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hey guys wtf
why are subwoofer controls always on the back
so you have to be crawling around and shit to adjust anything
(okay obviously because money because plate amp is a simple fuckin assembly)
that shit should be up front on top in a shielded box
check fuses

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its done again \o/

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maybe vrestrict is via restrict

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i have to figure out how to make foobar2k spectrogram go like an octave lower

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their deli can make a tasty sandwhich tho
trader joes is like same price or cheaper than normal market
whole foods is like high end organic/vegan/hippie themed stuff
usually people work there because they want to shop there, heh
if you work there, whole foods is as cheap as trader joes
girls working at trader joes are way cuter than normal market girls

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its been awhile
guys i got these pesto parmesan turkeyburgers
dude these things are like as good as normal hamburgers
they dont taste anything alike tho
these are good
do you guys have trader joes or what
look you have one in north georgia by your mountains
whole foods is fuckin expensive
you have to work there to be able to afford that shit

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rab: heh we had a 2x2 stack of krk 500W 12" subwoofers, tesing daisy chain stuff in the office
like its weird to work at a speaker place, but sometimes i think it would be weirder to work at one of the other places in the same building
mom on the left has nice bewbs
also neat smile and gloves
kinda looks lik her might actually be her daughter
also wtf is up with the padding on the side
i thought he did a fatgirl

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like if i am able to process/plot in real time with a growing data set
i can prob figure that part out
hey this is good im doing this board on .1" grid
so i can perfboard it at work during downtime
i usually do, anything planned out
alot of times at works its just like, fuck we need this we have this and also perfboard
so its kinda like, start in a corner and work outwards, heh

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i know but it tripped me out how much i wanted to argue with you about mathbook
even tho i like technical books
but i dunno i think i hate mathbooks or something
k say what book i should get
what is differential calculus you just add up deltas
and integral is you add up smaller parts of something larger to find area or volume or power or whatever
like over time or whatever
coupling cap + input resistor
of course it does
you think i like having to math out shit?
thats what LTspice is for
dx^-: hey i can make matlab plat data from an open log file?
hmm yeah say i am like writing something to disk based on external sense data

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both books start with like, history of intelligent speaker design
but yeah this is all shit ive kinda picked up in fragments
and like ive seen several electrical models of a speaker
but this the first time it was explained to me in like, simple real world shit + algebra
with many many graphs
heh neat
i wanted to but i couldnt get into it
they want me to take precalc wtf
i just had to get into a class and math dep head would sign off on it
but there was a huge waiting list, like there was 40 people standing up when i got there
and i cant go to CSU in spring because theyre not accepting any applications
you i have complex issues from childhood involving maths from when i was a kid
*you know
they were like HOMEWORK i was like WHAT

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this is pretty standard intro to building speakers book
kinda mandatory reading because no one is trying to find all the random relevant journal articles and papers to learnall this shit
so this is what im reading now, its written with like the first book as a major reference, like you should already know the shit in it
anywat they did like, okay speaker model is mass hanging from the cieling by a spring and damper
then explained that in terms of electronic components so it made sense to peoples like me
then explained the free air impedance of a driver in these terms
i think he actually mentions him

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dude cones are seriously like 5% of the fucked up voodoo minfuck with speakers
anyway there is loudspeaker cookbook
which is good for building systems, very popular and good collection of infos
sec ill get links in a minute for boths
but it doesnt explain why the speaker parameters are
it just explains what do do with them
and the chapter on driver testing and system testing is like minimal
like it literally is a cookbook
so other hacker is like GET THIS ONE by this joe deappolito guy
and im like almost 2 chapters in
and he just broke it down into like, electrical mechanical and acoustic components
and then presented all the equations the major parameters (thielle/small parameters)
then like explained how different things about the speaker design would affect the result of the equation
like if youre too dumb/lazy to look at it and figure it out yourself
sec i get links

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that sounds less fun
like you could prob figure that out whenever
that sounds more fun
but yeah heat = easy to understand, really slow and boring
the kind where heat is assplied to fairly massive objects
maybe the maths
but the concepts arent
the maths for simulation is prob hard
fluid and wave propegation stuff probably
but i mean conceptually, that shit makes sense its not abstract
its not like electromagnetics where youre like trying to experiment with voodoo energy
yeah i hate constants
its like WTF WHQAT DO YOU MEAN *7.348
hey im reading a speaker book
no just to understand to design with them

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did it have instructions and shit?
dude i dunno whats up with these people who go to school and expect to learn it without ever doing it on their own
like theyre just gonna figure out in lab that day
some people suck at that
is this ME specific controls stuff or is this for all the techy students?
haha thats why
its like hands on controls/sense projects or what?
or you get to build weird random shit too
sounds fun
hey dont skip class we need to you learn this shit

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prob not bad to learn
yeah i was going to ask
its free or what?
wtf is beans
yeah that seems more common
which is pretty neat because my dumbass rewrites init code every time
like i copy and paste when i can but its still maybe 30min wasted coding default reg setups
thats not very exciting dx thats how i do all my asm
youre doing c?
i need to do a control project soon
and then just populate a mainloopi imagine
or maybe some interrupt triggered functions
yeah i played with jtag with the arm
it was ghetto because i was using openocd but it was still pretty cool
to have that kind of realtime control (even it it was all commond prompt)
anyway is it free?
wonder if they have a student deal
i really dont want to spend time setting up a dev environment to compile and upload code like with the atmel shit

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kinda neat, i never thought about that
because i knew hed say that
dx^-: nice
whats hc12
and whats architecture like (working reg setup, available sram/flash/ports/peripherals/stuff/urmom)
also haha why are you doing microcontrollers
MEs trying to get all smart and shit

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thats right
like the colors were screaming it at me i just couldnt remember
almost done with sibal version b
i guessed most of other hackers criticisms
yeah i seen it before but its not familiar, so makes sense
but yeah other hacker is like, put a coupling cap after your pot so it doesnt get dc from the bias current of your amp

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fuck they both look familiar

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heh, testing master/slave daisy chaining on subwoofers is fun
we had 4x 12" studio monitor subs bumping with a pair5 of older krk rockit5

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everyone does
prob even people who have already made them
maybe them the most, iunno

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