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any loss is fail if you have an easy reliable lossless connection
no energy is lost
except 60% of it
sounds like marketing garbage
too late

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wtf 1%?

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what.cd torrents ++

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what about schema entry =(

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you two know way too much about each other
hey what was it that made eggsalad go nuts
eggsalad: 1111111111111111111
thats not it

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thats so nasty
prob tastes like grass
i guess so i smoked trim leaf for awhile just because it didnt taste bad

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dude everyone whose been to the FAQ page or whatever of the eggdrop website knows
aye aye capitan
toke fool not coke
oh maybe you meant the drink

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eggsalad: charles mingus on standup bass for the mother of all fuckin win
thank you, eggsalad

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transfer units
almost all my units are CSU/UC transferable
like, i might be able to get the BS without ever actually going to pomona
i havent taken calc/chem/physics
i didnt need to for any of my AS degrees
thats what i have to take
and i might not need calc
because its a tech BS
not an engineering BS
wtf is AS track I
you know that shit is like diff every school
i have three AS degrees
yeah i didnt follow CSU tranfer stuff
but i have min CSU transfer reqs
to get me in and i would take lower division classes at uni

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but im going to meet with him and have him waive preregs so i can register for calc next semester
also i saw a guy i was friends with, he said hes getting the comp sci and eng technology BS from calpoly pomona
and he doesnt even have to go, all his classes transfer
he just needs to take a couple ind tech classes
so i have to check that out
i prob just need physics and chem
and then i have a calpoly tech BS
and then
no and then?

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dx^: i failed at getting into calc =(
but i did get into CNC project class fine
so i can use the big haas to finish some projects
i cant register because i need a pre-calc req
so i just showed up to get an add slip
but there was like 40 people standing by the door and a huge waiting list
and dude called a few people from the waiting list and told everyone else not to come back he wasnt going to add anyone else
like, if i got the add slip, i could have taken it to the math dep head and he would have waived precalc for me
he waived prereqs for trig and offered to skip me into calc then

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