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yay everyone is home safe \o/

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i dunno i turned on music and stopped watching

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when i was in NYC they had signs up, like HONK HORN = $150 FINE
or something
it was alot, for a horn honk
its so different there
yeah it was loud there even at 3am
in manhatten

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yeah but its all in once piece
and its in the forward bitch parking space
using that causes problems anyway
people waking people up I NEED MY CAR =[ =[ =[
hey do they care?
i wonder how much to rent single bay shops for a month
i see those sometimes, im thinking kinda around $300-500
heh, commercial stuff is getting cheap =\
clicking lazily
not particularly
can she do something?

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yeah its parked
actually i hung out with someone who is roommates with someone who used to have a shop did mostly hondas
i can ask him where to take it
i maybe want rebuilt cvcc d15 and transmission
find a junkyard integra to steel rear anti-roll axle and rear brakes from
i have no space
i have a slanty parking space
on an alley off a major street
fuck that im not that ghetto
also i cant have my tools get all stole

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i bought my TiN HSS faction/0-60/a-z set there
for like $44
shit looks like it maybe comes from the same chinafactory as enco stuff
tho i opened 3 or 4 because the first 2 had tiny chips in the really big drills
it gets like 15mpg?
thats not so bad thats what my volvo does
the crx did like 35+
i should call about getting it fixed
possibly why
some weeks
this week i mostly worked for KRK

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(pull the baby away from the crazy dancing guy)

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high speed steel
try and get coated HSS
TiN (titanium nitride) coating is like, gold color, pretty common
because they will sell it like TITANIUM DRILLS
even tho its just a tiny layer heh
guys have you seen this?
when you find jezus in an evangelist church, you hear drum n bass
thats why they act like that

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you need HSS
inittab: yeah thats why the paint is all fucked it took a bit to realize
but yeah, hes an idiot for splitting the lights
once you notice, its stops looking like a corvette

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yeah totally its prob like $3k =\
it looks all retarded with the lights spaced out like that =( =( =(

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not since he cut it into 3 pieces and bondo'd it back together with who knows what as a spacer

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