...
thats ambiguous
being bright isnt leet is like, gay pride parade
darker means darker
lighter can me a fire starter, brighter, or having less mass
so i disagree
youre not helping your argument
you never lived in the valley
you lived in conservative yuppy douchebag land
that can be either way
tho less so now
dude i been other places
were the people that knot it
*know it
and know how to avoid the bullshit

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the valley is 10mi x 10mi and i live in the middle of it
and not even the valley edges are having a problem that i know of
those mountains that are burning are like the steepest in america
so even the fire that is close is pretty far
like if youre at the bottom of those mountains and the tops and backs are on fire, youre still way far from the fire
sec i upload pics
pics are big, still uploading
i hope you have like 1MB/s download

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one of the american mclaren F!s lived in austin tx
that was the one R&T scored to do a road test
sounded like a normal couple, prob business owners
they daily drove it, lived with the overheating issues
its an oversteer demo danielson
northearn europeans race on ice with standard tires
hey wow its the coupe
i dont like the roasters

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haha i run its chin into the asphault constantly
yeh =\
also i learn how to almost-drift it
if i slam on the accelerator like a full sec before a turn
and turn way to sharp
then yeah i can get the back end to bounce over a bit and make a noise
sometimes i swear there is genuine oversteer happening i have to countersteer like 5 degrees
yeah its fun!
i pretend the torque converter spoolup is a turbo!
hmm no
yes and every auto ive ever driven does that

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greymoon: yeah i can do a mcmaster order soon
i want some screws and shit
rab: interesting
no mount wilson is about to catch fire
mount wilson = all major LA television antennas and also a buttload of research type stuff
poocunt = anus?
rab: thats basically what those pics were off
i have some day pics too but i havent uploaded
rab: http://www.darkertek.com/
look i fixed the tail light with tape!

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