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i wonder if it flips down with the tailgate
haha he had to stretch it to fit =\

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omg nico you are the FBI
whatever i am not in russia
hey but maybe this is how nico got into the FBI because he was in the KGB first

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haha wow
hope the pcb is okay

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i missed that, was sleepy morning impulse buy and i never buy from arrow
but yeah i have to buy a usb-rs232 adapter for work
oh hmm
i think i have another, neat
i couldnt even figure out how the white clips worked
i was going to put it together but there was like 4 diff types of weird clips i was like wat

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greymoon: you prob know about the magnetics if it actually affects the thermals
i guess it does because it affects how much current it will let thru
but i dunno maybe it gets it back
on the reverse swing
well speaker work is all weird because its like, electrical potential, then there is mechanical suspension energy, which is in turn affected by acoustic stuff
like, air suspension stuff
i think it like most cancels out for the thermal stuff
i should test it tho
they even made a board to hold the rubber feet a set distance apart
because when they point them at each other, they just dance away from each other after awhile
until theyre not canceling anymore then it gets all stupid loud
danielson: yeh
but i forgot it at work
i have to call arrow and see if my soic adapter is seperate or what
it came with the soldered on tqfp atmega adapter
my receipt says stk600, and soic adapter
oh neat
dude they said 2 week leadtime

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09:03 <@GreyMoon> is test speakers with the same noise, 180 degrees out of phase, aimed at eachother
done it
i think its bullshit tho
i wouldnt do it on any tests i setup
its easier on the speakers
basically invalidates the tests
well, the mechanical endurance part, not so much for the thermal tests
but yeah you swap polarity on half the drivers in the chamber, and it drops out the level a ton
nowhere near quiet tho
even with the folded horns, and they have more directional bass than any of the other stuff

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or maybe theyre just incompetant
yeah because its failtech
sounds shitty to debug
on your own home

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great now people can hack your front door
haha =(
i dont want web access to my home

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with pink noise, you get as much energy between 100Hz and 200Hz and between 1KHz and 2KHz and 10KHz and 20KHz
so its not as heavy in high end, it sounds like a jet engine
thats basically what the warehouse sounds like most the time, like were are testing jet engines
not really the amplitude, the average power
peak amplitude is 6dB (2x voltage, 4x power) higher than the average amplitude

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