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mxmanwork: its amplitude with a log relation to frequency
so like, white noise, you get the same amount of energy between 100Hz and 200Hz and 1000Hz and 1100Hz
like, 100Hz worth of energy

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shower, work
the tweeters should be dead
if not theyre doing like 40W of pink noise

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your site already has a cheater bot?
heheh, morning

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are you going to fix it or what
the ban

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fuck tequilla
laundry and late dinner
not yet
oh no!
hehe i got some king tubby flac
no its 70s dub
like, jamaicans on the marijuana, remixing reggae and ska and whatever with like sound effects
like, king tubby has a sound system so he could actually do this shit
i guess audio gear was rare shit in jamaica then

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inittab: old
links to this page
which is useless

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inittab: this week im blowing up tweeters and subwoofers with pink noise
in the same little chamber
we have this fire extinguisher, with like a sprinkler head
so a fireman was here to inspect our extinguishers
and he opened the door without hearing protection and he said it fucked him up
like, you know there is bass in that little room because you can feel it rumbling
but like it totally kills high end
so you open the door and its like getting blasted with a jet engine
kinda monkeyish
they are smaller so they have a higher resonant frequency!
hey i think its repeating

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its like special screw glue
like, timecop complains about the japanese but at least they dont paint the insides of everything with glue
280z kinda look like the back had glue
like, welds and acoustic mat and targlue to kinda smooth it all out
maybe it was supposed to weatherproof it but it didnt work
maybe japan stopped using glue in the late 70s
okay so im kinda shake the shit out of a hd44780 scrolling some inappropriate shit for like a week and see if it come out displaying characters

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you show them and because they were a farm worker the week before, they dont even realize its a hack
just sometimes dips lean
china'd, nice
i will use that at work
i can basically use it ever 10min
i can just start saying that instead of 'hahaha oh fuck nowai'
i cant say that because there are chinese people around
he used to work in aerospace tho, hes pretty smart
well the funny thing is half the stuff we told them to do at some point
hey whats up with thread locker on top of the screw
like, the first time prob no one read the directions
and now its like tradition
its totally a different glue than their normal glue everything down glue

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macegr: heh
check out that hottie bt user
she is like getting off on download speed snowballs
holy shit that thing is tiny
i connect a usb hdd to it?
the pocket bt client
yeah its prob just a bandpass or lowpass filter
resistor under it?
smt or 1/8w?
fucking awesome
you know someone was like FUCKIT DO IT DONT STOP THE LINE
i guess because if you do it ontop, you risk shorting to pins
see the chinese engineers are always thinking

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that thing is way too confusing
i think im going to test china hd44780 lcd with led backlight like, mounted to a subwoofer for like woo hours or something
i typoed 100 as woo
or someone else has similar and know they fail?
like, our speaker test thingers have hd4470 displays
so they work for like, a decade a few feet away from speakers

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i need to move out a get a big tv to plug my pc into
hmm crappy my geforce doesnt have hdmi
Cons: PC input limited to DVI only
heh this guys con is my pro

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ya rly

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video games is alot easier than machining
cheaper too

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i should buy the dip adapter
maybe the qfp adapters for xmegas

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hmm no i dont think so
its being sent to work
maybe tomorrow or monday

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laugh your off ass?

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has stuspy said anything yet?

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'i dont want our gov to turn us into a third world country'
because yeah all this happened in 6mo, big companies didnt sell you out 20 years ago or anything

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like 10x20 i think
i want to do like a 12U halfrack panel
oh you mean dc
oh i didnt read the line before so i thought you meant parents
yeah ground would prob suck from WA
there is a metals place by work but the selection sucks its more like, iron and steel for construction and fences

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inittab: yeah they sell a little plastic box variety pack
maybe they sell whole tubes dunno
hey man stop
k ty
`nico: yeah i like them alot
i got custom .1" plate fromt them, i dont even really think it was that much more compared to what they had in normal stock
also it was made in usa metal
yeah i got the 6061

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k no more lazy bye

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no u hi
norly bai

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