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who the fuck is krom
you killed my father
prepare to die
omg its like you guys dont get it or something

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dx^: k ty

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dx^: k i went to borders and got teh book
i hate how its always the same price when you buy at a real store
like vs internet + shipping

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damn $80 annual fee and amazon does free two day shipping on order
i dont think i get that many books
its like $15 for me
i can get free trial
i have to remember to cancel
3 months free
$80 penalty if you forget
will it blend

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fuck why are books so cheap
bad economy ftw
i wonder what dep of homeland security does when they find out your ordered 1984 and fahrenheit 451 from amazon
yeah but i wanna know what its called
because why

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haha question mark is emcee
i <3 that guy
he got a big neck from yelling so much or something
dx^: really?
i didnt like their trig book
and i wanted to use their algebra book for reference but it mostly sucks at that
hey its $13\
dx^: okay ty buying now

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k ty
hmm im done with balanced input board i think

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dx^: hihi
dx^: what cal;culus book should i get

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i have a ti scientific, ti graphing, and m$ powertoy calc
without them id be like helpless
i tried one but it was clumbsy
that was like years ago tho
maybe there is something better
oh thats prob one of the 9x ones
tho shit are bant from alot of math courses
because you dont have to learn shit except how to get the problems into the calc

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i wish powertoy calc did engineering notation
wtf is e-5
centimilles i guess?
1.5e-5 is 15uF im pretty sure
but the point is i have to think about it and that sucks =(
because its a bigger unit than e-6
i dont get scientific notation
like scientists only want to count up to 10 or something
i know thats why i was laughing =\

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wtf at swallowing scissors he was using as a toothpick

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haha @ security guard fml comic

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fucking kids

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thats funny but its a lame FML
seriously its like, youre gonna laugh about that the next day
guys i think its time to buy FTDI chips
haha cool

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