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my american spirits came in this weird metal tin
like exact dimensions of a cig box
so i just held it on its side and the pin slide out of the hinge and the top fell off
timecop: is your robot up yet or what?

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no teknique is the mole

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so nico bant him in electronics and he just never came back
i just told you
this is where he got bant first
no he never liked me
and i used to fuck with himalot because he was coding in C and asking alot of questions that were in the datasheet
rhettardo: being in the house area last sat was like being at peopleofwalmart.com
the fucking weirdo on stage was no exception
shitty thing was they has the best area (their hangar was like 2x as deep as our square hangar)
and like their soundsystem was massive
i didnt stay long enough to figure out how they were doing it
because there just wasnt alot of sub boxes out
but omg that system went all the way down

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k certain friends are like YAY DUBSTEP
but whatever that shit is all slow and the beat is boring and i decided ill just listen to real dub
you rox got banned and emoquit efnet over that
we dont fuck around when it comes to raver bashing around here, sir
well, kinda but then he threatened to kill nico

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i fired like 5 rifles at a range with ecgf's big brother
and a shotgun
im still like wtf at how easy clays were to hit with a shotgun
point arm fire watch shit explode
what that
k thats prob harder
i think the biggest thing i fired was a .306?
shotgun was pretty weak compared to that
but i fired a 30-06 and 30-30 i think
and a .22
yeah i dunno
how do you fit that!

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the little uzi thing?
got that thing looks horrible
like a VM68
no shit thats mostly what submachine guns are useful for
freaking people out and making them run away
anyway that shit kicked all stupid for something that just fired paintballs
balanced all horrible
hey that totally looks like the one i fired
haha no kick

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thats maybe why he had it
like maybe theyre supposed to destroy them when theyre all used up
hold it over your head
or yeah keep it in a ziplock and just use stolen ak47
if they send me to vietnam, i want to be the guy with that gun

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heh yeh
kevtris: yeah it took a second to figure out wtf was going on
yeh rly

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i has that
wtf 64mb ram
i fired a bunch of rifles on the same day, the scoped .22 was so ridiculous easy to fire
like, put the hole on the x, over and over and over
me either

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network geek
nuh i have a linksys
i havent even touched the firmware
install hdd, copy files, move hdd
that does suck

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bad leg is bad
rhett: i broke in your woofer and did parameter analysis and large signal analysis
tomorrow i load in to box and experiment with mixing response with the tweeter
like to kinda get idea how to space the drivers when building final enclosed box
maybe i have finished prototype by this week or monday

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okay im taking stk500 to work
i dont have to thats what i want it to be so it is

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haha sucks

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arrownac cust service is like 'WAT THAT' and theyre going to ask some corporate rep guy what to do and get back to me

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actually i think thats like $3500 or $400 owrth of stuff
but yeah see im not nuts it did say soic adapter

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this is the week i get fucked for $50 in ground shipping

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the weird thing is you can use blobs or it to remove pieces of it
it comes of everything, except your fingers
itll like get between your fingerprints and kick it for a couple days
home depot
dude you would leave black negative of your fingerprints on stuff
three dots
ugh my shoulder is all messed up
stupid 18" speaker
i want to play with stk600
damn so i need to do like, mpja, ledsuppply, digikey and prob mcmaster order

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strong girl
or maybe its a little drill blank
yeh totally =\
sucks because they do speakers at most our factories, either to install amps or making actual drivers/cabinets
so there is alot of this black speaker gasket material
its like, 1/8" bead of rubbery non drying glue
its like gorilla snot, but like sticks to everything so its quick and works\
so we get preproduction stuff and wires panels leds will be stuck on with gorilla snot

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