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guys do you all listen to drum n bass yet
i hate sound processors

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haha win

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i just clicked on stuff at ledsupply and it ended up there

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i put three on that copper/al cpu heatsink and it barely warms up
i kinda wanna buy red and deep blue ones
like i think red is on one chlorphyll peak and the deep blue is kinda right in between both cloryphyll peaks
so both kinda get it
this guy has fansinks on his fishtank lights

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it goes across horizontally, its got little + and - on the mask
i kinda wonder what they use for the board material
its maybe like .010
it is the heatsink
its like .05 thick heatsink with like .01 pcb on top
hmm or you mean like how you mount it?
i used nylon shoulder washers
it doesnt have to be big tho, i think a piece of aluminum coupled to a flashlight case would work
like, the stars are pretty thick, they wouldnt burn out instantly without a heatsink

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id prob just build flashlights
because the led ones we have are $3 home depot pieces of shit
dude theyre like $2
spend $30 get 4
youre obviously buying the wrong ones and not considering shipping
they hurt me in the face =(
i dont think you would know the diff
i havent tested tho
diff bins
why are you like fu i dont hink i would be able to tell the diff
for fanouts
jezus fuck have a brain
yeah you can kinda see the trace

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rhettardo: i need optics for work want me to just get extras?
really who is frank caliendo?
wtf @ steal
where do i steal them from
inittab: !
and fuck that we need spares
because are current spares are now basically on stanby for whenever i get optics and rebuild the thing
optic guy
topic guy
danielson: nite

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but i turn on the msnbc and everytime i think would i do her
and its like wtf duh yes
she doesnt look like that on the tv
dude those optics are like $2 for the base optics and $.65 for the lenses
that and a battery and a resistor would work
that and a battery and some switching led driver box would be better

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i dunno i just watch the CNN and the maddow lesbian and mr olberman
i dont even watch the cspans that much anymore
whatever they make her cute for the tv
and she is neat like those '30s thru '50s reporter girls
not attractive
but like she dont fuck around in interviews, it makes me want to put the penis inside
but i guess she would have to bring the makeup and wardrobe girl
ive never seen a hot still pick of her =\
she takes the butch out of butch
never seen a good still pic of her

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theyre spec'd for lumens at like 300mA
and theyll do up to 1A max
hey fuck that why cant you /kb multiple nicks
yeah you have to put a msg
yeah i can do /help
yeah fureal i was gonna do it to him
8x25 is pretty pretty neat

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theres like a vons or something on tampa, i dunno about that one
rhettardo: was stuff in porter ranch 24 hours?
yeah i know that one is
vanowen/reseda ralphs is the suck
yeah i think brainfile is getting towards fried
eggsalad: status of brainfile
haha hes totally parsing 1000 lines of AIDS and penispenispenispenispenispenispenis
i think cree xr-e are more
and prob better efficiency

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but yeah by 6mo they maybe a lot diff looking
inittab: hahaha SEE
fuck i think we ruined his brainfile again
tabbies are neat but they usually get like, unhappy or bored or something
haha everytime i sit or lie down, like i look down a minute later and my cat is all taking a nap on me
im hungry
ralphs is open for another hour
i had some weird sandwich from panera
no sucks

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inittab: no hes still thinking
eggsalad: ...
maybe eggsalad is like, shy now
neat @ black cat pile
are mom cats eyes messed up or is she just like wtf flash
there would be a mess =(
they usually change
well, yeah i dont think they ever stay that dark

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you fucked up my irssi window order
/win move
but yeah for a few sec my whole work was fuck up
i did like alt-4 and it was mblunt and i was like WAT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
he runs fakerace league with tigeraid
mostly it was tigeraid and mblunt did more server stuff
but this season tigeraid took break from admin stuff
except for dealing with blunts messes
but yeah i hardly race this season because of blunt
dogs suck
my cat is like that
my cat could be running the world but instead he chooses to be my cat
eggsalad: my cat = makin shit happen
get him back!
hehe @ nom sounds

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tho a couple days ago i yanked the wheel to much cuz i dunni i guess i was bored with mini drift
and it kinda did a real one and i had to correct a bit and guy on forklift was like WTF
top of reseda, ventura bl side
i got a 12mp samsung with 10x zoom
day pics w/ monopod
hmm i dont think so
hey monopod is really neat!
like maybe 30 pics i only threw on away because of blur
like i was actually picking good pics, not like in focus ones
ha nice
i guess because those mountains are so steep it cant get down them
kinda sucks
smokey, rains ash bits
very pretty at sunset tho
like, sun is orange for hours
man fuck you inittab

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rhett: you saw firepics?
he aimed better than me, and like you dont even have to aim with buck
actually, when i fired at clays i was fucking amazed how easy it was
like, point arm out in direction and fire
rhett: theres this turn before mason coming home from work
and like i can make volvo do mini drifts around it
i didnt i call it a minidrift

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thats lame
damn lame
irssi wont let you inline multiple names on kb
timecop: you thing is squirting paste or youre doing it by hand?
wtf failbot
damn wtf kind of response what that
well unban tekrad too thats prob him msging
timecop: neat @ hands on demo

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prob an LC
i did most those boards in a couple nights or less i barely remember any of them
heh, is like a two way LC
cap cap is just a cap, optomized bettercap
i think the RF geekers call those pi filters

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haha nice
so i had the power bussed or something?
and i never like grounding much on any of those boards but you were always like whatevers
is that the one where i but the trace under the rc or lc or whatever arrays?
think so
a tropical storm is what hurricanes downgrade into
hurricanes are called tsunamis in the pacific
and no not rly theyre called tsunamis in asia

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so get it
you dont have the internet or something?
youre not a business making tons of money, youre using it for training, even if you get fucked it prob wont be that fucked
danielson: why dont you just buy them
fool i was going to ask you for status
is that my board or yours or what
neat what did you do
and what did you rework
or you mean you reworked the pcb
neat what did you do

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