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there was a documentary on tv about whores in big cities
new orleans was like, giant whore house
no $.25 to $10 and i guess in NO you could get anything
they had academic geek men and women talking about it
was funny
no like interviews so they were in a black background noplace
maybe parts it was on cable alot
im prob thinking of another movie with whats his name

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ok even the knit cap w/ jolly rogers at the record shop = made in china
we cant make knit caps, lame
heh, two hours at min wage to make it = 5x markup
so yeah, probably =(
my math is all fucked up its 4x but anyway
im tired
rhettardo: they used our test box =\
acoustic tech just found it in the shop and used it =\
the price is 5x
so its 4x markup
see youre tired too
stop faking
or i dunno, just do funnier retarded stuff

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thats a zx
i think the measure tool, not sure
you can make dimensioned guides and use those

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dunno it maybe floats
22:33 <@GreyMoon> it can have unmelted ball bearings and springs in it.
haha sucks =(

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dude it was almost boring it ran so smooth
im not sorry i sold the car, the chassis was pretty fucked
but i really miss the engine

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and my shit was regged non op
someone had ripped out all the emissions vacuum plumbing
EFI was prob running open loop, iunno
the busses went on strike so i drove it to school for a month
couple times i snuck it to the beach down topanga canyon

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you basically sit against the rear wheel well
like, when it tries to oversteer you feel it way before anything happens
because like, youre on top of the rear wheel =\
in terms of weight and power, like the 240z chassis with the 280zx (early 80s) engine and a turbo is supposed to be the pimp setup
the 240 was 2.4L, and 280z and zx were 2.8L but because of emissions shit they had less power =(
i guess the water channels in the 280zx are setup so the cylinders are stronger than the 280z
well, yeah

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early z, thing prob creates more lift than downforce
youre retarded
thats dumb the I6 is an awesome engine
go nuts with a turbo
i6 is an awesome engine
like, my shit ran so smooth it just sounds like air from the fan and getting sucked into the manifold
and the exhaust just roared
a v8 would prob rip the unibody apart
crumple all the rusty joints
i know its sad =(
its prob a better setup in terms of handling too
because if you can get the engine way back towards the firewall the cars weight would be more centered
the car is setup so goofy it would practically be mid engine

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inittab: should i get a 240z?
mxman: yes?
i had a 280
theyre smog cars
stock engine is shit
they flex
and they get cancer
but theyre fun to drive
dude its the first 280
240z/260z/280z are like the same car
theyre $3500-$6000 here
shit i think my fujitsu usb hdd is fucked
it doesnt like the logitech extension thingy
they suck at really high speed

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early 80s 280zx
or 300zx
if it was curvy its a 280 if it was wedgy its a 300
it was a smogger car
that l28 has a better block

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rhettardo: yay
i miss my rusty z =(
hey mayhe i should just buy a finished one
yes possibly
heh @ pinstriping
kinda sexier
looks like they are same prices still

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omg i hacked your site i am in your images
yay working \o/
that pic freaks me out, always
its like hes going to turn into a ninja turtle or something
that bunny has too many curved surfaces!
it depends
sometimes its the perfect kinda of retarded and it makes it all worth it

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omg lolwat goes web2
wtf now toe nails?
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in /www/lolwat.net/index.php on line 22
yeh what rhett said
front page is limbo
how lol can you wat?
pls hurry =(
url1: i/a3/a37b4d1f2dc7a64da523f03b4d334b97.jpg
thats kinda better

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normally i wouldnt care so much but ive done PCBs for timecop with dicktrace and there were half asleep chemically enhanced moments where i wanted to shoot this app in the face
it is really easy to pick up, tho

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timecop uses a new cheap solution with a more windows native UI and like, lots of pretty graphics features
also has alot of autoplacement/shove algorithms running which alternately makes things easier than make them ridiculous and almost impossible
most everyone else uses older german software with like, horrible to learn legacy ui
but once you learn it its hella quick and you can make it do anything
and it wont ever undo anything you did

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timecop: did you ever do the 3d stuff in ultiboard?
pretty neat it would display a realtime 3d image of your board in a little window
putting the 3d info into the libs was pretty easy
so eagle i can make anything i want
dicktrace i spend 5min trying to place a trace
because it kept moving it back, with .001 grid
this happened alot
also not being able to enter angles of rotation made that pretty useless
we are arguing about PCB editors

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eagle has a known learning curve issue
your opinion has no weight, you arent credible
youve never used eagle as a competant user
right, UI shit
we know
and you were doing it wrong
obviously so, too
i make my own libs
lib editor sucks but once you know how its just as fast
again, has nothing to do with capability, just your ability to use it
orcad sucks
makes eagle ui seem slick
which is the same as orcad
and yeah
its console cad
like autocad
when you realize this the ui makes sense
since timecop is more than capable of handling all the file stuff from a cmd prompt, its pretty lame he fails at figuring out the ui
no its bloat
its a neat app
ultiboard too
but theyre big and eccentric
and multisim bogs down hard with big circuits
also using it for sim and capture is just kinda weird

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im not sure what that has to do with this
i prefer a bong to a shot but whatevers
timecop and danielson use eda for kids
5min making a trace not autocorrect placement
with grid set to 0
and some retarded rotation behaviour
timecop you use dicktrace because its easy
eagle works
several people in here are proof
so what
dicktrace is more annoying
5 min
to place a trace
because it moved it when i drop it
maybe 20min
wow now youre trying to be like, everyone on the internet uses strong passwords

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so now like eng. vp and head cv engineer feel all bad, im prob going to get more money
like, they are going to pay me hours along with the pcbs and materials cost
dotdotdot what, im not surprised why are you
i also noted how like even if they pay me for the hours, and the 3 hour quickturn pcbs, and the materials, they still got 8 hours of overtime for free
because i designed the PCBs at home over two nights because they said it absolutely needed to get out by wed night
and they didnt send them out until mon morning
well, if they had paid me in a timely manner i would have just considered the whole ordeal a good time
another example of me coming thru even tho everyone else is schedule fucked

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haha pwnt
was boring as fuck today
florida fucked up on paying me for something and pulled the 'we sent it in the mail to your house last week' thing
so i owe other hacker $5 because he said that would happen

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other hacker started a war between a chinese and a romanian on diyaudio
regarding the feedback loop of an offline switcher
like, the chinese was saying the romanian copied him, and thew romanian saying the chinese copied him
then it turned out the romanians schematic was missing the feedback resistor on the error amp
he just had the feedback RC
so it turns out both designs were copied from an IR app note
and the romanian forgot the resistor but the chinese didnt
but the romanian showed pics of his design in pcb editor with the resistor there
like he just forgot it on the schematic
but then someone showed pics of the pcb, because i guess the romanian sells them
and it didnt have the resistor like in the pcb editor pic =\ =\ =\
so his shit wasnt regulating, or it was just pwm on/off regulating
looks like the chinese dude did it right

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rhettardo: hahahaha
hehe rookies only push the pedal part way
wow this is still funny
wow even the ticker news is funny
'the best way to support the troops is to never mention the iraq war'

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oh like if you put voltage on its io while its off?
danielson: where do i get adapters?
how much each?
this just comes with soic i guess
wow each adapter?

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okay i got the stk600
im almost abusive with the stk500
its been shoved around my desk for months blinking green/purple shiftbrite example code
yeah thats where they hide all their good docs
avr tools help

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