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wow i havent seen it in years
its about time

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the simulator was set to 4MHz
i had an audio source graphic EQ long time ago
you can still get that stuff
at parts express
they say new ones coming in november

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at some point i will have to have a conflict about whether green is dBV or dBu
hmm shitty, simplified code takes 9uS
thats not awesome enough for 100KHz sampling
thats lame i guess the code with the peak hold at work is tripping over its timer interrupt
when your system timer mainloop becomes a mainloop mainloop + int latency

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i havent decided yet
i typed 6 tho
theyre upside down
so the colors are on the bottom
you have 2 segment wide status indicators spaced out by one segment
col 9 10 red, col 6 7 yel, col 3 4 green
green = dBV, yellow = pro (+4dBu), red = home (-10dBu)
i told you there were useful!

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these are cheap!
and yeah all red is sexy
gimme sec
im going to do: grn (-36dB), grn grn grn grn, white (-6dB), yellow (0dB), red (6dB)
damn i dont remember the eq from buelers day off

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maybe use the red and yellow as indicators

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im not even running it at max speed
check datasheet for pinout
thats going to route single sided so pretty
w/ qfp driver underneath
yeah probably
no just green

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vise by the company kurt
i dont even remember what kind of ram i bought

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dev shit is usually pretty horrible for anything except prototypes

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not really
most of his shit is digital from app circuits
we used to help him with alot of the simple analog shit
but he actually has memory retention
just get a cheapo devkit
pin breakouts and support circuits already done is nice tho
moon eck0 is not you he cant just puke out functional circuits
thats not expensive
you can maybe find a setup like half that cost from 3rd party
but you might waste time helping them debug it
eck0`: its definitely fair

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sounds neat
yes is on the list
picoseconds dont exist!
using trees = easier on brake pads and calipers
timecop is a programmer

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