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go us

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yeah i do alot of downscrolling
it automatically scrolls up

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i need that color w/ more power
thats not me
was running in another screen window
yes a couple
2.8V @ 20mA
120mW dissipation
led spec writers cant do math

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i will pay you all of the internets

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i have to get a coffee table home in my volvo
also a 6' sonotube subwoofer
i dont even know where im going to put that
so so my friend can leave to go hang out with people
*no so ..

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guy cant cook or they dont even have food or what?
seriously how are these peoples lives fucked, they have 5 friends coming over
also almost everytime i go to peoples houses for foods they are still cooking when i get there
you dont want that shit to get all cold

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you have an engine with no torque and lots of hp
and ridiculous creep speed on the auto transmission

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wtf is boss key
kitty yay
boss key works
`nico: its done before i let go of the key completely
even during pic load
just ejects

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avago has some 650nm ones
this is fucked i can hit chlorophyll-b peaks
cant really get close to chlorophyll-a with red or blue
i need like, purple
omg boxxy pic

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blackmoon: do you remember where to get those deep red leds you were talking about?

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