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last bit is kinda flakey but this is all on long floppy wires

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bourns 10 turn pots for the win
macegr: ty for pot
okay so 8b works as fast as itll let you clock it (div by 2 prescale)
i can totally select exact values i want and it only jumps values when im in between two

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im playing with the stk600 arefs, too (new toy)
but like, you have to set values on sliders and hit write
in avrstudio, its not like, realtime
i need a pot

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hmm some voltages the last two bits flicker
wtf is sar
no idea whats in the avr
i prob just need an external dac
er adc
i need a pot
so how bad the adc is at 8b clocking it like 10x past its recommended 10b limit
*seeing how bad
so i can sample at 100KHz

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how much are they?
oh if you have extras, sure
their ide is free?
i should download that and poke it around
i have aref0 connected to the avr aref at 2.40v
and aref1 connected to the adc input at 1.20V
and dumping the output to leds
and its not bumping around and output value is almost perfect

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overclocked adc is working overlocked
also stk600 dual aref generators are win

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eggsalad: who is your leader
this is becoming work

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hmm maybe you meant like virtual ground for the analog input to avr stuff?
and no i was going to do +/- 12V or 15V into an opamp full wave rectifier
we do alot of stuff with calibration tones so we can dmm stuff to set levels
so yeah, we have to do 100Hz sine tones, which is bad shit to feed to little tiny drivers

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so the chances of syncing up at some particular frequency and getting weird attenuated output arent nonexistant
also we have big expensive audio test boxes to measure/plot rms if we care that much
would be neat to have something little that displays peaks, switchable for home (-10dbu) and pro (+4dbu) levels
even true rms DMMs usually suck above 200Hz, alot are unusable past 1KHz

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yeah i want to be able to hit 20KHz at 5 points
for full 10b resolution
8 is fine
audio signals, what else
i could i guess but this just for a VU meter
fuck RMS we need peak meters more
and when you drive leds you kinda see the rms
i want to do a decaying peak indicator too
we dont need to quantify volume
and averaging is simple
but we need something we can put into a signal signal path and see peak levels
everything is virtual ground, shrug
fuck nyquist
alot of our signal gens are from digital sources

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so i need 1.3MHz input clock
i can try with stk600 i guess (im doing this on stk500 at work)

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has anyone tried avr adc in 8bit/left-justified mode at >200KHz input clock?
well not you obviously
okay well learn to program/build simple embedded systems and i wont have to hurt your feelings anymore
i want like 100KHz adc samples

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Local Interconnect Network (LIN) is a broadcast serial network comprising one master and many (up to 16) slaves. The LIN bus is typically used in the automotive industry as smaller and less expensive sub-network of a CAN bus to integrate intelligent sensor devices or actuators.
ok so it has two carstuff ports
500KB is kinda neat

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i want to figure out who makes those breadboards with interlocking edges
i thinkk i saw them in mouser cat for reasonable price, but i lost them
stk600 has a two pin txd/rxd head labeled CAN
hmm and a 6 pin rxd/txd/nslp/nwup/gnd header labled LIN
wtf is lin
ooo and spi breakout for dataflash

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